June Weekend Bass Fishing Charters Across Florida

June Weekend Bass Fishing

June has been an excellent month to adventure out bass fishing in Florida. Whichever part of the state you are traveling and vacationing, you can find excellent bass fishing. The largemouth bass is freshwaters top game fish. They can give you a thrill of life when setting the hook into a trophy bass. Bring your family along for some June weekend bass fishing while the action is still hot.
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Several key locations have been producing great fishing. If you are in Central Florida, Lake Toho has been on fire with big bass being caught daily. Lake Okeechobee also has been amazing especially out of Clewiston, Florida. South Florida fishing for Peacock Bass has also been ultra-productive in Miami on Airport Lakes.

Starting from North to South, Central Florida is a hot spot for bass fishing. Captain Brent Nelson is a local expert that understands and fishes Lake Toho on a daily basis. When you are looking to experience Kissimmee, Lake Toho Bass Fishing is all you need.

Jason and Greg were traveling from Colorado to explore what the Lake had to offer. They went out on a quick 4-hour fishing trip catching great numbers. Artificial and live baits were effective on this fishing charter. Captain Brent took them to the spots that were producing.

Jason and Greg landed 30 bass in 4 hours with the biggest largemouth bass weighing 7.23 pounds. 8 of those fish came on artificial baits. The baits that were working the best were Zoom speed worms and super flukes. When you fish these baits over sparse Kissimmee grass, you are able to entice a great bite.

Captain Brent is looking forward to fishing with these gentlemen again.
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The afternoon brought about some more amazing action. Captain Brent had the pleasure of fishing with Kim who was traveling from North Dakota to catch some big bass. When you fish Lake Toho, your first fish can be the best one you have ever caught. Kim landed a 6-pound largemouth bass which ended up being her personal best.

Along with these big bass, she also caught around 30 fish. Overcast and breezy conditions allowed for a strong bite. It kept the day cooler. Wild-caught live shiners were the most effective on this fishing trip.

Captain Brent is looking forward to fishing with Kim next time she wants to Experience Kissimmee.
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Traveling just a short drive further south, Lake Okeechobee was heating up. Captain Mark Shepard spent all weekend on the water with his long-time friend and valued client, Jim Robertson. Jim loves to throw artificial baits and that’s what we targeted most of the fishing charters.

Spinnerbaits and topwater baits were highly effective on this fishing trip. Jim caught several quality largemouth bass in the weight range of 3-4 pounds. He loves to just set the hook but is always ready to land that giant that resides and lives on Lake Okeechobee. Stay tuned for more action from the Big O coming soon on our next June Weekend Bass Fishing report!

Captain Mark is always looking forward to catching them up again with Jim.
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June Weekend Bass Fishing Charters in Miami

As we adventure into Deep South Florida, we come to Miami. When it comes to peacock bass fishing in Florida, this is the MECCA. Captain Robert Miley is the absolutely peacock bass fishing expert. Whether you just love the action and hard fight or if you are looking for a trophy, Captain Miley is you, man!

Aaron and Colby were traveling from Colorado Springs to fish Miami International Airport Lakes. Aaron was taking a break from protecting the community as a Police officer in Colorado Springs. Colby is an EMT which was also something he needed some time in sunny South Florida for.

They had two amazing days of fishing this weekend which made for a perfect addition to their vacation time. When they caught their first peacock bass, it surprised them how hard they fought. These exotic bass have a fight like no other and you just have to experience it for yourself. Aaron and Colby landed 40 bass on their two-day adventure with the biggest being 3.5 pounds. This was their personal best bass as they only caught a 3 pounder in Colorado.

Live bait and sexy shad jerk baits were the most effective bait when fishing for peacock bass. South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing is by far the best summer activity you can partake in. Captain Miley is looking forward to fishing with these two gentlemen again in the future!

Florida is the Bass Fishing Capital of the World for all the reasons above. You can catch quality bass all year long in different regions of the state. Along with that, we have several different species that will leave you excited for more action. Don’t be afraid to contact us and reach out with any questions about Florida Bass Fishing to us here at Bass Online. Our June weekend bass fishing adventures are coming to a close, so don’t miss out on your adventure next time you visit Florida!

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