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Capt Bill Goudy Jr

Bill Goudy ★★★★★ 5 184 reviews
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Child Friendly

Angler’s Top Choice

Angler's Top Choice

Capt Bill Goudy Jr, a licensed Master Captain native to Iowa and lead fishing guides Sebring Fl. Raised on the Mississippi River, he now lives the Florida dream. He’s been fishing longer than he can remember  [Read More]

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Capt Joe Gruny

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Angler's Top Choice

Capt Joe Gruny grow up in Medford, New York, although I grew up surrounded by saltwater, freshwater bass fishing was my love and passion. I would spend the summer days fishing the lower [Read More]
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Capt Gino Losi

Gino Losi ★★★★★ 4.6 12 reviews
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Child Friendly

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Angler's Top Choice

Captain Gino Losi is a second-generation fishing guides Sebring Fl and a tournament angler from Central Florida with over 30 years of experience in local waters. Captain Gino fell in love with fishing [Read More]

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22’ Z9 Nitro
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Capt Bill is the MAN!

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Fished Lake Tarpon with Capt Bill and had an amazing time with my best friend Chris. Want to plan a trip back as soon as possible for more action
- Eddie Champ
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Why our Lake Tarpon Fishing Guides?

We are not a booking service but a group of Fishing Guides Sebring Fl that have gotten together as a TEAM. Under the best conditions to provide you with the finest customer service that Lake June, Lake Placid, and others have ever experienced. For instance, our captains specialize in trophy largemouth bass; if you want to shiner fish with live bait, catch them flipping, or on topwater using artificial lures, we have that captain. How about fly fishing, maybe a small group or special needs? We have pontoon boats.

Why else, you ask?

Secondly, please get complete experience with someone who specializes in what you want to do and catch. Thirdly, we have captains who work with experienced bass anglers looking for prime waters and new techniques and novice bass anglers who are out for a fun learning experience. We can accommodate everyone.

In conclusion, we enjoy getting those first-timers “hooked” on fishing. Rest assured, we provide everything you need for your fishing trip, and we don’t take being ranked #1 lightly. Please read our reviews and fishing reports. So please take a look below and get to know the TEAM and what separates us from all the look-a-likes.

We look forward to spending the day with you!

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Refine your search with Peacock bass fishing guides in Florida, Fort Lauderdale fishing guides, Lake Ida fishing guides, Everglades fishing guides, and West Palm Beach fishing guides. All bass fishing guides in that service lakes in the Central Florida area “Are Lake Toho, Lake Istokpoga, the Winter haven Chain of Lakes, and the Lake Wales area for hard-fighting trophy bass. You have come to the right place, Florida’s most prominent and #1-rated Guide Service.

Also, check out fishing reports sponsored by the Wildlife Foundation of Florida and TEAM members of the largest Florida fishing guide service, so let’s go fishing!

About Lake Tarpon

Lake Tarpon is situated in North Pinellas County, just a few miles from the city of Tampa and Tarpon Springs. It has been regarded as one of the top bass fishing lakes in Florida by FWC. It is known for growing trophy-sized largemouth bass. Why a 10-pound bass is not an unusual catch, there are a lot of 4 to 7-pound bass to be caught.

It can be busy on weekends with fishing clubs and locals, as the area does not have a plethora of lakes. However, there are only a few knowledgeable fishing guides on the lake, and they are listed above on this page.

Lake Tarpon built its fame by holding the Florida state record for largemouth bass with a 19.6-pound fish caught using live shiners for bait.

The lake is nearly nine miles long, covering over 2,500 acres. With many fishing opportunities, from deep-water holes to shallow grass beds. In addition to largemouth bass, the lake also has a thriving population of Bluegill, Black crappies, Blue Tilapia, Catfish, and Sunfish.

Frequent Asked Question of Lake Tarpon
How long is Lake Tarpon?

The Lake Tarpon is nearly nine miles from end to end, covering a total of over 2,500 acres. Surrounded by houses and resorts, there are lots of fishing opportunities.

Does Lake Tarpon have Gulf access?

Long ago it became a favorite Florida recreation area, Lake Tarpon is interesting in its underground connection to the Gulf of Mexico via Spring Bayou in Tarpon Springs is alive and well. Flood gates operated by the South West Florida Water Management District are closed during high tide to prevent saltwater from entering the lake. This is no boat access from saltwater to freshwater!

Are there tarpon in Lake Tarpon?

NO, although Lake Tarpon is a freshwater lake located about 10 miles (16 km) west of the gulf coast. The Lake was named after the excellent Tarpon fishing every year that occurs in Tampa, Palm Harbor, and Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Are there alligators in Lake Tarpon?

Lake Tarpon tends to have alligators, as Lake Tarpon’s population has grown, the FWC has removed several Alligators from the lake. In general, there are fewer than most Florida lakes. But use caution, the lake is an excellent habitat for Alligators.

How do you fish at Lake Tarpon?

It fishes very similarly to most Florida lakes, except it has deeper water than most. Try fishing a Carolina rig worm in the deeper water; texas rigged plastic worm along the outside grass line. Shell bars around deep water are great places to run crankbaits, big jigs, or slow roll a spinner bait. Live wild shiners are always productive when all else fails.

How do people dress for fishing charter?

In layers is best, but fishing is casual. A sundress for ladies with a bikini underneath is not uncommon. Khaki shorts for guys is as dressed up as anyone ever gets; long pants work if you’re not used to the sun. In the same vein, there are no “styles.” Get comfortable with whatever dress code is the norm. But always try to wear light colors as they are more relaxed.

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