Guided Bass Fishing in Florida: All You Need to Know

Guided Bass Fishing in Florida: All You Need to Know

Maybe you have used a fishing guide, and perhaps you haven’t. Perhaps you are a seasoned angler, or maybe you fish only fish once a year. A guided fishing trip from a good bass guide is the typical equalizer to get you hooked.

No matter your experience level, you can not be the best everywhere, or can you always be prepared with your equipment needed for a day fishing on a body of water you have never fished.

A guided trip allows the casual angler to experience a great fishing experience with little to no knowledge of the sport. You don’t need to know how to cast, tie knots, or even what baits to use. With so many different fish species in Florida, how would you target them and know all the seasons?

A great bass fishing guided fishing trip takes all the guesswork out of knowing any of these things!

Florida bass fishing

How do I Find a Fishing Guide?

Now more accessible than ever, as they are readily available on the internet. Finding guides is not hard, but finding good ones can sometimes be tricky. The internet has given us access, but are all electricians or plumbers the same?

When searching for fishing charters, some like to get a small independent guide for their fishing trip, which is excellent. However, the same problem occurs as in real-life, would you hire a strange plumber with reviews or referrals from a friend? These are some of the same things you want to consider when looking for a Florida bass fishing guide.

The benefit of going with a well-established service company is that they are responsible for their agents, plumbers, and fishing guides. Hopefully, they have vetted and hired the best to represent and take you fishing.

So use the internet; there is no better way. Just read reviews, look at the company ratings as you would with any other service.

florida bass fishing guide with Pro Bass Guides

Where’s the best bass fishing in Florida?

Tricky, if you asked each bass guide, they would all say their own local Florida bass lake! Bass Online makes tens of thousands of fishing trips each year; here are some of the best locations by the actual customer data.

Lake Tohopekaliga – Orlando bass fishing trip

Lake Toho is in the center of Central FL, near Kissimmee on the outskirts of Orlando. Well, it is located just minutes down the road from the gates of Disney World. West Lake Tohopekaliga Kissimmee chain has a vast acre of land which boasts big trophy bass and is commonly caught on Orlando bass fishing trips by customers.

You can find lots of Orlando bass fishing guides for this lake, and it’s excellent for artificial lures and catching Florida bass on wild shiners. No tackle; bait is needed!

West Lake Toho bass fishing guide service

Lake Okeechobee – Central Florida

You couldn’t logically write this article without mentioning the popular Lake Okeechobee. The Big O has to lead the way in many categories over the years, and why it struggles with mismanagement, the fishing reports continue to see trophy largemouth bass produced. In addition, it provides trophies bass opportunities to many customers during almost any time of the year.

Headwaters Lake – Central Florida

Fellsmere Reservoir bass fishing trip, also known as Headwaters Lake, Fellsmere Reservoir, or Lake Egan, is a 10,000-acre natural manmade designed lake located in Indian River county right next to Stick Marsh/Farm 13. Probably one of the hottest fisheries in the country and for plenty of reasons. It is a 100% catch and releases only lake!

Florida game Small mouth bass lakes

The Florida Everglades – South Florida

The southern Florida region of Florida is a vibrant fishing zone. The fishing offers many species, Peacock Bass, Snakehead, Crappie Oscar, and largemouth bass. It is mostly west of Fort Lauderdale, minutes from the famous beaches. Fishing in the Everglades is excellent all season long. However, the bass peak season for the fish is between December and June.

Rodman Reservoir – North Florida

Rodman Reservoir, which connects to the St. Johns River, flows down the Ocklawaha River. The entire area is one of the leading trophy bass fishing charters that an angler can take. The opportunity is very good at catching accurate trophy bass, but only with a bass fishing guide.

Why navigation is very hazardous, and the areas are unique to this fishery. It is also known as an exceptional wild shiners (live bait) lake; many people struggle on this fishery with artificial lures. Either way, a must-visit location!

