Crappie and Bass Fishing On The St johns River

Crappie and Bass Fishing On The St Johns River

This is Capt Steve Niemoeller with the latest fishing report for the St Johns River.

I guided Al and his dad Ken they are repeat customers of mine and we went out on the river to catch some crappies, we also call them Specks here in Florida.

We caught 5 of them in the first hour and a half just drifting down the river, we then went shiner fishing for bass and we caught 6 of them we had one at 6.5 which was Al’s personal best the rest were between 2 pounds and 4 pounds.

The water is receding right now and it is getting back down, the one good thing about the water being so high is there is a lot of water under the mats and we can run a shiner way back into them.

The 6.5 we did catch was on a bed so we’re starting to see fish bedding hopefully, it will be a really good season this year.

That’s it for now if you are interested in doing some Crappie and Bass Fishing On The St johns River go to BassOnline thank you.

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Captain Steve Niemoeller is a full-time Professional fishing guide and Licensed Master Captain. Primarily servicing the freshwater lakes of the St Johns River, Lake George, and Lake Monroe. He also guides on Harris Chain and Lake Toho. He also has great success on Ponce Inlet and Mosquito Lagoon in saltwater catching redfish and other species.


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