November Peacock Bass Fishing Charter in South Florida

November Peacock Bass Fishing

South Florida is the ultimate fishing destination to catch bass. The dominant species to catch here is the exotic peacock bass. Several locations are highly successful and can put you on the fish of a lifetime. Come enjoy a November peacock bass fishing charter next time you are visiting. You will not regret the decision to set the hook into these hard-fighting bass.

One of the most important parts about fishing here in Florida is getting out with a local expert. You will have the advantage as these experts have been on the water for years honing in their craft. If you want to be on fish the whole trip, this is the way to go. Captain Joe Gruny and Mike Groshon are excellent options for your family and fishing adventure.
November Peacock Bass Fishing 1
Captain Joe Gruny had the pleasure of fishing with Philip and Eric. They were traveling from Polk County, Florida in order to catch some exotic peacock bass. Fishing here in South Florida was always something they wanted to do and we were able to help them get it done. Peacock bass fishing on the edge of the Everglades is a great opportunity for you to have some fun and catch a variety of different species.

Artificial baits dominated this fishing charter. Philip and Eric caught a large number of bass on the Zara Spooks and lucky craft lures. The action is red hot here this time of year. As the water levels continue to change and get lower, the bite will get even better. Philip and Eric caught 23 peacock bass along with 5 snakeheads.

Capt Mike Continues the Adventure

They had a great time on the water with beautiful weather to add to the trip. Captain Joe is looking forward to their next adventure in Florida near Broward County. They will be back for more of this incredible action!

Just shortly after this amazing fishing trip, Captain Mike Groshon adventured out on Lake Ida. Chain of Lakes. The peacock bass fishing in Palm Beach County is picking up greatly. If you are looking for an urban adventure, this is the place to explore. Captain Mike had the pleasure of fishing with repeat clients. Brady, Les, and Adam were traveling to South Florida to cash in on some peacock bass fishing.

November Peacock Bass Fishing 2
One of their many joys when fishing here is peacock bass fishing in Palm Beach. You never know what you are going to catch and of what quality. The bite may have been slower but these gentlemen still caught them up. Weather conditions promoted a great day on the water. Brady, Les, and Adam had a blast catching peacock bass in the weight range from 2-3 pounds.

Captain Mike is looking forward to their next adventure in Palm Beach! They will also be back for more of this action and beautiful weather.

Another Adventure down the road

Peacock bass fishing is about to get really good. If you are looking for a strong bite and a hard-fighting fish, you have to come to experience this. Our local experts will work hard to put you on some of the best fish of your life. Hop on board and don’t worry about a thing while you are reeling in some quality fish. We are looking forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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