October Peacock Bass Fishing Reports in South Florida with Experts

October Peacock Bass Fishing

South Florida is a gorgeous place to visit and travel to. There are so many options that come about and are available that can really help you see this beautiful place from a different perspective. Getting into the outdoors is a must. When traveling to South Florida, grab your loved ones and get some fresh air and sun on your face. One amazing way to do that is Florida bass fishing. October peacock bass fishing has been fantastic and will only continue to get better!

October will be a great month for peacock bass fishing. Cooler air temperatures slowly start to drop the water temperatures. When this occurs and the optimal temperatures hit, the peacock bass will begin to spawn. During the spawning process, sight-fishing for peacock bass begins. It brings about a whole new experience for you. Don’t worry, all the bass are caught and released right back where they came from. We believe in the conservation and protection of our fisheries.

Having success on the water comes down to one thing: experience. Experience and time on the water are the crucial aspects that allow you to enjoy bass fishing. Luckily, we have gathered some of the most experienced local fishing captains that can get you on the bass fast. When you embark on a peacock bass fishing trip with our local experts, they take care of everything for you. Years of experience have led them to show clients and travelers a great time on the water.

Check out this Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Report:

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Julie and Don Shafer were traveling to South Florida to catch peacock bass. Every year, they travel to Miami, FL to explore what bass fishing has to offer. Captain Robert Miley has the pleasure of fishing with them out on Miami Airport Lakes or Blue Lagoon. They were traveling from Texas to exclusively fish for peacock bass.

Unfortunately, the fishing conditions were not as we hoped. Winds were blowing 25 mph making canal and lake fishing quite difficult. Overcast and rainy skies as well made for a slower bite. See, most anglers would not even go fishing in these conditions.

When you explore these conditions and waters with a local expert, they adjust and get you on fish in any conditions. Most would give up when conditions get tough but those that can stick it out will gain more knowledge and have the most success on the water.

Don and Julie caught low numbers of fish but they were all quality bass. The two biggest fish were 5 pounds each. On this fishing trip, the bite was much lighter than normal. You had to be more attuned to the bite to have success. Captain Miley guided them to land some beautiful fish.

Don and Julie had a fantastic time fishing here in Miami, FL. Captain Robert Miley is looking forward to seeing them again next year!

Fishing With Captain Wayne Fellows:

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Wayne Fellows explored the waters of Palm Beach County, FL. Kristi, her son Owen, and his friend Ale came out to fish at Markham Park. The whole trip was planned around the boys going fishing. Captain Wayne had the pleasure to be a part of it.

Owen and Ale had a blast catching a lot of fish. Markham Park is a neat place to go explore, especially for the younger generation. You can catch peacock bass, snakeheads, largemouth bass and so much more. This trip was not about how many fish they caught but about what they learned.

The most impactful days on the water for Captains and guides are the days anglers learn tips. Captains really enjoy sharing what they love to do with the people on their boats. Owen and Ale had a great time fishing and learned a lot about South Florida fishing. They will apply these techniques back to their home waters.
October Peacock Bass Fishing 2
“It’s not always about who caught the biggest or the most but more importantly about making customers happy and kids smile.” – Capt Wayne Fellows 
This is the truest of all things. Our local experts thrive to show a great experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

This trip was most certainly one of them. Kristi, Owen, and Ale all had a great time fishing with Captain Wayne. We know Captain Wayne is looking forward to getting back out on the water with them again in the near future!!

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October is going to bring about even better fishing. Stay tuned and updated on what the action will bring. If you are starting to plan your Holiday vacation, now is the time to book that outdoor adventure. Florida bass fishing is by far the best way to do that. Our local experts will provide you with an exceptional fishing experience. We hope to see you on the water next time!

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