Lake Beauclair

The Apopka Lake Beauclair Canal system is a sizable area of clear water that holds bass year-round. The entrance to these canals isLake-Beauclair located near the southwestern shore of Lake Beauclair. There is a lot of water to be fished and it is all excellent at times. The so-called “Clear Canal” is located here, which is a major sight fishing area in the bedding season. Many tournaments have been won in this area for those willing to make the long run.

Lake Beauclair Fishing

There are three public boat ramps on the East Harris Chain lakes; two on Lake Dora and one in the Town of Lake Jem. The Lake Jem ramp is on the Apopka Beauclair canal.

Lake Beauclair can be found on the Eustis USGS quad topo map. Lake Beauclair is a lake in Lake County which is in Central Florida. Anyone interested in fishing Lake Beauclair should consult with local guides and other local resources before heading out on the lake. Anglers who fish Lake Beauclair say it’s simple to fish, straight edges with some timber. Although most of the fish are caught on the grass edges as with most Florida lakes.

Closest Town: Mount Dora
Lake Size: 1,111 Acres

Lake Notes: Specializing in Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, and Black Crappie. It’s part of the Ocklawaha Chain of lakes.

In a continuing effort to restore fish and wildlife habitat in the Ocklawaha chain of lakes, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the Watershed Action Volunteer Program of the St. Johns River Water Management District is always planting aquatic vegetation along the shoreline of lakes Beauclair and Carlton in Lake County.

This effort is part of an ongoing shoreline restoration project being conducted by the FWC and Lake County Mosquito and Aquatic Plant Management. To date, three miles of shoreline in lakes Beauclair and Carlton have been planted with desirable native aquatic plants that will provide improved fish and wildlife habitat. When the project is completed nearly eight miles of shoreline will be revegetated in lakes Beauclair, Carlton, and Dora.

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