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When you think of an outdoor fishing experience in South Florida, the Florida Everglades comes to mind. The Everglades is one of the most unbelievable untouched destinations for Florida Fishing. An Alligator Alley Mile Marker 35 freshwater fishing adventure for largemouth bass is a must-experience activity when traveling to South Florida.

Every destination in the Everglades will give you a unique experience. Mile Marker 35 is truly unique because of all it has to offer. It is by far the most significant rest and recreation area on the Alligator Alley. Whether you are coming from the east or the west, both sides have a great location that you can experience.

About Alligator Alley Mile Marker 35

Due to its size, you can encounter the most fishing distractions and attractions. You can’t miss this area of the Everglades as it’s identified with signs two miles before the exit. Make sure you stop in for a real outdoor adventure next time traveling across the alley!

Alligator Alley or interstate 75 stretches from Fort Lauderdale on the east coast to Naples on the west coast. It is home to some of the best bass fishing in the state of Florida. Largemouth bass, along with alligators, reign supreme through the waterways, so be careful when on your fishing adventures.


Alligator Alley Fishing Guides

Expert Fishing Captains or Guides are the best to adventure these waters since they know the best locations to throw your line. There is nothing like catching large numbers of bass while watching the birds, alligators, and an array of other wildlife around you while out on the water.

Another significant aspect of this fishing destination is that it has very little pressure. Most of your locations are only accessible by bass boat or airboat. It is also not uncommon to get to these areas and have 100-plus fish days when using an expert fishing guide along the Alligator Alley.
The main species of choice is the largemouth bass.

Still, you can also experience the exotic peacock bass, Oscars, Redear sunfish, bluegill, snakehead, alligator gar, and many other panfish. Alligator Alley and the Everglades is an incredible Night Fishery when the moon is just right, whether you want to catch great numbers of largemouth bass, peacock bass, and other species or take in the beautiful Florida sunshine.

An Alligator Alley Mile Marker 35 Fishing trip can satisfy all your needs. Mile Marker 35 may be one of the only locations with restroom facilities, snack machines, and boat ramps. It also provides a fantastic viewing area of the marshland that makes up Water Conservation Area 3. Get out and stretch your legs, take some pictures with your family, and refresh on a road trip or one of the best fishing trips of your life!

Top Everglades Lake Captains

Everglades Lake Captains

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Largemouth Bass



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Everglades mile marker 35 Reviews

Mile marker 35 Reviews

Great tour, great guide

Mile Marker 35
I go twice a year for some good bass fishing. It's a catch and release many and we have a great time. You have to know where to go, that why I hire a guide. Bring along someone who enjoys fishing, they will have a blast!
- Joey Burg
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