2019 NASCAR Charity Fishing Tournament

2019 NASCAR Charity Fishing Tournament

NASCAR Charity Fishing Tournament

Friday, Nov. 15th was the 16th annual Hot Rods & Reels Charity Fishing Tournament to help find a cure or “put the brakes” on paralysis. This fishing tournament is a fantastic opportunity to experience not only Florida outdoors but also getting the chance to meet top-level NASCAR drivers. The 2019 NASCAR Charity Fishing Tournament was about to begin!

At Hot Rods & Reels, NASCAR drivers team up with NHRA Hall of Fame drag racer Darrell Gwynn to raise awareness of spinal cord injury research and people living with paralysis, and to donate a custom wheelchair. Each wheelchair is presented and donated to a recipient in dire need. After careful selection, our recipient was a great candidate for this year’s wheelchair.

NASCAR Charity Fishing Event 1The Darrell Gwynn Quality of Life Chapter of The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis also teams up with Bass Online Fishing Charters, Guides, and Tours to create and put on one incredible charity event. Without these captains, the event would not be possible.

Every November, for the past 16 years, NASCAR’s final race of the year was in sunny South Florida. Each race weekend opens with our NASCAR charity fishing tournament in Homestead-Miami, FL. There is no better way to start your weekend than in the great outdoors catching fish.

Hot Rods & Reels Fishing Tournament:

Friday morning brought about some beautiful weather in Homestead, FL. During the early morning hours, captains, guides, and fishermen were lining up for registration. As the sun came up, everyone was getting excited about what the morning had to offer. The peacock bass in Homestead-Miami Speedway’s lake was the main target for this incredible charity event.

As the captains drove their trucks and boats onto the track and into the infield, the energy was rising. You can almost feel that something magical was going to happen. Even though this is all for charity, competition always fuels the event. The question was what driver, owner, NASCAR affiliate, was going to get their name on the Hot Rods & Reels Charity Fishing trophy?

After a nice lake-side breakfast, courtesy of Homestead Hospital, the fishing event was about to begin. Before the fishing could begin though, the most important part of this whole day had to happen: the Wheelchair Presentation.

One of the main reasons why Darrell and his Chapter puts on this event is to present/donate a very expensive wheelchair to a recipient that has been recently paralyzed. This year’s Done was someone special and in great need of an upgraded chair. His name was Jean Saint-Ange!

Meet Jean Saint-Ange:

“On August 25, 2018, Jean Saint-Ange was in a devastating accident when he sustained a fall while trimming a tree in his family’s backyard. As a result, he suffered from several fractures and underwent several surgeries to his lower extremities and his spinal column. He was in critical condition at the trauma center, fighting for his life for four months. This accident ultimately changed his life forever, leaving him completely paralyzed from the chest down and confined to a wheelchair. He currently needs around the clock care and resides in a long-term care facility. Since his injury, he has been doing extensive therapy in hopes of regaining the use of both of his hands and to walk again.

Prior to his accident, Jean was a full-time head chef at a local Caribbean restaurant and fulfilled the role as the sole provider for his family. This hard worker is determined to regain his independence and be a prominent figure in his family once again. This wheelchair will not only help him physically but mentally as well. He is beyond thankful to the Darrell Gwynn Chapter of The Buoniconti Fund for making this gift possible.”

Tournament Details & Rules:

NASCAR Charity Fishing Event 4

The Hot Rods & Reels Fishing Tournament is very unique in the manner that before the activity or event starts, you know why and what the event was for. Jean was very excited and beyond

thankful for this life-altering donation. Everything was changing rapidly for this young man. Jean even had the ability to get out on the water with Darrell Gwynn on Captain David Rhoden’s

pontoon fishing vessel, which made for a great addition to the tournament.

So as the NASCAR drivers, sponsors, guests, and captains boarded the fishing vessels, they were all fired up to get this event started. South Florida’s finest freshwater captain guides were there to donate their time to such an amazing cause. They had 1 hour and 30 minutes to catch the biggest 3 bass limit. Everyone cruised to their fishing spot and in just seconds, fish were making their way to the boats.

The Miami-Homestead Speedway has a 7-acre spring-fed lake that holds some great fishing for exotic bass fishing. During this event, you can get the chance to catch a Florida peacock bass along with largemouth bass, cichlids, catfish, and more. At each event we get to see catches of all sizes, especially this one in 2019.