Trophy bass fishing guide

Butler Chain of Lakes – Central Florida

Did you know that Florida has more than 32,000 lakes? The beautiful Butler Chain of lakes makes an excellent destination for bass fishing in Orlando, Florida. However, Butler Chain is sometimes overlooked by its local sister West Lake Toho. And for good reasons, Lake Toho in Kissimmee is unique. But not the naturally formed crystal clear lakes you will experience on Butler Chain by avid anglers.

Not known for accurate trophy bass like Lake Toho but Butler Chain has some good ones and lots of them. Do you want lots of action? And to hook fish on artificial lures? Is this the place for you?

Another Central Florida great lake by Orlando, you can hire a bass fishing guide service. Then, maybe, take a break from all the other Central Florida distractions on a boat.

Florida lakes like Lake Toho you will find good Orlando fishing guides

Lake Ida – South Florida

Lake Ida is among the most prominent diverse spots in Florida. The only place in Florida where you can get to catch Peacock bass, largemouth bass, Snakehead, and clown knife fish in a single trip. The chain of lakes covers more than 40 square miles and contains some of America’s most scenic urban fishing anywhere.

A place that has a plethora of professional guides, so you will want to vet. With no state or the Coast guard supervision, it’s the wild, wild west, and a customer beware. You can get anything and everything. Unfortunately, we see many customers at the boat ramps with dissatisfaction on their faces, not of the fishery but of what they ended up with as a bass guide service.

Do your homework; this is one of those situations and locations where you get what you pay for!

Trophy bass fishing guide for largemouth bass on artificial lures

Other Lake Choices

The original peacock bass factory Airport Lakes, part of the Tamiami Canal, provides one of the best canal fishing opportunities in Southeast Florida.

Lake Talquin, just outside of Tallahassee, is worth a stop if in the area. Lake Trafford, just outside Naples, the state has invested millions, but the lake still comes short of expectation but still watching it closely. Conway Chain is a magical Florida bass fishing fishery in Orlando, Florida, especially during cold-fronts and winter months. Lake Tarpon is still trying to carry its legacy despite mismanagement, but it is hot and cold. When hot, it produces trophy bass on artificial baits.

We could mention many others and maybe worry about: Golden Gate, Markham Park, Winter Haven Chain, Harris Chain, St Johns River, and more.

What is the best month for Florida bass fishing?

Once you experience the Florida bass fishing reality, you will know that plenty of options in Florida produces year-round action. However, with that said, the spawn is always the most productive for trophy bass. Why is it simple, there are simply a lot more people fishing, and the big fish congregate, making it easier to find and catch them. Also, our Florida bass fishing season is longer than anywhere in the country; our fish spawn for December to April in some areas, and if you include exotics, they even spawn in as late as September. But remember this, a largemouth fish has to eat every three days so indirectly they are always feeding!

Average Guided Guide Trips end at the Dock, Quality Experiences Last a Lifetime.

Research your following Florida bass fishing guide, no matter where it is. Make sure that you’ve got a memorable Florida Bass fishing vacation when it is all said and done. Go with Florida bass guides that work 200 to 300 times a year, active and updated on local fishing. A good booking service is better than anything you can find on your own, but they have to be good! They will give you what you want, with no surprises, they will answer the telephone and your emails quickly.

In this industry, like many trades, when you book the best, you get the best. So don’t rely on amateurs or part-time anglers?

Orlando trips located in Kissimmee that specialize in catching the business world

How much do Bass Fishing Guides Cost?

Outdoor fishing guides in Central Florida or South Florida typically charge around $75 and $150 per day, while some in high-demand destinations earn about $500 per day. Your most professional and successful guides will charge close to this and be reasonably close in the price range. However, if you find online fishing guides for $100 or $200 cheaper than others, buyer beware!

Fishing Tackles

Guided trips offer everything you need to fish bass. High-quality reels and right/left retriever bait casters. In addition, they should provide all required terminal gear and lures. Unfortunately, the fishing guides cannot include a Florida fishing license by law in Florida.

Lures/Live Baits

Most guide services specialize in one or the other but will do both. If looking for a skilled artificial lure fishing guide, then ask for it if you get a bass guide that uses live bait (wild shiner) every day. They will not know what artificial lures are working. A good service should have bass guides that can do both or a combination of both.

