Broward County Freshwater Fishing for Exotic Species

Broward County Freshwater Fishing

South Florida is a wonderful destination to travel to when looking to go on vacation. The sunshine is what you come here for and all year you can soak it in. Make sure you adventure out and explore all your options to do so. Broward County Freshwater Fishing is a great addition to any vacation in South Florida.

Exotic species dominate the waterways here in Broward County. Every canal and waterway has a multitude and abundance of species you can catch. Even though the quantity of fish is high that doesn’t mean that you can go catch them easily. You will need a local expert in order to be put on the best fish possible.

The species you can encounter in South Florida consist of the exotic peacock bass and snakehead. Also, you can catch largemouth bass in big numbers. Peacock bass is one of the most remarkable freshwater species to catch. Their hard fighting power and aggressive nature allow them to dominate the fishing systems here in South Florida. The exotic nature of them allows for maximum growth as you go further south. Another great catch in Broward County is the exotic snakehead fishing. A long, interesting and unique appearing fish is one of the most aggressive. They charge your topwater baits like no other.

Every year, visitors from around the world travel to South Florida in order to hunt down these species. When you are here on vacation getting out in the outdoors is the perfect addition. A freshwater bass fishing charter will allow you to experience something truly unique. Our water systems here are filled with things to see and fights you won’t forget.

Enjoyment in South Florida

Captain Brett Isackson is one of our many local experts in South Florida. A family from Norway was traveling here and wanted to go out fishing with Captain Brett. They have fished with us before and loved the experience. It was amazing getting the opportunity to get them out on the boat again especially this time. Fishing with this family was special as they invested in our gear which made the experience truly authentic. Broward County Freshwater Fishing 1

The fishing conditions were great here in Broward County. Big numbers of peacock bass were caught on this fishing trip as well as several other exotics. It was a great day on the water for Christer and his family. Unfortunately, no big peacock bass was caught on this trip but they caught over 30 bass. A quality snakehead also came out to play which was a great addition.

Our joy in fishing is spreading our passion and making sure that when you come out and fish you have a remarkable time. Christer and his family surely did and we are looking forward to getting hooked up with them again as they love to bass fish. Next time, we will get them on that trophy peacock bass here in South Florida.

Why Not with Capt Brett

Florida Bass Fishing is absolutely fantastic this time of year. Several locations here can produce what you are looking for. Don’t miss out on your adventure to get out on the water and get a line wet. You never know what will bite the end of the line. Great fishing is still to come and is only going to get better. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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