Peacock Bass FL Report  5-18-08

Peacock Bass FL Report 5-18-08

I took Steven Boelsche and his brother Doug from Pinalls, FL out for a fun-filled day in Miami for the mighty Peacock Bass.

It started off with some topwater fun, we nailed a snook right off the bat. The rest of the day was awesome with action all day.

We decided to take a break from catching Peacock bass and fish a split-day which a full day trip with a lunch break in the middle.

After the lunch break, back at it, the action was hot like we never stopped. We caught Peacock Bass from 2 to 4 pounds and ended up catching around 25 Peacock bass all day.
If you are in the South Florida area and would like to get a couple of hours in on a Florida Peacock Bass, give me a call!

You can also read my Everglades blog here!

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Everglades Bass Fishing with Old Friends 5-18-2008

Everglades Bass Fishing with Old Friends 5-18-2008

Today I fished with old friends and long time clients, Corky & Sue from Coral Springs, FL.
We started out meeting at the tackle shop and off we went, after a few minutes catching up on old times and we were ready to start catching fish.

One of the great things about this couple is they just love being out in the Everglades, listing to the birds, taken pictures, and telling stories. Sue said, “We just love how you always take us to a different location and we always catch fish.”

After launching the boat and a nice little drive out to the fishing hole, we geared up for what we thought was going to be just another good fishing experience but ended up being so much more.

Then after getting a few corks out of Corky’s fishing pole, he hooked into what could have been the biggest bass of the day. An average hook set and several hard runs on the drag, this one was swimming for another day! Man you hate to see those get-a-way, but you can hardly beat the stories they create. After a few “oh my god” and a good laugh, back to fishing, we went.

Corky’s bait choice for the day was a JDC’s Gibroni. The weather was around 90, a bright blue bird with scattered clouds winds out of the west (Naples) area. Water temp around 78, overall a great day to be on the water.

Corky landed around 20 bass today, the three largest ones were 7.75, 7.25 & 5.65. Not a bad day considering we were back at the tackle shop by 1 pm.

If you’re in the area of Naples or Ft Lauderdale and would like to get out and experience Everglades bass fishing at it’s best!

Give me a call or email,

I look forward to talking fishing with you!

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Florida Peacock Bass

Everglades Fishing Trip Report 05-12-2008

Everglades Fishing Trip Report 05-12-2008

Today we had out Brian Pitell and his father for their second day of Bass Fishing Florida. Today we were in the Everglades, mainly looking for big trophy bass. Brian decided to fish with artificial lures and his choice of baits ranged from topwater to worms and everything in between. While his father decided to troll live bait and search for quality over quantity.

The morning started out fast like most early morning bass fishing trips are supposed too. With both of them catching a few good bass, most of them ranged from 2-1/2 lbs to 4 lbs. Really good quality, then just like the day before Peacock bass fishing. Dad, hooks into a good size Florida trophy bass. This one was angry, the man she put a fight. Under the trees, running deep to jumping. She was a good fight, weight in at 5.2lbs, and release for another young angler to catch.

If you are ever in the area of Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Miami or Naples and would like to experience the Everglades, give me a call.

Tight Lines,
Capt Brett

Peacock Bass Florida Report 05-11-2008

Peacock Bass Florida Report 05-11-2008

Today we had out Brian Pitell and his dad from Sevenfields, PA. They flew in for business and decided to find time to fish a couple of days with us. The first day was in Miami for some hard fighting Peacock bass. Neither angler had ever caught a Peacock bass so I know this was going to be a real treat and was it ever!

Because of travel arrangements we never started fishing until late afternoon, but this just proves what I have always said, the peacock bass bite all day.

They started out with a few average sizes Florida Peacock Bass, then with just a little experience under there belt it happens. Dad, hooks into a 5.12 lb peacock that simply show both of them why they are called the “mighty Peacock bass“. After a good long fight, dad landed the beautiful fish and we took those unforgettable pictures that should last a lifetime.

Sorry, but the picture will be posted soon. They caught in the half-day afternoon 20 plus fish with the 5.14lber being the biggest on this day.
We are going to get an early start tomorrow for some Everglades bass fishing on day two, so check our Everglades blog for the day two fishing report.

Tight Lines,
Capt Tony

Florida Bass Fishing NASCAR Style!