Wild shiners for single anglers on Kissimmee chain

Let’s book it

Please call, text, DM, or email for bass fishing trips. Full-Payment is not needed in advance and should never be paid in full for a service you haven’t received yet. On the day of the trip, you should be able to pay by credit card or cash, whatever works best for you. The bass guide should never force you to look for an ATM for money.

In Conclusion

Have you tried traveling to South Florida or Central Florida’s area for fishing? What was your experience like? Have you done a guided trip before? Got any tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Peacock Bass Fishing in Florida: Local Travel Guide

Peacock Bass Fishing in Florida: Local Travel Guide

Every location has that one fish that brings tons of people to the area and for South Florida, it’s peacock bass. Peacock bass fishing is attractive because of the eye-catching color of the fish and the brash and aggressive nature of the fish. 

If you’re traveling to Miami, Naples, or anywhere in South Florida, you’ll want to continue reading to learn more about peacock bass and why they should be on your list of “fish to catch in my lifetime.” 

Understanding Peacock Bass 

The first thing you should understand is that peacock bass aren’t actually bass, they’re Cichlids. In fact, there are a ton of huge differences between these guys and bass. This is the reason why a lot of anglers come to Florida confused by the fact that they don’t behave the same way as largemouth bass

First of all, there are actually 16 different species of peacock bass. The problem is you can’t catch most of them off the coast of the United States. The fish originated in the Amazon and that’s where most of the species still live. 

So, that begs the question; how did they get here? According to the FWC, they were brought into Florida by the WC in 1984 and it’s also believed that they were imported from Guyana, Peru, and Brazil as well. 

Why Target Peacock Bass

Another question is why would we come to Florida to fish canals and waterways when there are so many brilliant opportunities in offshore fishing? You can catch things like sailfish, snapper, group, and tarpon; why would we go after these? 

While there’s no right or wrong answer to this, we think it has a lot to do with their appearance and the fight they give for a smaller canal fish. They’re finicky about what they eat but once they decide on something, they’re highly aggressive and will not give in easily. You better be prepared for a fight if getting a picture with a peacock bass is on your bucket list. 

When you’re traveling and fishing the urban canals, portability is key so you’ll want to make sure you’re only traveling with the amount of gear necessary to get the job done. Telescopic rods are nice but I don’t recommend them due to the lack of durability and strength. 

Where you can save a little space and weight is through using an inflatable kayak. These are highly portable and you’d be surprised by how much abuse they can take. 

Best Lures for Peacock Bass Fishing

Stick bait for peacock bass fishing

Peacock bass are a bit finicky so you want to choose the right lures and stick to them. Once you understand what lures to use you’ll have no problem bringing in a lot of peacock bass and when they bite, get ready because it’s like someone dropped a 20 lb rock on top of your hook. 

Here are some of my top choices for peacock bass lures: 

Rip Roller Stick Baits 

Rip Rollers are some of the most popular lures for peacock bass because of their noisy presentation and larger size. You don’t have to get this specific type but you want something with a few treble hooks and the propellor on the back. 5.5-inches is around the size you’ll find most of these and they’re usually made of solid wood to create topwater buoyancy. 

When it comes to color, you want to mimic something that the peacock bass are used to eating so I’d go with a perch color or something else that’s orange and bright. These are deadly in the warm water months. 

Yo-Zuri Crankbaits 

Next, we have a 5-inch crankbait that creates a little less noise for the days when the fish aren’t biting. Keep in mind that if you’re fishing in South Florida, you’re fishing highly trekked waters. Peacock bass are used to people fishing this area to death so sometimes a bit loud presentation doesn’t work. 

This is a spook type crankbait, it’s big, durable, and comes with heavy treble hooks that can handle this type of power. It also has an internal rattle so it’s not completely silent. Go with the redhead on overcast days and a brighter bronze color on sunny days. 

Yo-Zuri Minnows 

Bear in mind that a lot of peacock bass feed below the surface so topwaters won’t always work. Yo-Zuri is a great saltwater lure brand and their minnows allow you to walk the dog, jerk erratically, and create the presentation of a wounded baitfish. 

