Central Florida Fishing Update with Local Expert Captains

Central Florida Fishing Update

Every year our Central Florida fishing locations produce unbelievable fishing. Summertime is a great time to come enjoy fishing here in Central Florida. One of the best parts about bass fishing is that you don’t have to have experience in order to catch a fish. Hop onboard one of our charters and our local experts will guide you to all the best fish. When will you be visiting Central Florida next? Enjoy this Central Florida Fishing Update!

If you are looking for some of the best fishing in Florida, come experience the Butler Chain of Lakes or Kenansville Lake. Each lake will give you a unique opportunity to catch that trophy largemouth bass you are after. Whether you love to fish or not, after fishing these amazing lakes, you will be hooked for life. Don’t miss out on the summer fun while enjoying the Florida sunshine.
Central Florida Fishing Trip Update

The Butler Chain of Lakes is a gorgeous deep water fishery. As the summer months roll on, two things tend to happen. Fish school early in the morning and they go to the deeper water once the sun is up. Captain John Leech knows this lake like the back of his hand and can put you on fish all trip long.

Ferd and his friend came out for an awesome day on the chain of lakes. They caught the largemouth bass up. The largemouth bass as expected were holding in deeper water and a ripple on the water from a nice breeze pulled them up higher in the water column.

When you come bass fishing in Orlando, you can truly have some fantastic trips. Ferd and his friend can attest to that with over 50 bass in the boat. One of the other benefits is that you can catch big fish too. The largest bass weighed close to 6 pounds on this fishing trip.

Captain John Leech is looking forward to having another great time with these gentlemen again next time they visit Orlando!
Central Florida Fishing Update 5

There has been one lake in Central Florida that has produced some of the best times this season. Kenansville Lake is located on the east coast near Stick Marsh and has some trophy largemouth bass in it. Captain Steve Niemoeller has been dialing in the bite and this trip was no exception.

Mark was traveling from Ohio to go trophy bass fishing on this lake. He has fished with Captain Mark Rose in the past along with several other guides on our team here at Bass Online. Mark was adventuring out on a two-day fishing adventure and was thoroughly excited to get in on the action.

When you visit Kenansville Lake and fish it, once the bite starts it does not stop. Mark put 40 bass in the boat with most in the 3-4 pound range. He also landed a 7.13 pound largemouth bass which was the biggest of both days. Big fish reside on this incredible fishery and you can catch them all summer long. Get ready to fish under and through mats when adventuring out on this beautiful fishery especially this time of year.

Captain Steve is looking forward to fishing with Mark next time Visiting Central Florida!

Central Florida Fishing Update 2
Shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Devin Dickerson got in on the action. Since we are a team here at Bass Online, we love to share information to make sure our clients have the best fishing experience possible. Nathan wanted to catch some big bass here in Central Florida and Kenansville produced for him.

Nathan wanted to fish Kenansville with only artificial baits. The most productive baits during this morning fishing charter were flipping baits including Bass Assassins Creature baits. Nathan also caught them on topwater spooks and frogs. He had a blast landing 16 bass weighing up to 6 pounds.

Captain Devin is looking forward to putting Nathan on some more quality fish in the future!

Central Florida Fishing Update

Central Florida Fishing Update with Captain Devin Dickerson

Heading back to the Butler Chain of Lakes shortly after this trip, Captain Brent found some more quality largemouth bass. Brad and Steve had a great time on the chain of Lakes fishing both artificial and live bait. They started out the trip throwing artificial baits catching them up.

The Butler Chain can allow you to use a variety of techniques that can land you quality bass. Brad and Steve landed good numbers of bass on Zoom Superflukes, senkos and Steel Shad walking stick baits. Later in the day, they caught some bigger fish trolling wild caught live shiners over deep grass beds.

Don’t miss out on your Butler Chain adventure with Captain Brent next time visiting Orlando!

Before you know it, summer will be over. Even though this is not the only time you can cash in on your Central Florida adventures, it is the perfect time to bring your families down and get the full Greater Orlando experience. Bass Fishing is by far one of the best ways to get out on the water and put fish in your hands. Our affordable fishing trips can be a great addition to your vacation. Contact us today if you have any questions and our local experts will assist you with all of them. We hope you enjoyed this Central Florida Fishing Update!

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