Florida Bass Fishing NASCAR Style!

MIAMI/HOMESTEAD SPEEDWAY, Fla. — It’s a unique opportunity for fans of fishing and fast cars.Tony StewartWhere else can you fish in Florida with your favorite NASCAR driver under the guidance by the fishing pros at and take a chance to win a million dollars, and then watch cars fly by at speeds of almost 200 mph, all for a worthy cause?

BassOnline guides & Participants prepare for there 6th annual 2007 Hot Rods & Reels tournament.

It happened in the infield of Homestead-Miami Speedway, where about 20 drivers fished with fans who entered by making donations to The Darrell Gwynn Foundation to Cure Paralysis.

The event is bordered by the million-dollar motor coaches that NASCAR drivers and team owners live in on race weekends, anglers fished on the speedway’s 18-acre lake, one of three on the property.

Among the excitement of the final race for the NASCAR Nextel Cup championship, drivers Tony Stewart, Kyle Petty, Ryan Newman, Greg Biffle, Clint Bowyer, Martin Truex, Kyle Busch, and others took time out to relax and enjoy the sunny but crisp November morning and fish for trophy bass and Peacock bass which were both stocked in the infield lake.

The rules were simple: The boat with the heaviest combined largemouth bass or peacock bass weight was the winner. But the top prize, the chance to select from one of 250 envelopes, one containing the $1 million dollar grand prize from sponsor Miccosukee Resort and Gaming, went to the individual who reeled in the heaviest fish in the tournament.

The event raised more than $105,000 for the Gwynn Foundation and concluded with the awarding of a new power wheelchair from the foundation to Jonathon Gorenflo.

“This was a great day that combined fun, excitement, and two of America’s favorite pastimes — Florida bass fishing and racing — all while bringing awareness to a worthy cause,” Gwynn said. “The Miccosukee Resort & Gaming Hot Rods & Reels Charity Fishing Tournament continues to grow in both popularity and funds raised.

img_0370.JPGNASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield surveys the competition.

“We are grateful to the NASCAR drivers and celebrities who donated their time to fish with both corporate and individual fans, plus the sponsors who make this unique event possible. It also gives me pleasure to share with all of our participants the smile on young Jonathon Gorenflo’s face when he received his new power wheelchair because that is the reason why we are out here today.”Each driver/celebrity was paired with two guest anglers in their own bass boat featuring a Bass recognized guide. After an hour and a half of fishing, only the top three catches of each team were weighed.

NASCAR championship team owner Richard Childress led the boat that took the combined weight trophy, at a total weight of 6.40 pounds. The top individual prize went to 14-year-old Alex Lambert, who brought in a catch weighing over two and a half pounds.

The fishing experience with his favorite driver, Kyle Busch, was a birthday gift to Lambert from his family.

NASCAR driver Greg Biffle tries to hide his excitement at sighting a huge bass.

“My dad and my godfather saw an ad in the paper, and they said, ‘Oh, this is going to be great for Alex to go with his favorite driver,’” Lambert said. “I came in and just talked with Kyle for a while and had fun.”I fish a lot,” Lambert added. “My grandfather is a big saltwater fisherman. He loves it. He was the first person to take me fishing. We went to St. Thomas when I was about a year old and started marlin fishing, so it was fun.”

The eighth-grader landed three fish to Busch’s one and said the NASCAR star was impressed by the catch.

“I’ve been a NASCAR fan for about five years and was a Kurt Busch fan before Kyle, but when Kyle came along, I love Kellogg’s, so that just poked me,” Lambert said. “I’ve been a devoted Kyle Busch fan ever since.”

“There were big fish, but they just weren’t really snapping. I think it was just the time of the day. If it was a little earlier, it would have been excellent. The coloring in the fish was great because it’s a crystal clear clean lake.

“We used live shiners, and after about an hour, they started wearing down and nobody was catching anything. So we switched to lures, and Kyle caught one on a lure. I didn’t have the best of luck. Live bait was just a lot easier because I think they used dynamite to dredge the lake out, so the fish just hang out at the edges. But Florida bass fishing is some of the best in the world and these guides know their stuff.

“I’ve done marlin and sailfish tournaments, but never bass,” Lambert said. “I’ll definitely be back next year, though.”

Another great event put on by

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