This is especially helpful if you’re not having any luck. The area you’re fishing may simply be overdone and the bass are very timid. This method is a great way to get them biting again. 

Bucktail Extended Jigs 

The last piece of peacock bass fishing tackle I’ll give you are extended tail jigs. These are growing in popularity amongst peacock bass anglers for a few reasons. 

One, you can work them in heavily vegetated areas because the tail helps you cruise over stumps and dense brush. 

Second, you can troll with them if you’re trying to cover a lot of water. You can fish them by working through the vegetation with erratic short jerks followed by lull periods of trolling but make sure to keep it moving quickly. If you slow down the presentation too much you’ll attract black bass. 

Third, they’re a dime a dozen and you’ll lose a lot in the water because most fish take a liking to these. You don’t have to spend $25 on one lure and you can pair up a variety of color combinations. 

Lures To Stay Away From 

It’s not often that we tell you lures to avoid but as mentioned, peacock bass are finicky so you want to stick to what works and avoid what doesn’t like the plague. Soft plastics are generally the worst-performing lures for peacock bass fish. They just don’t like them. 

Another reason we don’t recommend soft plastics are because every other fish in the water will chew up all your time. You’re not out here targeting black bass and panfish right now, we’re looking for the bright and beautiful peacock so let’s not waste any time. It’s like they say in business, “if you try to win everyone, you win no one.” Focus on the species you’re targeting and leave the rest for another day. 

We also highly suggest against using live bait. A lot of people will tell you that live bait is the best way to go for peacock bass but as local guides and experts, we recommend you don’t use lie bait, and here’s why. 

Peacock bass like to swallow live bait which will result in a deep hook down in the throat or gills. These are a pain to remove and almost always ends with a dead fish. We practice catch and release with peacock bass and we suggest you do the same. Fishing live bait is frowned upon for this reason.

Top Peacock Bass Fishing Locations

Peacock bass fishing outside Miami

We’re separating this part of the guide into three sections. These are the “big 3” when it comes to peacock bass fishing in Florida. If you’re tracking peacock, you want to catch some, and you’re on your own without a guide. These are the three places you’ll want to go. 

Best Peacock Bass Fishing in West Palm Beach 

Urban canal fishing in Palm Beach county is incredibly popular and it brings a lot of people to the area. If you’re looking in this area, expect to fish around Delray Beach and Boynton Beach. Lake Osborne and Lake Ida Park are part of the Lake Ida chain of lakes and they house some of the best peacock bass fishing in the world. 

Best Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami 

There are many different locations in Miami and Dade county but there’s one that always seems to exceed expectations. Miami Airport Lakes is the number one destination for peacock bass so you’ll want to check it out especially around Anthony Marcelo Park. Falls Mall Canal is another big one and it’s located near 13145 SW 89 PL. It’s a canal that runs behind the “Falls Mall” in Miami but this is a convenient access point with plenty of parking. 

Best Peacock Bass Fishing in Naples

They don’t call Naples, “Paradise Coast” for nothing. There are a ton of things to do here for the whole family and some of the greatest peacock bass fishing you could imagine. The urban canal systems bring about a great population of peacocks and the fight that they put up is next to nothing. 

The Golden Gate canal system is where you’ll find the most peacock bass as well as plenty of other saltwater species. Warm water fishing is the best way to go here and as mentioned, the fun doesn’t have to stop once you get off the boat.

Peacock Bass Fishing Charters in Florida

Fishing charter in South Florida

There are great fishing charters all over South Florida and each of them specializes in a specific area and species so be sure to choose wisely. 

For example, Captain Mark Rogers has the biggest boat in the fleet that they call the “Big O” on Lake Okeechobee. He does most of his fishing near his home in Naples, Florida so if you have a larger party and want to fish Naples for peacock bass, you might want to talk to Captain Mark

Either way, we highly recommend fishing with a charter if you come to Florida. Of course, fishing inshore canals and waterways is easy to do on your own compared to braving the offshore waters but to get the full experience, a charter is the way to go.


