January Airport Lakes Fishing Charters in Miami, FL for Peacock Bass

January Airport Lakes Fishing Charters

Are you visiting Miami, FL, in the near future? Wondering what species of bass is the best to fish for in January? January Airport Lakes fishing for Miami peacock bass is an excellent way to spend time outdoors with family or friends. Depending on conditions and temperatures, January is a great month to explore what bass fishing offers.

If you are patient, you can get on some quality peacock bass. Join us for some January Airport Lakes Fishing on your next visit to South Florida.

To have the success, you are hoping for, you must experience Miami with a local expert. They are crucial to put you on the bite. Patience is key to success when adventuring out. You will get a much lighter bite during our cooler months of the year. Our local experts and Captains will guide you on a fantastic fishing trip.

Hop on board with Captain Robert Miley, Wayne Fellows, or Joe Gruny for a fishing adventure like no other.
January Airport Lakes Fishing 1

Here is a peacock bass fishing update:

Captain Robert Miley had the pleasure of January Airport Lakes Fishing with Daniel on his fishing charter. Daniel is from Florida around Lake Okeechobee and wanted to adventure out peacock bass fishing on the fly. He also brought along his best friend John, who was traveling from North Carolina. Fly Fishing for peacock bass is a challenge as the bass and fish are deeper in the water column.

Daniel and John adventured out for an 8-hour fishing trip with Captain Miley. The cooler morning had the bite slower than expected. The peacock bass turned on as the day went on, and the water warmed. Daniel was the one fly fishing and caught a Jaguar Guapote with a split shot to get the fly down more.
January Airport Lakes Fishing 2

Capt Wayne Continues

The bass was stacked up in a 50-yard stretch pounded by the sun. They may have lost some big ones but landed several-quality bass in the boat. The biggest bass came on live bait weighing in at 3.5 pounds. Daniel and John had a great time with excitement and action.

Captain Miley is looking forward to their next adventure on the water in the near future!

Shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Wayne Fellows emerged on Airport Lakes. He had the pleasure of fishing with Brian, Wyatt, and Reese. They were traveling to Miami to explore and enjoy some time in the warmth. Also, it was Wyatt’s graduation present from High School and a college scholarship.
January Airport Lakes Fishing
Conditions were cloudy, making for an exciting bite. A cold front was moving in shortly, which helped the fish eat more. Brian, Wyatt, and Reese had a blast fishing in Miami, FL. They caught over 15 peacock bass the most significant weighing 4.75 pounds. The bigger ones will bite as long as you are patient and let the bait soak.

They also caught a jack crevalle that peeled off some drag and made for a great fight.

Miami Continues to Produce

These gentlemen will be back to visit for more action in the near future. Captain Wayne is looking forward to getting them back out on the water.

Not long after this fantastic fishing trip, Captain Joe Gruny also explored Airport Lakes. The fishing was much different on this fishing trip. Captain Joe had the pleasure of fishing with husband and wife, Bill and Kathy. They traveled from Pennsylvania on vacation, looking to spend quality time on the water.
January Airport Lakes Fishing 4

The action was intense on this fishing trip. Temperatures were warm enough to get the fish active right from the start. Kathy had a great time landing several peacock bass and a TROPHY fish weighing 6 pounds and 9 ounces. Now, that’s a big fish. Bill also came in strong with a fish weighing 3 pounds 8 ounces. They also caught a Snook, four largemouth bass, and 2 Mayan Cichlids.

Bill and Kathy had a fantastic time on the water and loved this fishing trip. They will be back for more action shortly, and Captain Joe is looking forward to their next adventure!
January Airport Lakes Fishing 5

Let’s Go

Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure while visiting South Florida for the January Airport Lakes fishing trip. Miami, FL, is the perfect destination to explore Florida Bass Fishing. You never know what is going to bite the end of the line.

We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

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