Lake Carlton

Lake Carlton Fishing

Lake Carlton can be found on the Eustis USGS quad topo map. Lake Carlton is a lake in Lake County in the state of Florida. The latitude and longitude coordinates for this lake area on the map below and the altitude is 62 feet (19 meters) above sea level.

Anyone interested in fishing Lake Carlton should consult with local guides and other resources before heading out to fish. There are over 655,789 acres of lakes and natural waterways in Lake County, Florida. Ranging in size from 15,000 acres to just under one acre. For a complete visit our lakes list, the list includes all lakes in the area of more than 100 acres.

Lake Carlton has it all, great real estate location, variety of homes, activities, and a mecca for bass fishing. You can choose from fishing wood to Kissimmee grass to even dragging a Carolina rig on an offshore structure. The lake is surrounded by Garden homes, Carriage homes, Villas, or Single Family homes that are all accessible to the lake. There are several gated real estate developments, situated with access to the lake. Surrounded the north side of Lake Carlton is Lake Beauclair, the east side is Trimble Park Road and Lake Carlton Drive. On the west side of Lake Carlton is Churchill Smith Lane.

There’s great access from Orlando Florida with quick access to The Harris Chain of Lakes or I-75 and Ft. Myers International Airport. The area offers great shopping, new restaurants just minutes away.

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