October Peacock Bass Fishing Reports in South Florida with Experts

October Peacock Bass Fishing Reports in South Florida with Experts

October Peacock Bass Fishing

South Florida is a gorgeous place to visit and travel too. There are so many options that come about and are available that can really help you see this beautiful place in a different perspective. Getting into the outdoors is a must. When traveling to South Florida, grab your loved ones and get some fresh air and sun on your face. One amazing way to do that is Florida bass fishing. October peacock bass fishing has been fantastic and will only continue to get better!

October will be a great month for peacock bass fishing. Cooler air temperatures slowly start to drop the water temperatures. When this occurs and the optimal temperatures hit, the peacock bass will begin to spawn. During the spawning process, sight-fishing for peacock bass begins. It brings about a whole new experience to you. Don’t worry, all the bass are caught and release right back where they came from. We believe in the conservation and protection of our fisheries.

Having success on the water comes down to one thing: experience. Experience and time on the water are the crucial aspects that allow you to enjoy bass fishing. Luckily, we have gathered some of the most experienced and local fishing captains that can get you on the bass fast. When you embark on a peacock bass fishing trip with our local experts, they take care of everything for you. Years of experience have led them to show clients and travelers a great time on the water.

Check out this Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Report:

October Peacock Bass Fishing 1
Julie and Don Shafer were traveling to South Florida to catch peacock bass. Every year, they travel to Miami, FL to explore what bass fishing has to offer. Captain Robert Miley has the pleasure of fishing with them out on Miami Airport Lakes or Blue Lagoon. They were traveling from Texas to exclusively fish for peacock bass.

Unfortunately, the fishing conditions were not as we hoped. Winds were blowing 25 mph making canal and lake fishing quite difficult. Overcast and rainy skies as well made for a slower bite. See, most anglers would not even go fishing in these conditions.

When you explore these conditions and waters with a local expert, they adjust and get you on fish in any conditions. Most would give up when conditions get tough but those that can stick it out will gain more knowledge and have the most success on the water.

Don and Julie caught low numbers of fish but they were all quality bass. The two biggest fish were 5 pounds each. On this fishing trip, the bite was much lighter than normal. You had to be more attuned with the bite to have success. Captain Miley guided them to land some beautiful fish.

Don and Julie had a fantastic time fishing here in Miami, FL. Captain Robert Miley is looking forward to seeing them again next year!

Fishing With Captain Wayne Fellows:

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Wayne Fellows explored the waters of Palm Beach County, FL. Kristi, her son Owen, and his friend Ale came out to fish at Markham Park. The whole trip was planned around the boys going fishing. Captain Wayne had the pleasure to be a part of it.

Owen and Ale had a blast catching a lot of fish. Markham Park is a neat place to go explore, especially for the younger generation. You can catch peacock bass, snakeheads, largemouth bass and so much more. This trip was not about how many fish they caught but about what they learned.

The most impactful days on the water for Captains and guides are the days’ anglers learn tips. Captains really enjoy sharing what they love to do with the people on their boats. Owen and Ale had a great time fishing and learned a lot about South Florida fishing. They will apply these techniques back to their home waters.
October Peacock Bass Fishing 2
“It’s not always about who caught the biggest or the most but more importantly about making customers happy and kids smile.” – Capt Wayne Fellows 
This is the truest of all things. Our local experts thrive to show a great experience that you will remember for a lifetime. This trip was most certainly one of them. Kristi, Owen, and Ale all had a great time fishing with Captain Wayne. We know Captain Wayne is looking forward to getting back out on the water with them again in the near future!!

Catch Yours TODAY!

October is going to bring about even better fishing. Stay tuned and updated on what the action will bring. If you are starting to plan your Holiday vacation, now is the time to book that outdoor adventure. Florida bass fishing is by far the best way to do that. Our local experts will provide you with an exceptional fishing experience. We hope to see you on the water next time!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

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Monster Florida Snakehead Fishing Charter in South Florida

Monster Florida Snakehead Fishing Charter in South Florida

Florida Snakehead Fishing Charter

South Florida is truly a unique destination to travel to. The endless hours of fun and relaxation you can experience are what draw individuals to this beautiful location. Get out in the sun and relax while reeling in the exotic species that call South Florida home. If you love to fish, especially in freshwater, you have found the right destination for you. Hop on board for a
Florida snakehead fishing charter that you surely will never forget.

