Florida Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishing

Florida Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishing

When I think about catching trophy largemouth bass, I only love to fish in one place: Florida. Florida is home to the BEST freshwater bass fishing in the nation. It holds the strain of largemouth bass that grows the biggest, and you can most certainly experience catching one in multiple locations. Florida Fishing is a never-ending battle and fights with fish of a lifetime. Next time, don’t miss out on a Florida trophy largemouth bass fishing trip! Enjoy while we adventure through the state’s top lakes to catch trophy largemouth bass.

Each location will bring you a different story with an other captain that has recently experienced catching the fish you dream of. Many spend a lifetime searching for the elusive double-digit or 8-plus-pound largemouth bass, so we continue to fish. Florida Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishing is true art; you must master it to connect with the fish you are after. You must have patience and properly present the bait, whether live or artificial, to entice that bite. To have the best opportunity to catch a trophy in your given amount of time out on the water, live bait is the most effective method. Live bait fishing has been around for centuries for a good reason.

Rodman Reservoir

Our first adventure comes from the legendary largemouth bass fishing destination Rodman Reservoir. Captain Ken Walker is a knowledgeable professional and expert at fishing in this incredible place. The Rodman Reservoir is located in North Florida near Gainesville. A quiet but very active lake has various obstacles that only the locals and professionals know of. Get with someone that knows the fishery very well before adventuring out. Captain Ken had the pleasure of fishing with Hal Harris, his son-in-law Greg and his grandson Farris for three days.

Florida Bass Fishing Conditions are subject to change throughout the trip or in general. Fishing can get tricky, especially during the early months of the year, as wind and cold fronts pose a threat. Even though this can be the case, you do not need to worry as you can still land quality bass. On the first day, Farris landed a 6-pound largemouth bass. Day two consisted of heavy winds up to 20 mph. Greg landed two bass that was over 7 pounds in protected waters within the first hour. Farris followed up with a nice 6-plus pounder.

The Trophy Catch

As the weather worsened, we tried to find more protected areas. Unfortunately, no matter where we went, the wind still blew. The wind did not stop the bass from continuing to bite. This allows you to remain patient as you are after that one BIG bite. Farris was fishing with a giant 12-inch wild-caught live shiner waiting patiently at a new spot. All of a sudden, an 11.75-pound largemouth bass eats the huge bait. Skillfully, Farris brings this Trophy Largemouth Bass to the net with excitement and big smiles. It is always an honor to be part of catching a fish of a lifetime! Captain Ken looks forward to fishing with them again in the future.

Laker Toho Bass Fishing

Our next adventure takes us to Central Florida, where bass fishing reigns supreme. When the action is hot all year round, you can expect to catch many quality bass. Kissimmee is home to Lake Toho, which is closely located to all the major theme parks and attractions. It is also one of the BEST locations in Central Florida to catch a trophy largemouth bass. Captain Brent Nelson had the pleasure of fishing with Rich and Susie Prezioso. They went out on a 6-hour fishing trip out of Big Toho Marina.

Lake Toho Bass Fishing has been incredible this season, and the action was jammed packed. Once we stopped at our first spot, it was on. Rich and Susie threw both live and artificial baits. They were excited to catch largemouth bass throughout their trip on the water. Rich and Susie landed over 30 largemouth bass on live wild-caught shiners and artificial baits. Many of their fish were in the 4 to 5-pound range, which is true quality bass to experience. On live bait, they also caught a final trophy Florida largemouth bass weighing 10 pounds in the mix. When you explore Florida Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishing, you can’t beat catching a double-digit!

Artificial Baits on Lake Toho

Artificial baits are also starting to pick up here on Lake Toho. Zoom speed worms, super flukes, and swim jigs in watermelon red or white have produced an excellent bite. Don’t miss out on this incredible bite we have been experiencing here in Central Florida. Big bass can be caught all year round! Captain Brent looks forward to getting Rich, and Susie hooked up again!

Kenansville Lake- Florida Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishing

Our final Florida Trophy Bass Fishing Destination takes us to Kenansville Lake with Captain Steve Niemoeller. Kenansville has been the most productive and consistent big bass fishery this season. Each trip, you have the potential to catch one of that giant bass you have been searching for. Captain Steve had the pleasure of fishing with Mark and Patrick. Mark is a repeat client who loves catching big bass here in Florida. He traveled from Indiana and brought along his friend Patrick from New York.

They went out for three days of live wild-caught shiner fishing. Mark caught several trophy bass on this fishing trip. He landed a 9.12 and 8.12-pound largemouth bass. Patrick also landed a 6.12-pound bass to top off the trip. When you experience Florida Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishing, you have great odds of catching a bass you will never forget. Captain Steve is looking forward to fishing with these gentlemen again.

Florida Fishing Experience

Florida is known for its excellent bass fishing, and we were hoping you could come to experience it for yourself. Every day and every trip will provide you with something new. Getting out in nature, enjoying the wildlife, and catching GIANT largemouth bass is a must-experience for those who never have had one. You will never regret your decision.

It is the best way to get hooked on fishing, specifically trophy largemouth bass fishing. Bring your loved ones on a lifetime fishing adventure wherever your travel destination is! Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today!

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