Summer Exotic Bass Fishing Charter in Miami, FL

Summer Exotic Bass Fishing Charter

Miami is a beautiful destination to get in the outdoors and experience something you have not before. Summer exotic bass fishing charter is by far one of the most exciting forms of activities you can partake in. As you travel through the urban canal and lake systems of South Florida you will be truly amazed at all that you can see.

Florida peacock bass is extremely fun to catch. Their aggressive nature and hard-fighting power make them the best freshwater species to catch. In order to have the success you are looking for, get out on the water with a local expert that can guide you to the biggest and best fish. Captain Robert Miley knows the inner workings of these Miami Canal Systems like the back of his hand. The Falls Canal System is a great location to bring your friends and family on a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Captain Miley had the pleasure of fishing with Blair who was traveling from Ohio on vacation. While Blair was in Miami, he wanted to come to explore all that Florida had to offer. In order to do that, you have to catch peacock bass. Peacock bass fishing was always something he wanted to do and we helped him land some quality bass.

Additionally in Miami

Blair had a great day on the water. Originally, they were going to fish the Miami Airport Lakes but due to water conditions at the boat ramp, the location was changed. Just further south you can find the Falls Canal System which is a highly productive peacock bass fishing destination. If you can get out in the early morning, we always recommend throwing topwater baits and artificial baits.

Blair started the day throwing a whopper plopper, torpedos, and jerk baits. They all produced some quality bass for him. The bite slowed down after two hours of artificial fishing and Blair moved on to throwing live bait. When dealing with live bait, you have to have patience and finesse. Blair landed 15 peacock bass throughout his day of fishing in the range of 2-3 pounds. You can’t beat a day like that on the water.

Captain Miley is looking forward to fishing with Blair again in the future! It is hot in South Florida these months, please make sure hydration is the main focus when out in the sun and heat.

Summer Exotic Bass Fishing Charter

But there’s more

Shortly after this amazing fishing trip, Captain Miley had the pleasure of fishing with Maria, Jacob, and Jeremy. They had a great day on the water exploring the inner workings of the Falls Canal System. While visiting some family here in South Florida, peacock bass fishing was something new and exciting to try.

Water temperatures were in the high 80s and low 90s on this fishing trip. When the temperatures and water fluctuate like this and get this hot, you have to be able to stay patient and fish a little differently. Fish were biting in several spots on this fishing trip. The best spots were in deeper water along sea walls.

Live bait was the most effective method for this family. They did not catch any big trophy-sized peacock bass but had a lot of fun catching over 20 fish. Most of the fish were in the range of 2-3 pounds as well. You really can’t beat the power and strength of these fish. If you are looking to have some fishing fun, you have to get hooked up in Miami.

About Capt Bob

Captain Miley is looking forward to fishing with Maria, Jacob, and Jeremy again in the future!

Don’t miss out on your Miami bass fishing adventure. You never know what you will experience and what you will catch. Bring your family out for some fun in the sun with no salt in the air. It will be worth the time spent and the memories made! We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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