Having success on the water takes years of commitment and time. These species you are after are quite intuitive and smart. They may be fish but can be highly elusive at times. This is one of the many reasons a local expert is so essential. Why wouldn’t you want to climb on board with someone that knows exactly where and what to throw at the targeted species?

Captain Mike Groshon is an exceptional South Florida expert. He works hard to determine the best-suited tactic for your experience and fishing needs. If you are looking for a Captain that keeps it light on the boat and makes sure you have an amazing experience, Captain Mike is the man!

Check out this South Florida Fishing Update:

Florida Snakehead Fishing Charter 2

Captain Mike had the pleasure of fishing with Jimmy this August. Jimmy was traveling to South Florida on vacation and wanted to cash in on some exotic fishing. One species he really wanted to catch was the exotic snakehead along with peacock bass. Captain Mike took him to a spot right on the edge of the Everglades in Broward County.

Markham Park is a productive fishery for all your fishing needs. Whether you want to catch snakeheads, peacock bass, largemouth bass, cichlids, Oscars, and so much more, this is your place. Florida fishing is all about staying active while also landing a big bass in between.

While swimming a bait through the bank structure, Jimmy hooks into a nice fish. He did not know exactly what it was but was loving the fight the whole time. It wasn’t until the fish landed in the net that everyone on the boat got excited. Jimmy caught himself a GIANT Florida snakehead.

Jimmy also had a blast catching peacock bass, which was on his bucket list. He had a great time fishing right here in South Florida. Captain Mike is looking forward to spending another day on the water with Jimmy again in the near future!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Mike was back out on the water. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Joel and his son Beckman. They were visiting South Florida on a family vacation looking to have some fun in the sun. While doing so, a Lake Ida Chain of Lakes adventure was a great way to get in Florida outdoors.

They met Captain Mike at Lake Ida Park where their adventure began. Off they went to see what this beautiful fishery had in-store for them. The fishing was slower than normal on this fishing trip. Water management has been dropping the water levels in anticipation of heavy rains. When they do this, it tends to throw the bite off but luckily, Captain Mike is a local expert and found the fish.

The peacock bass was holding in key pockets. Once we found them, Joel and Beckman had a blast catching fish. One of the best experiences being a guide or providing a service with youth involved is to watch their excitement. It is something that is incredibly hard to express with words. Watching their faces light up is priceless.

Florida Snakehead Fishing Charter 1
All-in-all, the Florida Peacock Bass Fishing on Lake Ida was a success. Joel and Beckman had a fantastic time on the water. Captain Mike is looking forward to seeing them on the water again soon!

Summer is a great time to come fishing. If you can dodge the weather and storms, we can get you on some quality fish. We can accommodate you with any style of fishing here in Florida. Don’t be shy to ask about it all. South Florida is filled with exotics that are waiting to be caught. We hope you don’t miss out on your adventure next time you are traveling to beautiful and sunny Florida. We will see you on the water next time!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

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Total Beginner Fishing Charters for Bass in South Florida

Total Beginner Fishing Charters for Bass in South Florida

Total Beginner Fishing Charters

South Florida is a beautiful destination. You have endless outdoor activities you can partake in from the sunny beaches to the urban canals. If you love the outdoors and are looking for a way to experience them, South Florida bass fishing is a great option. Markham Park is filled with excellent species to catch all year long. Hop on board for our total beginner fishing charters on your next visit to Florida.
Total Beginner Fishing Charters 4
If you are looking to learn more about bass fishing, our local experts are the way to go. We take our time to teach you new techniques and methods to catch fish. When you leave our fishing charters, you will feel like you have learned something that you can apply where you love to fish. Our experts have years of experience working with all ages and levels of ability. We are here to help and show you a great time!

Markham Park in South Florida is a great place to visit. One of the many reasons is that it has multiple different species you can catch. The top species to catch at this destination is the exotic peacock bass. You can also catch snakeheads, largemouth bass, and every cichlid in Florida. It is the perfect place to bring your child or beginner anglers.

