Central Florida Bass Fishing Report with Local Fishing Experts

Central Florida Bass Fishing Report

Have you ever adventured out in the outdoors of Florida? Each moment, breath, and trip you take somewhere new is truly special. Central Florida is an excellent place to visit and explore to catch trophy largemouth bass. It is truly a wonderful location to spend 5 consecutive days freshwater fishing.

The longer you spend on the water, the more opportunities you get to catch the largest bass of your life. When it comes to Florida Bass Fishing, you must explore the waters of Central Florida. Enjoy this Central Florida Bass Fishing Report!

I had the ultimate pleasure of fishing with long-time repeat customers of mine, Barry and Millie. We have been fishing together for over 25 years. They love bass fishing on Lake Toho here in Kissimmee. Your potential to land that giant bass is always high when fishing this incredible lake. We spent time on Lake Toho along with another legendary bass fishery, Kenansville Lake.

The Fishing- Central Florida Bass Fishing Report

The bite was strong on both lakes but one lake stood out significantly. Kenansville has been amazing these past couple of months for producing big numbers along with trophy largemouth bass. If you are in search of your personal best, this is the place to cast a lure or bait. Our best days were spent on this lake but we also had some great days on Lake Toho during this Central Florida bass fishing report.

Day One- Two: Kenansville Lake

Our first day was spent on Kenansville Lake. It was truly a special day to be able to reconnect again with long-time customers. We adventured out with 10 dozen shiners and caught a lot of quality largemouth bass. It was a fantastic day out on the water with the biggest fish weighing 6 pounds.

The second day was also on Kenansville producing similar conditions with a great number of fish in the boat. Barry and Millie could not connect to anything over 5.5 pounds.

Day Three: Lake Toho Bass Fishing

Barry and Millie wanted to change up the technique they used on the third day throwing only artificial baits. The bite was much tougher and they had to focus in order to land some fish. Finding the pattern was crucial. Lake Toho is a very productive live bait fishery since it sees many artificial types of bait every day. You have to finesse fish this largemouth bass in order to produce the bite you want.

Day Four: Kenansville Lake

The fourth and best day of our trip was spent back down in Kenansville. They brought a good luck charm with them this time. Bob, a great friend of theirs and fly fisherman was in store for an exceptional bass fishing adventure in Central Florida. Once Bob was dialed in and he knew how to fish the wild shiners, it was game on. Bob landed two trophy largemouth bass on this epic day on the water.

Just on this trip alone, they caught 80 largemouth bass. Bob caught a 9.10 and 8.8-pound largemouth bass worth holding up. They also caught numbers of bass ranging from 4 to 9 pounds. It came to a point where they were throwing fish back and not waiting for pictures because they took so many of the quality bass they caught prior.

Final Day: Fishing Lake Toho

The final day was not as productive as the weather got bad and extremely windy. As cold fronts push through with 25 mph winds, the bite can tend to shut off. Even with a poor end like this on Lake Toho, Barry and Millie had another successful year reading his Central Florida Bass Fishing Report.

This year will be one to remember with the large numbers of quality largemouth bass they caught. You can not control the conditions when fishing here in Florida. As Captains, we take full advantage of these opportunities to bond and make further memories with our dedicated clients.

As always, I am greatly looking forward to fishing with Barry and Mille again next year. They have become some of my favorite people to fish with. I love when they bring along friends that they can share the memories with as well.

Central Florida Fishing

Central Florida is most certainly the place to get hooked up when traveling to Florida. Do not miss out on your adventure next time visiting Florida and the greater Orlando area. Lake Toho Bass Fishing will not let you down. If you are looking to catch a trophy bass here in Florida, get with professionals that breathe, live, and are highly knowledgeable of the many locations across the state!

Kenansville Lake or Lake Toho are the best fishing destinations for the ultimate fishing charter. Enjoy a true outdoor experience next time visiting and want to experience Central Florida to the max degree.

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john leech About Captain John Leech is a full-time guide for over 20 years in Central Florida. He specializes in Central Florida Bass Fishing Report and is one of the best at targeting big trophy size large-mouth bass in the Orlando area. His first guide trip was in Leesburg, Florida on the Harris Chain of Lakes.

By 1983 I was fortunate to be able to do the one thing I loved the most FISH and make a living doing it. That is what I call a dream job Central Florida Bass Fishing Guide no doubt that fishing in Orlando is one of the best in the world.

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