Pond Fishing for bass

Florida Pond FishingFlorida pond fishing has to be one of the more relaxing and at the same time one of the most exciting ways to catch bass in Florida. Once successful at pond fishing it promotes you to all other levels of fishing. You could even say Pond fishing is the ground ruts of fishing.

You have to approach pond fishing is a little different than fishing with buddies who fish from boats. Let’s look at a few key points.

When approaching the shoreline, you should make an effort to be quiet. A quiet approach will help prevent fish in close proximity to your location from spooking off. You need to minimize your shadow that is cast on the water, so take notice of the direction of the sun. A sun to your back will allow you to see in the water better, but at the same time cast a shadow on the water. Your shadow spooks fish as the bass will think you are a predator such as a feeding bird or other shoreline feeder.

Cast parallel to the shoreline for several cast, this will provoke more strikes. Many bass in ponds relates directly to shoreline cover and structure since many of these ponds lack structure in the open water. Cast beyond any points you may see along the shoreline and work the lure past the point. This results in more strikes and increases your percentage of casts versus strikes.

Pond Fishing Techniques

Use more subtle lures such as plastic worms, soft jerkbaits and Rapalas. The pond bass are more easily spooked in some cases then lake bass and noisy baits at times do not work as well as settle baits. You can catch catfish, bluegill, crappie and largemouth bass.
Cast to any visible structure mutable times, in most cases structure is very limited in ponds. Bass will relate to any type of structure they can find. Work the open water with some type of slow lure so you can find the depth of the pond as well as if there is any structure. A 6″ rubber worm works well for this if you happen to feel a structure that is not visible on your retrieve. Work this area thoroughly before moving on to other parts of the lake. If you get bit on a structure, once you feel no other bites are available there, leave for a few minutes and come back. I most cases the fish will regroup.

Follow these techniques for pond fishing and you’ll enjoy more catching with less fishing!

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