February Everglades Bass Fishing Charters in South Florida

February Everglades Bass Fishing

February has been a strong month for Everglades bass fishing here in South Florida. The remoteness and constant action from a wide range of species make this destination one of the most attractive for travelers. Get outdoors, soak up the Florida sunshine, and enjoy catching big numbers of bass all trip long. A February Everglades bass fishing charter can really transform your vacation experience and make you want to come back for more.

The Florida Everglades is a long stretch of canal systems that help water flow throughout Florida as it heads south. It has become a sanctuary for wildlife, nature, plants, and, most importantly, fish. As a result, you can go out and explore these waters catching largemouth bass, peacock bass, cichlids, Oscars, bowfin, and so much more. Fishing is endless here, which makes it a top fishery to experience when visiting South Florida.

Our local experts are essential when it comes to fishing in Florida. Years of knowledge and experience will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors and catch more fish than your arms handle. Whether you want to throw artificial baits or live bait, you can have a blast when it comes to fishing here in the Florida Everglades. Let our local experts show you the way and put you on a trip to experience it again.

Check out this Everglades Bass Fishing Report with our Local Experts:

Fishing with Captain Mark Rogers

February Everglades Bass Fishing 1“Water levels continue to fluctuate as Florida experiences rain throughout the state. When this happens, the fish have either the ability to either stack up in the canal when the water is low or get back in the flats when it is high. During these conditions, the bite can be slower, but we or I will always find some nice quality fish for you.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Ryan, who was traveling from Missouri looking to explore some Florida Bass Fishing. The Everglades along Alligator Alley at MM41 was the perfect place to get it done. It was a quick 4-hour fishing charter with heavy fog in the morning.

As we cruised slowly out to our spot, we started slowly picking away the bass. Ryan caught both peacock bass and largemouth bass with live bait. Domestic shiners are a sure way to put several fish in the boat.

He did not catch any giant fish but some solid fish in the 2-3 pound range. Peacock and largemouth bass will begin to spawn through the next couple of months with stable weather and water conditions.

Ryan had a great time on the water. I am looking forward to getting him back out soon!” – Captain Mark Rogers

Fishing with Captain Nick Pasquarello

First Trip out in the Florida Everglades

“I had the great joy of fishing with Mike. He was traveling from Ohio looking to catch a Florida peacock bass. While visiting friends and family on the west coast of Florida, the Everglades was a great choice for him. This fishery at Mile Marker 41 is the best place to catch both peacock bass and largemouth bass in one trip, especially when staying near Naples, FLFebruary Everglades Bass Fishing 4

Sunny and Breezy weather made for a great day on the water. Mike caught over 35 fish on this trip, with a mix of both peacock and largemouth bass. Both live bait and artificial baits, from soft plastic worms to hard baits, were used to catch fish on this trip.

It was a productive day for Mike, and I am glad I got to put him on some quality fish. Some days you can find bigger fish, but on this trip, Mike caught just several bass with no giants in the boat. It was a fun day for him, and he will be back for more action here in the Everglades.

I am looking forward to our next adventure!”

Second Trip along Alligator Alley

“I had the ultimate pleasure of fishing with Ron on a quick bass fishing adventure out in the Florida Everglades. Alligator Alley fishing is starting to heat up as the days roll on. Ron was traveling from Texas to enjoy Florida weather along with some Everglades fishing.

Ron had a great day enjoying sunny and breezy weather catching bass all trip long. The numbers were not as high as the last trip, but Ron caught some quality bass. The biggest peacock bass weighed 3 pounds, and the largemouth bass was in the same weight range.

Both live bait and artificial bait were used to land the fish on this trip. Ron will be back for more action here in South Florida. I am looking forward to our next trip in the glades!” – Captain Nick Pasquarello.

Fishing with Captain Mark Rose

February Everglades Bass Fishing 2“I had the pleasure of getting the chance to fish with John and his brother Tom. They were Florida locals looking to get out on the water. While doing so, they picked a bass fishing trip in the Florida Everglades. One of their main goals was to catch peacock bass, and the Everglades showed them a great time.

Live bait is the most productive method to catch peacock bass in South Florida. We went out and searched hard to get them some quality fish. John and Tom landed six nice peacock bass on their fishing trip. They also caught 70 largemouth bass on their fishing trip in addition to the peacock bass.

The action is red hot here in the Everglades, and you just can’t be the action. John and Tom were ecstatic with the results of their fishing trip. I am glad to have had the opportunity to spend the day on the water with them.

I am looking forward to fishing with them again soon!” – Captain Mark Rose

Fishing with Rick Mitchell

“The Florida Everglades strikes again with some fantastic and active fishing. I had the honor of fishing with CT, who was traveling from Michigan looking to explore the great outdoors. There is no better place to do it than in the Everglades.

We went on a quick bass fishing trip on Alligator Alley near Naples, FL. It was an absolute blast for CT, with constant action all trip long. He caught over 30 fish on his bass fishing trip, mostly largemouth bass and peacock bass. In the mix as well were Mayan cichlids and Oscars fish.

Live bait was a great way to keep his line bent on this fishing trip. Breezy conditions kept us moving down the canal system in search of more fish. Nothing beats this time of year and the action you can get in the glades.  February Everglades Bass Fishing 3

CT had a great time, and I am looking forward to our next adventure!” – Captain Rick Mitchell.

Come Explore the Florida Everglades and Catch Yours TODAY!

The Florida Everglades happens to be one of the BEST places just to explore. Running down the canal systems with birds flying over your head is something you just don’t forget. The fishing is just the additional cherry on top. You can catch a wide variety of species here, from largemouth to peacock bass.

Bring along the whole family for a lifetime fishing adventure with our local experts. We hope to see you on the water next time! February Everglades Bass Fishing is only getting better.

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