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About Lake Eustis

Lake Eustis is not the biggest lake of the chain, but it expands over 7,806 acres. It’s connected to Big Lake Harris through the mile-long Dead River and Lake Griffin through Haines Creek. The surrounding Lake Eustis are numerous residential canals that can be very productive at certain times of the year.

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The East Lakes together, the East Harris Chain lakes; Dora, Beauclair, and Lake Carlton cover 4,475 acres. They are connected to Lake Eustis on the north through the Dora Canal and Lake Apopka to the South through the Apopka Beauclair Canal.

Eustis Lake and the adjacent city on the lake’s northeast shore were named after General Abraham Eustis, who was a hero of the civil war and the first and second Seminole wars.


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Lake Eustis Fishing

Click Here to View LargerLake Eustis has more than fifteen miles of fishable shoreline and a healthy largemouth bass population, making this place a bass angler’s dream. It’s also a popular bass tournament venue. The famous Buzzard Beach boat ramp is where many local tournaments launch boats.

Lake Harris and Lake Eustis have the prestigious reputation of having the best water quality of the Harris Chain.

Many of Florida’s most popular fish species call this place home, including largemouth bass, bluegill, black crappie, redbreast sunfish, redear sunfish, channel catfish, warmouth, chain pickerel, and hybrid striped bass. Both Haines Creek and the Dead River have excellent fishing in season.

Fishing Patterns

Lake Dora is traditionally the first to turn on in the spring and seems to hold giant fish than the rest of the lakes. Again, Kissimmee grass, reeds, and bulrushes are the predominant cover. The boat docks in this lake, especially along the north shore, can be very productive during the middle of the day.
South of Lake Dora is Lake Beauclair and tiny Lake Carlton. Access Lake Carlton through a small inlet on the southern shore of Lake Beauclair. Both of these lakes are known for giant bass. Most of the big fish are caught by flipping and pitching the boat docks and reeds, but local anglers have placed brush piles in these lakes, and these “secret” holes win many tournaments.

The Beauclair Canal off of Lake Apopka is a sizable area of clear water that holds largemouth bass year-round. The entrances of this canal is near the southwestern shore of Lake Beauclair. There is a lot of water to be fished, and it is all excellent at times. The so-called “Clear Canal” is located here, a significant sight fishing area in the bedding season. Many tournaments have been won in this area for those willing to make the long run.

Boat Ramps

There are two public boat ramps on Lake Eustis. The popular Buzzard Beach ramp is located between Tavares and Leesburg on State Road 441. The Eustis city ramp is located on Lakeshore Drive just south of the City of Eustis.

Top Lake Eustis Fishing Guides

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Top Lake Eustis Spots

A popular spot among anglers is the famous “Gator Hole,” a natural sinkhole located in the lake’s northwest corner leading off the main lake. Gator Hole is a 200-foot hole averaging 12-165 feet deep in the grass filled with structures and stumps. At times, this hole produces good bass and can deliver the fish of a lifetime if you are there at the right time.

For most of the year, the numerous Lake Eustis canals will produce consistent action from resident fish.

Eustis Lake Walk in front of the Eustis City swimming pool offers excellent bass fishing opportunities, especially in the late spring.

All of the Lake Eustis boat docks hold fish, with some better than others. One of the better locations is the Springwood Landing dock on the east side.

Both Haines Creek and the Dead River have excellent fishing in season.

Haines Creek

Haines Creek is a natural waterway running six miles long that connects the Harris Chain Lakes, Lake Eustis, with Lake Griffin. Haines Creek is full of black crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and bullhead catfish. The main channel contains a prime bass habitat with grass, drop-offs, a deep hole, and a spillway offering various fishing opportunities.

Dead River

The Dead River is an Old Florida term for a river without a current that connects two lakes. The mile-long-dead river connects Lake Eustis with Big Lake Harris and Lake Griffin through Haines Creek. The weedy bay located outside of the Dead River is often productive, holding bass of good size. Largemouth bass tends to hang around the lily pads and deeper grass beds here. The most popular fish species caught here are bluegill, alligator gar, and largemouth bass.

Fishing Tips

Casting Texas rigged worms is very productive and consistent at Lake Eustis, with topwater, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits producing giant bass. In April, the fishing in the main lake heats up, and flipping the eastern shoreline lands many tournaments wins. Start at the Eustis City ramp and flip south until you find the fish. To read more on how to catch bass in summertime, try this article.

Giant bass lives in Gator hole and are usually caught by slowly dragging large worms along the bottom. It takes patience to fish this slowly, but the rewards are generally worth it.

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Lake Eustis Fishing Trips

A fishing trip to Lake Eustis and other parts of the Harris Chain of Lakes is always worth the adventure. Eustis Lake is a unique fishery where almost every style of fishing can be used. The fishing here is incredible throughout the year, and the odds of catching your next personal best trophy bass is higher here than anywhere else. While bass fishing Lake Eustis, anglers will enjoy its wildlife-filled beauty. Lake Eustis is one of the most consistent fisheries of the Harris Chain of Lakes in Florida. Enjoy soaking up the sun, spending quality time on the water with your family and friends, catching larger bass, bird watching, and creating memories.

Top Lake Eustis Fish Species

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Largemouth Bass

Crappie on Crescent lake fl

Black Crappie

Bluegill on Crescent lake fl


Chain Pickerel

Chain Pickerel

Lake Eustis Fishing Reports

Lake Eustis Reports

Area Things To Do

Lake Eustis is a centrally located spot with tons of recreational attractions for visitors to enjoy. Its located equal distance to the Atlantic and Gulf coast for anybody looking to spend the day on the beach. Lake County, Fl, has a lot to offer for everybody, including outdoor parks and shows, Harris Chain waterfront restaurants, Museums, and Nature Centers. Lake County is also close to Orlando to enjoy its theme parks and other adventures.

Outdoor Activities

Ferran Park, Hidden Waters Preserve Hiking Trail, Ocala National Forest, King’s Landing, Wekiwa Springs State Park, and Seminole Street Forest.

Indoor Activities

The Clifford House, Trout Lake Nature Center, Orlando House of Blues, and Kennedy Space Center,

Lake Eustis Boat Ramp Access

There are three public boat ramps on the East Harris Chain lakes; two on Lake Dora and one in the town of Lake Jem. The Lake Jem ramp is on the Apopka Beauclair canal.
There are two public boat ramps on Lake Eustis itself. The popular Buzzard Beach boat ramp is between Tavares and Leesburg on State Road 441. The Eustis city ramp is located on Lakeshore Drive, just south of the City of Eustis.

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