Hot Rods & Reels Fishing Tournament Results

As the horn blasts, it is a sign that the tournament has concluded. Everyone makes their way back to the beach where the weigh-in stage is located. The crowds congregate and everyone is getting excited to see what fish were weighed in.

Each driver and fishing team slowly started weighing in fish from their time on the water. We started to see some bigger bags and bass coming in. Anglers and drivers were also bringing in big catfish that were caught.

Retired Driver and Team Owner, Richard Childress was coming up to the stage next. He was the last driver and team to weigh-in and there was a smile on his face that was very suspicious. No one could expect what unfolded next.

Bass Online’s Captain Wayne Fellows took over holding the bag open. They pulled out a smaller peacock bass along with a giant catfish. Once confirming that the catfish was not allowed to be weighed, all of a sudden a second bag was brought to the stage.

NASCAR Charity Fishing Event 5The first fish pulled out of the bag was a gorgeous peacock bass weighing in at 3.5 pounds. It was the biggest bass of the tournament so far. As everyone was still excited for the last fish, the angler reached into the bag and pulled out a GIANT Crowd shocking peacock bass.

Everyone in the crowd uproared with amazement and excitement after landing their eyes on this fish. It weighed in at 7.7 pounds and it was the biggest peacock bass ever caught on this lake. Richard Childress along with Bass Pro Shop’s guest anglers took home the trophy with a combined score of 12.84 pounds for their 3 bass limit.

Huk Presents the Million Dollar Challenge:

As well, they cashed in on the big fish of the tournament. This meant that they solidified their chances at ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Huk, a presenting sponsor of this tournament does a challenge where you pick an envelope from a collection of them. Inside, you can win one million dollars in the Huk Million Dollar Challenge.

The angler that caught the big fish in this tournament gets awarded to select an envelope. Unfortunately, the envelope that was selected did not have the million-dollar ticket in it.

Overall, everyone on the water had a great time and caught a lot of fish. The size may not have been there but that is what fishing is all about. Now, all anglers and drivers will be fired up to come back to Homestead Speedway to chase down the giant of the deep.

Hot Rods & Reels Charity Fishing Tournament in 2020:

Everything is changing next year. NASCAR changed its schedule around and is now going to have this tournament in March. It will be right after the Daytona 500, the first race of the season. As a result, you will get more interaction with drivers and sponsors as all of them will be in Florida already. NASCAR Charity Fishing Event 3

We are looking forward to seeing what 2020 brings, especially for the upcoming NASCAR Charity Fishing Tournaments. If you are interested in participating in this event as a sponsor, feel free to reach out to the Quality of Life Chapter. They can provide you all the information that you will need to make this event happen for you. We would love to get you on the boat and we would love for you to be part of finding a cure for paralysis.

We would also like to thank all the help and sponsors that were part of this event and made it possible: YETI, Miami-Homestead Speedway, Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Homestead Hospital, Joe Coulter, Robert Clarke, and so many more!

As well, we wanted to thank all the guides, captains, and anglers that donated their time and equipment: Captain Robert Miley, Captain Joe Gruny, Captain Mike Groshon, Captain Jeff Brooks, Captain Mark Rogers, Captain Nick Pasquarello , Captain Dave Rhoden, Captain Jose Carbonell, Capt Bill Boliek, Captain Dave Sampson, Alex Altier, Paul Kelly, & Tony Crowder

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Everglades Canal Fishing Charters for South Florida Bass

Everglades Canal Fishing Charters for South Florida Bass

Everglades Canal Fishing Charters

You’re flying into South Florida weather on the west or east coast. Finally, you get to enjoy the tank top weather and flip-flops. Vacation is here and your resort is a short distance from the airport that you fly into. After settling in and enjoying several days on the beach, one question pops up. What else can we experience? Freshwater fishing is your answer while Everglades canal fishing charters with our local experts.

Bass fishing in Florida often gets overlooked. Most travelers are not aware of what they can experience right around the corner. The Florida Everglades is one of the most breathtaking fisheries to explore. You will never have a dull moment and will always have something to look at. Luckily, you will also get the opportunity to catch more bass than you can handle.

Everglades Bass Fishing is getting hot. Now through June are going to be the best times to come catch largemouth and peacock bass in the Everglades. The main reason fishing is great during these times is that the water levels start to drop. When this occurs, the fish stack up into the canals makes for easy access and catching.

