Lake Erie Smallie Fishing in August for Pennsylvania Smallmouth Bass

Lake Erie Smallie Fishing

Pennsylvania is one large state calling for outdoor adventures. This lushes, green, and scenic destination make for great exploring opportunities. One activity that may slip your mind is bass fishing. Smallmouth bass are roaming free and large on the beautiful Lake Erie. When you are looking for the perfect outdoor getaway, check out what Erie, PA has to offer. Hop on board for some Lake Erie Smallie fishing on your next August adventure!

The smallies are biting strong this time of year. You can catch big numbers of smallmouth bass late in the summer like this. You can also have a blast catching walleye for the lunch or dinner table. There is so much to catch and see when looking to explore Lake Erie. A local expert, especially Captain Mark Rose, can show you around this amazing fishery!

Check this August fishing update out of Presque Isle Bay:

Lake Erie Smallie Fishing 1

Captain Mark had the pleasure of fishing with Jacob and his good friend Kris. They were traveling from Atlanta, Georgia, and Fort Worth, TX looking to smash up some smallmouth bass. August is a hot month to do so, but the fish are hungry and in much deeper water. Luckily, Captain Mark knows where to catch them and get them on some quality smallmouth bass fishing.

Jacob and Kris caught some beautiful fish on drop shot baits. Smallmouth bass and walleye were biting strong as they moved to deeper water to stay cool. The action was hot and heavy with catches up to 3-4 pounds. These gentlemen had an absolute blast catching fish all trip long.

Only One Captain Mark on Erie

They had the opportunity to catch their bucket list species crossed off their list. Captain Mark is looking forward to them coming back in the near future!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Mark was back out on Lake Erie. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with John and his son Conner. They were traveling from out-of-state as well looking to catch some big smallmouth bass. It was not long ago that John and Conner were fishing Lake Okeechobee in 4-6 ft of water. Now they are up on Lake Erie fishing 35-40 ft of water catching some beautiful bass.

They spent 2 days on Lake Erie and caught over 35 smallmouth bass on their fishing trips. The main weapon or bait of choice was drop shot rigs. During the warmer months of the year, getting your bait to the bottom is essential. If you are looking to catch some big smallies like this, fish from the W’s to Shades beach.

Captain Mark is looking forward to fishing with this father-son duo again soon!

Lake Erie Smallie Fishing 3

You can fulfill your dreams of catching a big trophy smallmouth bass this year. Lake Erie Bass Fishing will be red hot until October and into November depending on the weather. You never know where your adventure is going to take you, so don’t miss out on it. Captain Mark and our local experts will work hard at getting you on the bass of your dreams. We hope to share this experience with you on your next visit to Lake Erie.

Come Visit Lake Erie and Catch Yours Today…

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About Captain Mark Rose’s hometown is Pittsburgh PA. Mark has been fishing Lake Erie and Lake Okeechobee since 1999. He fishes Lake Erie in the spring for smallmouth. He runs a detail shop in his hometown during the summer, spring, and fall and heads to Florida during the winter months to do what he loves, guide on Lake Okeechobee. Learn More About Lake Erie or Capt. Mark Rose


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