Summer Lake Erie Bass Fishing Charters in Erie Pennsylvania

Summer Lake Erie Bass Fishing

Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Fishing is still one of the summer’s most productive destinations. Lake Erie has it all for you if you want to catch the smallmouth bass of your dreams. Summer Lake Erie Bass Fishing is all you need to show your family and loved ones a great time. Smallmouth Bass love artificial baits this time of year, adding extra flavor to your fishing trip.

Capt Mark Rose is the local expert that will put you on great numbers and quality smallmouth bass all trip long. He has been fishing this Great Lake for years and dialed in on locations and what to throw at them. You truly can’t beat a Lake Erie Fishing Charter will visiting Erie, Pennsylvania.

Presque Isle Bay and the Main Lake are significant areas to get an introduction to fishing Lake Erie. Not only is it a beautiful fishing destination, but it is also an excellent fishery to catch some big smallmouth bass. Captain Mark had two recent trips out of the Bay, which will give you insights into what’s working this time of year.

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Charles and Josh adventure out for some Summer Lake Erie Bass Fishing. Luckily, the lake blessed them with one of their best fishing trips. They took an 8-hour fishing trip and landed two of their personal bests. This was their first time fishing Lake Erie as well.

Captain Mark took them out into the main lake. They fished most of the trip from Thomas Bay to Shades Beach. The most productive baits were tubes, drop shots, grubs, and senkos. Water temperatures were rising to 71 degrees on this fishing trip. Smallmouth Bass will begin to move more profoundly, but that will not stop the bite.

Charles and Josh had a dream day of fishing, catching 75 smallmouth bass in their 8-hour fishing trip. Josh caught a 5.3-pound smallmouth bass, the biggest bass of the trip. Charles also caught one just under 5 pounds. It was an excellent morning for these two extraordinary gentlemen. They are looking forward to their next Summer Lake Erie Bass Fishing adventure.

Captain Mark is looking forward to getting hooked up in the future while Bass Fishing Lake Erie!

Not long after this incredible smallmouth bass fishing adventure, Captain Mark went on another successful fishing trip. Juan, Frank, Frankie, and Luis traveled from New York to get hooked up on some quality smallmouth bass. They were visiting Lake Erie for the first time and fishing with Bass Online for the first time as well.

One of their requests was to catch a big bass on Lake Erie. We hunted them down, throwing grubs, senkos, drop shots, and flukes. The critical depths on this fishing trip were between 5-10 feet of water from Thomas Bay to the Hammermill Plant. Some bass were still on beds making for a fun day on the water, sight fishing.

Juan, Frank, Frankie, and Luis caught 35 smallmouth bass in their 6-hour fishing trip. The biggest bass weighed in at 4 ½ pounds, and all had personal best bass. When you come to Lake Erie, you can almost be sure to catch the smallmouth bass of your dreams. It is a great bass fishery, and these gentlemen look forward to setting the hook into bigger ones.

Don’t miss out on your smallmouth bass fishing adventures in the future. Smallmouth will begin to move to deeper water, but that will not stop us from getting out there and catching some big smallmouth bass. Come catch yours next time Visiting Erie! Captain Mark looks forward to fishing with you next time.

Come Visit Lake Erie and Catch Yours Today…

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Captain Mark Rose hometown is Pittsburgh, PA. Mark has been fishing Lake Erie and Lake Okeechobee since 1999. He fishes during Summer Lake Erie Bass Fishing trips and springtime for smallmouth. He runs a detail shop in his hometown during the summer, spring, and fall and heads to Florida during the winter months to do what he loves, guide on Lake Okeechobee. Learn More About Lake Erie or Capt. Mark Rose


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