Lack Jackson Shiner Fishing in Central Florida with Local Experts

Lack Jackson Shiner Fishing

Central Florida is home to some of the best bass fishing in the state of Florida. When you are traveling to this exceptional destination, make sure you explore all your options. Fishing is a pastime that is truly underrated. Many have no clue how awesome it could be for the whole family. Bring your friends and family along for a Lake Jackson Shiner Fishing trip of a lifetime with our local experts!

The lakes here in Central Florida are not the easiest to fish. Local experts are essential when it comes to catching numbers and quantities of largemouth bass. If you are looking to have the best time on the water here on Lake Jackson or any of the fisheries in Florida, hop on board with our experts! Captain John Leech can show you the way and get you on that dream fish.

Here is your Central Florida Bass Fishing Update:

Captain John Leech had the pleasure of fishing with long-time repeat clients, Barry and Millie. They are locals to Florida and love to go bass fishing. Once a year, they choose 5 days to explore the endless waters of Central Florida with Captain John Leech! This will be their 26th year fishing with Captain John, now that’s something incredible.

Lack Jackson Shiner Fishing 1 When you spend this amount of time with someone, you no longer are clients, you become friends and family! Luckily, they came during a period of time that the fishing was spectacular. All year long you can experience this kind of fishing. They spent 4 days on Lake Jackson and one day on Kenansville Lake. Lake Jackson has been an amazing fishery to explore. If you are looking to catch more bass than your arms can handle, this is your destination.

On each trip, Barry and Millie ran out of their live bait. The action was fast and furious from the moment they made the first cast. Lake Jackson was all about putting large quantities of bass from 3-5 pounds in the boat. After several days of this action, they wanted to explore and catch a trophy largemouth bass. Kenansville Lake was the place to visit for this. They caught 25 largemouths with the biggest three weighing 7 pounds, 7.9 pounds, and 8.4 pounds.

Nothing beats Central Florida fishing and catching largemouth bass all trip long. Barry and Millie will be back for more action next year and Captain John is looking forward to their next adventure while Lake Jackson Shiner Fishing!

Just shortly after this set of fishing trips, Captain John was back out on the water with Frank and his brother Jim. They were exploring Central Florida and more specifically Lake Jackson on a two-day fishing adventure. Captain John contacted them the day before and confirmed they had a high pain threshold because the action was red hot.

Lake Jackson calls for large quantities of live bait. If you love to throw live bait, come to Central Florida. In two days of fishing, they went through 18 dozen wild-caught live shiners. A majority of the bass caught were within 3-4 pounds and they were stacked up in one location. The biggest bass of the fishing trip weighed in at 6.5 pounds.

Frank and Jim had a great time fishing on Lake Jackson. They will most certainly be coming back to explore what Central Florida has to offer. Captain John is looking forward to their next fishing trip in the near future! Lack Jackson Shiner Fishing 3

Lake Jackson is a fishery located in Central Florida that many don’t know about. If you are looking to explore bass fishing on a lake that has low pressure, this is the place. Our local experts are the magic key though. You have to experience these beautiful fisheries with one of them to get the full adventure. We are here to help you create a magical experience that you will never forget!

Come Visit Central Florida and Catch Yours Today…

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