The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Outdoor Fishing Adventure

Perfect Fathers Day Gift

If you are a son or daughter like myself, we can relate. Every year several days come up that we need to plan for: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These two dates are very important that we must pay attention to. Just like many, we scramble to decide which gift will show the most appreciation and practicality to our parents’ lives. Luckily, we have the perfect Father’s Day gift for you!

It is weeks before the holiday and now you have to decide but know how difficult that can be. If your dad is like mine, they never utilize any of the gifts we have ever bought them. One year, I kept looking and looking for the perfect gift for my dad and I came across a post about providing an experience rather than a gift.

Lake Erie Fathers Day Fishing

If you have a Father that loves to be in the outdoors, gift him with the luxury of a fishing charter. Freshwater bass fishing is a great and affordable way to get in the outdoors. Several of our top locations are producing exceptional fishing throughout the summer months. When you provide a Father’s Day Fishing Gift, he can cash it in at his favorite time of year to fish.

You Can Choose Location

When you give your Father’s Day Gift, you can educate him on the different fishing locations he can experience in the upcoming months. Our hot spot and exciting fishing begin in the northern state of Pennsylvania. June brings about a time of year when the Smallmouth Bass begin to spawn on beautiful Lake Erie. The bass grows large and the fight is aggressive. Smallmouth bass are very exciting to catch in Erie, PA. When you are visiting this destination, you also can experience an outdoor park, attractions, eateries, bars and so much more. Don’t forget as well, you will catch more smallmouth bass than your arms can handle.

In many cases, your Father and family travel to Florida on a yearly basis making for a perfect time to cash in on some bass fishing. Florida Bass Fishing is by far one of the BEST outdoor activities you can partake in. The action is just incredible all year long. Summer months bring on some amazing fishing on certain fisheries.

Central Florida Fathers Day Fishing

When it comes to catching trophy-sized largemouth bass, the earlier months of the year are the best. Currently, we are still seeing trophy bass caught out of North Florida on the Rodman Reservoir located near Gainesville, FL. Central Florida also holds some great bass fisheries for quality largemouth. Orlando, FL is home to the Butler Chain of Lakes where you can fish behind Shaq’s house. Multi-million dollar homes and large numbers of quality bass will have you addicted for a lifetime.

Even in South Florida

If you are looking for something different, explore the beautiful beaches of South Florida. Save a day for a bass fishing trip whether in the long stretches and canals of the Everglades or for peacock bass. Peacock bass are best caught in Miami, FL where they grow big and colorful. The urban setting of Miami provides a unique adventure worth capturing. Catch bass on light tackle with our local experts and they will get you on the best fishing possible in sunny Florida.

South Florida Fathers Day Fishing

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift is one that shows you care for what they are interested in. Dad’s can be really hard to buy for making an experience something perfect. You can book a trip for him or get him a gift card for a fishing trip. We are running an exclusive limited-time special for Father’s Day which includes $25 off their next fishing trip. Get it while it is hot and the action is even hotter.

Come Catch Yours Today!

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