Florida Styles of Fishing Mostly Used

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Freshwater Fly Fishing

Florida styles of fishing - Freshwater Fly Fishing As fishermen and women alike we are so blessed to be living in Florida, known as the fishing “Capital of the world.” The overwhelming amount of fly fishing opportunities available to us throughout Florida would keep a fly fisherman busy for a lifetime and we would never have to fish the same location twice. Our professional guides will gladly take you to fly fishing to any of our great fly fishing destinations Continue Story…

florida styles of fishing

Artificial Lure Fishing

Artificial Lure FishingWe have noticed bass fisherman and tournament anglers are turning to artificial lure fishing more than ever before. The reasons why can be summed up as follows, but more importantly we recognize the change and have a solution for you.
A) Lures present more of a challenge and develop an angler’s skill. Continue Story…

florida styles of fishing

Pond Fishing

Florida Pond FishingFlorida pond fishing has to be one of the more relaxing and at the same time one of the most exciting ways to catch bass in Florida. Once successful at pond fishing it promotes you to all other levels of fishing. You could event say Pond fishing is the ground ruts of fishing.
You have to approach pond fishing is a little different than fishing with buddies who fish from boats. Let’s look at a few key points. Continue Story…

florida styles of fishing

Night Fishing

Night FishingTry night bass fishing if you can..if you are the squeamish-type kind afraid of things that go bump in the night, then you’re missing out on one of the most exciting ways to catch bass, especially in Florida. Bass fishing at night is nothing new, it dates back to the early days of artificial lure fishing. Although night bass fishing wasn’t very popular then, and it gained some popularity in the past years with advancements in gear. Continue Story…

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Shoreline Fishing

Our shoreline fishing specializes in freshwater largemouth bass, bluegill, black crappie and shellcracker, but also have fishing holes with snook and tarpon available. Part of the shoreline fishing experience is going to different lakes to try your luck. These trips provide anglers with locations to fish plastic baits and/or shiners for bass and other species. Continue Story…


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Livebait Fishing

Golden Shiner FishingLooking for a big fish technique in bass fishing?
Feed them nature’s candy, wild shiners or shad are the most productive and efficient way of catching trophy size bass. Take these steps in to consideration and make this Continue Story…

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