A Dream comes true for a PA fisherman…

This week Devin Cole of Holitong, PA spent 4 days with us fishing for the mighty Florida peacock bass. I had the pleasure of spending 3 of the 4 days with Devin in search of this hard fighting speices.

Devin is just recently starting to get into the sport of bass fishing and as his knowledge exspans so does his experiences. Devin replies, “I always wanted to catch a peacock bass.” So we gave him the chance to catch them in 4 separate locations and 4 different ways. All 4 areas were planed out with awesome results.

While some days are always better than others, but we all know (THAT’S FISHIN). I would say we boated 70 plus peacock bass in 4 days from 1 to 5 pounds. It really was a very exiting venture, Devin had such a great time he’s already planning another trip with his son anf friends in March.

We are looking forward to fishing with him again, it will be a blast once agian.

Good Fishin,

Capt Tony Massiello

(954) 205-2535 cell

(888) 629-2277 Toll Free

[email protected]


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