Big Numbers Everglades Fishing for Largemouth Bass in Florida

Big Numbers Everglades Fishing

Are you looking to catch largemouth bass in Florida? Are you interested in catching big numbers of bass? The Florida Everglades is one of the best destinations to catch largemouth bass in Florida. South Florida is filled with long canals that are filled with largemouth and why you can do big numbers Everglades fishing. If you are looking for big numbers of bass, explore what the Florida Everglades can offer. Let’s get you hooked up on some Everglades Largemouth Bass Fishing next time you are visiting Florida.

Our local experts are the only way to get the full experience from the Everglades. They are out on the water every day making sure they are dialed in on the bass. When you come fishing in the Everglades, the action starts from the first cast and ends on the last cast. Hop on board with our professionals and they will provide you with an experience of a lifetime!

Here is your Everglades Bass Fishing Update:

Captain Mark Rose had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and David. They were traveling from Massachusetts looking to escape the colder weather. While they were down Big Numbers Everglades Fishing 1here in South Florida, they wanted to explore some Florida Bass Fishing. It was a fantastic day on the water and they caught a lot of largemouth bass.

Mike and David adventured out of Sawgrass Recreational Park. This is a great location to catch bass on artificial lures. The most productive baits were topwater poppers and soft plastic super flukes in shiner and bluegill colors. They ended the day catching 70 Florida largemouth bass in their 8-hour fishing trip. Along with catching bass, they also got to experience Alligators and wild birds.

Everglades fishing is a true adventure. Captain Mark is looking forward to fishing with Mike and David again in the near future!

Then Capt Joe

Shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Joe Gruny adventured out of Alligator Alley for Big numbers Everglades fishing. He had the great pleasure of fishing with Carla and her twin sister Carmen. It was an excellent afternoon fishing trip with these ladies, who really knew how to fish.  Big Numbers Everglades Fishing 3

These ladies were able to fish under extreme conditions. Cold fronts moved through but that did not stop the bass from biting. They spent 6 hours of fishing and 4 of them were under a rain cloud. While battling the weather, they caught 42 largemouth bass on all artificial baits. Soft plastics were the best method to catch bass.

Captain Joe is looking forward to fishing with these wonderful sisters again in the near future!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Joe adventured out of Alligator Alley again. He had the pleasure of fishing with Tim, Tony, and Lou. They were traveling to Florida from Big Numbers Everglades Fishing 4Kentucky on vacation. While down here, they wanted to get out on the water in the Florida Everglades.

Yet again, the conditions were not the best for fishing but the bass was biting. These guys boated over 33 largemouth bass. Sometimes when the conditions turn, the big bass comes out to play. Tim caught a 6-pound 9-ounce largemouth bass. It was an epic day for these gentlemen that are used to ice fishing back home.

Tim, Tony, and Lou will be back in the near future for more excellent bass fishing action in South Florida! Captain Joe is looking forward to their next adventure!

Then Capt Nick

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Nick Pasquarello had a fantastic day while catching Big numbers Everglades fishing. He had the pleasure of being on a two-boat fishing charter with Captain Rick Mitchell. Captain Nick had the pleasure of fishing with Todd and Larry, who had a fantastic day of bass fishing. They explored the long canals of Alligator Alley with artificial baits and caught over 135 largemouth bass on their 8-hour fishing trip. The biggest bass on this fishing trip was 4 pounds.  Big Numbers Everglades Fishing 6

Big Numbers Everglades Fishing 5Captain Rick had two other friends of this group and they had a great day on the water. They were also using artificial soft plastics to catch over 30 largemouth bass. Their biggest bass weighed up to 5 pounds. You truly can’t beat the action in the Florida Everglades.

Captain Joe and Rick are looking forward to fishing with these gentlemen again in the near future!

The Florida Everglades is one of the most productive fisheries for largemouth bass this year. If you want to catch big numbers of largemouth bass, explore the Florida Everglades. Our local experts will get you on the bass all trip long. Throw some artificial bait at this bass and have a great time on the water. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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