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Lake Kerr is a small lake in Marion County, Florida, United States. The fishery is near Eureka and west of Salt Springs, close to Lake George and the St Johns River. It is one of the largest lakes inside of Marion County and is well-known for its incredible bass fishing. Lake Kerr covers approximately 2,830 acres and is surrounded by the Ocala National Forest and near the beautiful freshwater Salt Springs.


Lake Kerr is a clear, beautiful water body with a sandy bottom and a calm surface.  Depths average about 10 feet but reach over 25 feet deep in some areas. An island formed in the middle of the upper part of Lake Kerr, causing the area to look like the letter “e.” Lake Kerr is one of the state’s sinkhole lakes formed by the erosion of limestone over time. This waterbody is a prime bass location; other popular species caught in the lake are bluegill, shellcracker, warmouth, and crappie.

Visiting The Ocala Forest

Thousands of people visit the National Forest every year to experience the refreshing lakes, twisting rivers, clear springs, and natural pine scrub forest stretch. There are numerous nature experiences close to the banks, including picnicking, camping, birdwatching, hunting, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and fishing.

Visiting The Lake

Lake Kerr is a popular local location on a hot summer day with inviting clear waters. The lake has a boat ramp, dock, and picnic area. An island that emerged in the center of the main part of Lake Kerr near Salt Springs is where people can park, swim, and grill.

Despite Lake Kerr being in the middle of the national forest, the US Forest Service doesn’t control it. A public boat launch provides access to visitors managed by the County Moorehead Park.

You may want to hire a local fishing guide, so here’s a article on fishing charter pros and cons.

Top Targeted Fish Species

Crappie on Turkey Lake Park

Black Crappie

Bluegill on Turkey lake Florida


Chain Pickerel

Chain Pickerel

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Lake Kerr Boat Access

A boat ramp to access Kerr Lake and a pier to fish off of is in Moorehead Park. The county park located off Forest Road 88 offers public access, but the park does not have a lot of parking space for boat trailers and vehicles, so locals recommend getting there early for a day of fishing or boating.

Bass Fishing Kerr Lake Florida

Anglers travel worldwide to experience fishing in the Ocala National Forest, which contains Florida’s top trophy largemouth fisheries. Kerr Lake is connected to little lake Kerr on the east through a small canal, which can be accessed if the water level is high enough.

Lake Kerr is best known for its largemouth bass tournaments. Florida bass can be caught year-round but are most active during the spawning season in Spring. Spawning can start as early as November and continue through May. The peak months in Central Florida are March and April.

Additionally, a fishing license in Florida is needed for non-residents and residents to fish freshwater.

Things To Do In Salt Springs

The Ocala National Forest surrounding Lake Kerr offers many outdoor enthusiasts opportunities to experience, including hunting, riding all-terrain vehicles, camping, and more. Visitors can also swim and camp at the nearby Salt Springs National Park and visit attractions in Eureka. Visitors can enjoy a serene sailing trip, water skiing, and other water sports on the lake. Embark on a kayak or canoe adventure while taking in the scenes of wildlife and vibrant flora surrounding you.

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