In order to have the most success when fishing the Everglades, get out on the water with a local expert. These experts have years of experience that have allowed them to dial in on the fish. If you are looking to learn and get on some fish, the Everglades is the best place. Pick your captain and expert brain to help gain knowledge for yourself. Enjoy catching fish all trip long in this beautiful place!

Check out this Everglades Bass Fishing Report with our Local Experts:

Everglades Canal Fishing Charters 1Meet Allan, he brought out his son Derek bass fishing in the Everglades. Captain Mark Rogers had the pleasure of taking them out in the Everglades. The best location to do that was along Alligator Alley at Mile Marker 41. Some of the best moments in time are the ones spent with loved ones in the outdoors. Allan and Derek were looking forward to experiencing all the “River of Grass” had to offer.

It was a great day of fishing with a light breeze of about 10 mph. Not only did the breeze keep the day cool but it helped push the fishing vessel down the canal. Allan and Derek wanted to catch numbers of largemouth bass and peacock bass. The best way to do that would be a mix of live bait and artificial baits.

This father-son duo had a blast catching peacock bass, largemouth bass, and cichlids. Peacock bass generally are caught best using live bait. It is always beneficial to have live bait with you when exploring and adventuring Everglades canal bass fishing. They went through 4 dozen live domestic shiners rather quickly.

After using up the live bait, artificial baits were used to put even more fish in the boat. Artificial Senkos, whether wacky or texas rigged, all styles will produce a great bite. Determine whether they want a slower or faster presentation and have a blast catching fish all trip long.

The water levels are dropping and the bass are getting fired up. Also, water quality is crystal clear, which makes for some great fishing. Clearwater means you will have the ability to sight fish for bass. Once the cooler weather arrives, the bass will begin to get ready to spawn.

Allan and Derek had an awesome time fishing in the Everglades. Captain Mark is looking forward to getting them back out on the water again soon!

Fishing with Captain Wayne Fellows

During the same day, Jeff went out to explore the Florida Everglades. His adventure led him to Everglades Holiday Park. It is a great destination for Everglades canal bass fishing. The endless network of canals and flats makes it a great place to visit and explore. Captain Wayne Fellows had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff.  Everglades Canal Fishing Charters 2

Meet Jeff, he is a Colorado native that loves to travel to Florida often. When he does, a bass fishing trip is always in the mix. The fishing was fantastic on this fishing trip. There is nothing like getting out into nature with the most gorgeous sunrise lighting up the sky. Take a deep breath and long cast while enjoying that moment in time while visiting Everglades Holiday Park.

The bass was chewing on this fishing trip. Captain Wayne had Jeff throwing topwater baits in the early morning hours. After landing several nice fish in the morning, he switched over to soft plastics. Whether you want to throw a senko or fluke, all of these presentations will help put fish in the boat.

Jeff caught over 50 Florida largemouth bass on this trip. The biggest fish weighed in at 5 pounds 3 ounces, which is a beautiful fish for the Everglades (Main Image). Jeff as always was very satisfied and is looking forward to his next adventure with Captain Wayne.

Each adventure is unique and will provide you with something new every time. Captain Wayne is excited at his next shot at helping Jeff catch an even bigger Florida bass.

Catch Yours Today!

The Everglades is starting to get really good again. Don’t miss out on your adventure to catch Florida largemouth and peacock bass on your next vacation. If you are looking for something fun to do, getting outdoors is a must. You would be surprised at what you can experience and see. It will truly captivate your 5 senses and make you want more. We hope to get the chance to show you around wild South Florida for an adventure you will never forget. Bring your whole family along and never get tired or bored. We hope to see you on the water next time!

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October Peacock Bass Fishing Reports in South Florida with Experts

October Peacock Bass Fishing Reports in South Florida with Experts

October Peacock Bass Fishing

South Florida is a gorgeous place to visit and travel too. There are so many options that come about and are available that can really help you see this beautiful place in a different perspective. Getting into the outdoors is a must. When traveling to South Florida, grab your loved ones and get some fresh air and sun on your face. One amazing way to do that is Florida bass fishing. October peacock bass fishing has been fantastic and will only continue to get better!