Here is an update on how the fishing has been:

Captain Joe Gruny had the pleasure of fishing with Sheila. Sheila was traveling from Miami, FL looking to experience fishing in Fort Lauderdale. She was a total beginner looking to learn and catch her bucket list of species. The peacock bass has been a species she has always wanted to go after. Luckily, South Florida is thriving with this hard-fighting species.
Total Beginner Fishing Charters 1
Markham Park produced big time for Sheila. She was able to land a peacock bass on her first cast. After catching several more peacock bass, the action continued. Sheila had a blast catching snakeheads, Oscars, and cichlids as well. It is always nice to accomplish everything you were expecting and more when embarking on a fishing adventure.

Captain Joe is looking forward to fishing with Sheila again for larger peacock bass in Miami!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Joe was back out on the water. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Dean and Michelle. They were traveling from Orlando on vacation and wanted to get in some bass fishing. The exotic peacock bass was on their bucket list as well.

Luckily, they came to a very lively fishery. The peacock bass did not let anyone down on this fishing trip. From their first cast to their last one, the fish were biting. Dean and Michelle enjoyed catching 23 peacock bass, 12 mayan cichlids, and 2 soft-shell turtles. It was neat for them to be able to catch this wide variety of species right here in South Florida.
Total Beginner Fishing Charters 3
Dean and Michelle had an awesome time fishing at Markham Park. Captain Joe is looking forward to fishing with them again soon! 

South Florida is a great summertime fishery. If you can get out early in the morning, you can have a great shot catching a lot of great fish. Bring your rain gear as you never know when the next shower will approach. Whether you want to catch bass or cichlids, South Florida is the place to visit. Our local experts can get you on the fish all trip long. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

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Holiday Broward County Fishing for Exotic Peacock Bass

Holiday Broward County Fishing for Exotic Peacock Bass

Holiday Broward County Fishing

The Holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends. There is no better way to do that than a Florida fishing adventure. Broward County has endless possibilities to help get you on the fish of your dreams. Hop on board and enjoy a holiday Broward County fishing charter for exotic species in Florida.

Our local experts have spent a lot of their time getting experience and knowledge fishing this destination. When you come out fishing with our professionals, you can be sure that you will be put around some quality fish. Captain Joe Gruny works hard to make your dreams come true.

Captain Joe had the pleasure of fishing with Dan and Pat. They repeated clients that were traveling from New Jersey. Being out on the water with them was a lot of fun as always. This was Pat’s first time fishing with Captain Joe.
Holiday Broward County Fishing 1
When you are traveling to Florida, make sure you knock off some bucket list items. Dan and Pat always wanted to experience peacock bass fishing and Florida blessed them on this trip. It did not take them long to knock off the bucket list item. Bait was in the water and in 3 minutes the first bass was in the boat. After that everything else was the icing on the cake.

Dan and Pat had a fantastic day on the water landing 23 peacock bass along with 3 quality largemouth bass. Broward County is filled with exotic species that are extremely fun to catch. They also got to catch 3 snakeheads in their quick 4-hour fishing trip.
Holiday Broward County Fishing 2
Dan and Pat are looking forward to the next chance to go out fishing in South Florida. Captain Joe always enjoys taking them out on an adventure!

Continued Everglades Success

Just shortly after this awesome fishing trip, Captain Joe adventured out in Markham Park. This time, the clients got to catch some bigger exotic peacock bass. Markham Park is located right on the edge of the Florida Everglades. Peacock bass is extremely fun to catch there. Captain Joe had a blast with Father and son team, Greg and Greg.

Greg and Greg were traveling to Florida on vacation. While doing so, getting out in the outdoors is a must. Catching a Florida bass will bring a lot of excitement to your vacation. This family had a great time on the water catching big numbers of fish. Greg and Greg caught 34 peacock bass weighing up to 4 pounds. They got to experience double hook up as well.
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Captain Joe is looking forward to fishing with this awesome family again in the future!

Florida is the perfect freshwater fishing destination. Bass fishing is getting better and better by the day. If you are looking to get on some of the best fishing possible, come on down, and let’s get you hooked up. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime! We look forward to seeing you on the water next time.

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