October South Florida Fishing Report with Local Experts

October South Florida Fishing

South Florida is one of the most breathtaking destinations to take your family. Whether you want to spend your vacation time on the water or on the beach, South Florida has it all. In order to truly get to experience the magnitude of this place, you have to get hooked up on some of our excellent freshwater fishing. Enjoy this October South Florida fishing report that will give you insight into how the action has been!

Broward County and Palm Beach County have some of the best bass fishing in the state. One of the many reasons for this is that they provide an opportunity to catch a wide array of exotic species. When visiting these destinations as well, you have access to the legendary Lake Okeechobee. Most of South Florida fishing though is dominated by exotic peacock bass fishing.

Our local experts have extensive knowledge of how to catch these species. When you step onboard be confident that you are going to have the best trip possible. Captain Wayne Fellows and Mike Groshon are excellent captains to experience these waters with. Hop on board and enjoy the outdoor adventure.

Captain Wayne Fellows had the pleasure of fishing with Mark in Broward County. He was traveling from the Carolinas looking to explore all that South Florida had to offer. When you adventure down south, you have to get hooked up on some of these exotics. Mark can tell you first-hand how exceptional the fishing is.

October South Florida Fishing 2
Conditions were great on this fishing trip. Clear skies and the sun shining turned on the bass big time. Mark put some great numbers in the boat. This was Mark’s first time fishing for peacock bass and did not know what to expect. It was certainly a trip that he will remember for a lifetime catching not only peacock bass but 4 other additional species as well. Mark caught cichlid, catfish, largemouth bass, and gar. Nothing beats a day of fishing with over 30 fish in the boat.

Captain Wayne is looking forward to the next opportunity to fishing with Mark again!

Now Even More

Furthermore, Captain Mike Groshon adventured out in Palm Beach County looking to chase down some exotic species as well. The Lake Ida Chain of Lakes produced big time for Fred, Lisa, and Brenden. Similarly, they were fishing for peacock bass for the first time. Lake Ida did not disappoint.
October South Florida Fishing 1

Another beautiful day in South Florida led to this amazing family catching several-quality fish. Quality peacock bass put up a great fight due to their exotic nature and strength. Peacock bass is built to be aggressive and hardy. They were impressed with the fight.

When you have a day like this with a number of big bass, you will never forget it. Peacock bass fishing can lead to many memories and wishes to come back again as soon as possible. Captain Mike is looking forward to their next adventure with Fred, Lisa, and Brenden again in the future!

Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure next time visiting South Florida. You never know what you will encounter and get yourself into. The bass is biting and is going to consistently get better as time goes on. Let’s get hooked up! We will see you on the water next time.

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