October will be a great month for peacock bass fishing. Cooler air temperatures slowly start to drop the water temperatures. When this occurs and the optimal temperatures hit, the peacock bass will begin to spawn. During the spawning process, sight-fishing for peacock bass begins. It brings about a whole new experience to you. Don’t worry, all the bass are caught and release right back where they came from. We believe in the conservation and protection of our fisheries.

Having success on the water comes down to one thing: experience. Experience and time on the water are the crucial aspects that allow you to enjoy bass fishing. Luckily, we have gathered some of the most experienced and local fishing captains that can get you on the bass fast. When you embark on a peacock bass fishing trip with our local experts, they take care of everything for you. Years of experience have led them to show clients and travelers a great time on the water.

Check out this Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Report:

October Peacock Bass Fishing 1
Julie and Don Shafer were traveling to South Florida to catch peacock bass. Every year, they travel to Miami, FL to explore what bass fishing has to offer. Captain Robert Miley has the pleasure of fishing with them out on Miami Airport Lakes or Blue Lagoon. They were traveling from Texas to exclusively fish for peacock bass.

Unfortunately, the fishing conditions were not as we hoped. Winds were blowing 25 mph making canal and lake fishing quite difficult. Overcast and rainy skies as well made for a slower bite. See, most anglers would not even go fishing in these conditions.

When you explore these conditions and waters with a local expert, they adjust and get you on fish in any conditions. Most would give up when conditions get tough but those that can stick it out will gain more knowledge and have the most success on the water.

Don and Julie caught low numbers of fish but they were all quality bass. The two biggest fish were 5 pounds each. On this fishing trip, the bite was much lighter than normal. You had to be more attuned with the bite to have success. Captain Miley guided them to land some beautiful fish.

Don and Julie had a fantastic time fishing here in Miami, FL. Captain Robert Miley is looking forward to seeing them again next year!

Fishing With Captain Wayne Fellows:

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Wayne Fellows explored the waters of Palm Beach County, FL. Kristi, her son Owen, and his friend Ale came out to fish at Markham Park. The whole trip was planned around the boys going fishing. Captain Wayne had the pleasure to be a part of it.

Owen and Ale had a blast catching a lot of fish. Markham Park is a neat place to go explore, especially for the younger generation. You can catch peacock bass, snakeheads, largemouth bass and so much more. This trip was not about how many fish they caught but about what they learned.

The most impactful days on the water for Captains and guides are the days’ anglers learn tips. Captains really enjoy sharing what they love to do with the people on their boats. Owen and Ale had a great time fishing and learned a lot about South Florida fishing. They will apply these techniques back to their home waters.
October Peacock Bass Fishing 2
“It’s not always about who caught the biggest or the most but more importantly about making customers happy and kids smile.” – Capt Wayne Fellows 
This is the truest of all things. Our local experts thrive to show a great experience that you will remember for a lifetime. This trip was most certainly one of them. Kristi, Owen, and Ale all had a great time fishing with Captain Wayne. We know Captain Wayne is looking forward to getting back out on the water with them again in the near future!!

Catch Yours TODAY!

October is going to bring about even better fishing. Stay tuned and updated on what the action will bring. If you are starting to plan your Holiday vacation, now is the time to book that outdoor adventure. Florida bass fishing is by far the best way to do that. Our local experts will provide you with an exceptional fishing experience. We hope to see you on the water next time!

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Daytona Florida Bass Fishing NASCAR style!

Daytona Florida Bass Fishing NASCAR style!

Catch a Part of the Action - Hot Rods & Reels(tm)
Join us for the Miccosukee Resort & Gaming Hot Rods & Reels(TM) NASCAR Celebrity Charity Fishing Tournament! Friday, February 15, 2008 - Daytona International Speedway

Spend quality time fishing with NASCAR’s top drivers and celebrities such as Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, Kyle Petty, Bobby Labonte, and others while raising funds for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation and Speediatrics at the 2nd Annual Miccosukee Resort & Gaming Hot Rods and Reels Fishing Tournament at the 50th Annual Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway®. Use this exciting opportunity to reward a friend, best customer, or employee by participating or sponsoring this year’s event.

Miccosukee Resort & Gaming
Daytona International Speedway

Darrell Gwynn Foundation SpeediatricsThe Daytona and Daytona 500 names and logos are
registered trademarks and used with permission unsubscribe

Florida Bass Fishing NASCAR Style!

