The Beautiful Bass on St. Johns River

I met Bill Priest in Astor, Florida to fish the St. Johns river. We launched at 6am and started catching by 6:15am!
The first stop was in the main river, we fished some docks catching 5 or 6 fish. As the sun came up and the boat traffic picked up, we decided to move to some canals off the main river and fish some more docks. Mr. Priest caught a nice 6 lb bass off one of the docks (see photos)! We fished a couple more canals and caught a few more bass before his 4 hour guide trip was over. We had a ton of fun and caught some beautiful fish!

Until next time, keep your lines tight and your hooks in the water!

< From Staff Writer Capt. Shawn Carpenter ([email protected]) / 888-829-BASS

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