Florida Bass Fishing NASCAR Style!

MIAMI/HOMESTEAD SPEEDWAY, Fla. — It’s a unique opportunity for fans of fishing and fast cars.Tony StewartWhere else can you fish in Florida with your favorite NASCAR driver under the guidance by the fishing pros at BassOnline.com and take a chance to win a million dollars, and then watch cars fly by at speeds of almost 200 mph, all for a worthy cause?

BassOnline guides & Participants prepare for there 6th annual 2007 Hot Rods & Reels tournament.

It happened in the infield of Homestead-Miami Speedway, where about 20 drivers fished with fans who entered by making donations to The Darrell Gwynn Foundation to Cure Paralysis.

The event is bordered by the million-dollar motor coaches that NASCAR drivers and team owners live in on race weekends, anglers fished on the speedway’s 18-acre lake, one of three on the property.

Among the excitement of the final race for the NASCAR Nextel Cup championship, drivers Tony Stewart, Kyle Petty, Ryan Newman, Greg Biffle, Clint Bowyer, Martin Truex, Kyle Busch, and others took time out to relax and enjoy the sunny but crisp November morning and fish for trophy bass and Peacock bass which were both stocked in the infield lake.

The rules were simple: The boat with the heaviest combined largemouth bass or peacock bass weight was the winner. But the top prize, the chance to select from one of 250 envelopes, one containing the $1 million dollar grand prize from sponsor Miccosukee Resort and Gaming, went to the individual who reeled in the heaviest fish in the tournament.

The event raised more than $105,000 for the Gwynn Foundation and concluded with the awarding of a new power wheelchair from the foundation to Jonathon Gorenflo.

“This was a great day that combined fun, excitement, and two of America’s favorite pastimes — Florida bass fishing and racing — all while bringing awareness to a worthy cause,” Gwynn said. “The Miccosukee Resort & Gaming Hot Rods & Reels Charity Fishing Tournament continues to grow in both popularity and funds raised.

img_0370.JPGNASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield surveys the competition.

“We are grateful to the NASCAR drivers and celebrities who donated their time to fish with both corporate and individual fans, plus the sponsors who make this unique event possible. It also gives me pleasure to share with all of our participants the smile on young Jonathon Gorenflo’s face when he received his new power wheelchair because that is the reason why we are out here today.”Each driver/celebrity was paired with two guest anglers in their own bass boat featuring a Bass Online.com recognized guide. After an hour and a half of fishing, only the top three catches of each team were weighed.

NASCAR championship team owner Richard Childress led the boat that took the combined weight trophy, at a total weight of 6.40 pounds. The top individual prize went to 14-year-old Alex Lambert, who brought in a catch weighing over two and a half pounds.

The fishing experience with his favorite driver, Kyle Busch, was a birthday gift to Lambert from his family.

NASCAR driver Greg Biffle tries to hide his excitement at sighting a huge bass.

“My dad and my godfather saw an ad in the paper, and they said, ‘Oh, this is going to be great for Alex to go with his favorite driver,’” Lambert said. “I came in and just talked with Kyle for a while and had fun.”I fish a lot,” Lambert added. “My grandfather is a big saltwater fisherman. He loves it. He was the first person to take me fishing. We went to St. Thomas when I was about a year old and started marlin fishing, so it was fun.”

The eighth-grader landed three fish to Busch’s one and said the NASCAR star was impressed by the catch.

“I’ve been a NASCAR fan for about five years and was a Kurt Busch fan before Kyle, but when Kyle came along, I love Kellogg’s, so that just poked me,” Lambert said. “I’ve been a devoted Kyle Busch fan ever since.”

“There were big fish, but they just weren’t really snapping. I think it was just the time of the day. If it was a little earlier, it would have been excellent. The coloring in the fish was great because it’s a crystal clear clean lake.

“We used live shiners, and after about an hour, they started wearing down and nobody was catching anything. So we switched to lures, and Kyle caught one on a lure. I didn’t have the best of luck. Live bait was just a lot easier because I think they used dynamite to dredge the lake out, so the fish just hang out at the edges. But Florida bass fishing is some of the best in the world and these guides know their stuff.

“I’ve done marlin and sailfish tournaments, but never bass,” Lambert said. “I’ll definitely be back next year, though.”

Another great event put on by www.BassOnline.com

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