Winter Haven Bass Fishing Trips with Freshwater Fishing Experts

Winter Haven Bass Fishing Trips

Winter Haven, FL is a destination of water, recreation, and tons of family fun. This destination is in the center of a chain of lakes that consists of up to 50 lakes. It is known as “The Chain of Lakes City.” Winter Haven Chain bass fishing happens to be one of the BEST ways to experience the outdoors. Whether you want to explore the endless bass fishing, take a sunset cruise, or enjoy an eco-tour, you can most certainly accomplish anything your heart desires.

The Chain of Lakes:

In reality, there are two Winter Haven Chain of Lakes located in Central Florida. It is separated by the Northern Chain and the Southern Chain. Most of the lakes are interconnected on each chain with variability in access due to water levels.
Winter Haven Bass Fishing Charters
On the Northern Chain, you have ten lakes in total with 8 of them interconnected. Each lake has its own unique feel. You will get the chance to see incredible nature and beautiful views of Central Florida homes. Lake Haines, Lake Rochelle, Lake Echo, Lake Conine, Lake Fannie, Lake Smart, Lake Henry, Lake Hamilton, Middle Lake Hamilton, and Little Lake Hamilton are all part of the Northern Chain of Lakes.

Heading further south, you can find 18 lakes, where 16 of them are interconnected. This chain is comprised of Lake Howard, Lake Cannon, Lake Hartridge, Lake Lulu, Lake Shipp, Lake Jessie, Lake Roy, Lake Winterset, Lake Idylwild, Spring Lake, Lake Summit, Lake May, Little Lake Winterset, Lake Eloise, and Little Lake Eloise.

As you can see, Winter Haven is a freshwater playground for those that love the outdoors. Freshwater fishing is a highlight of the outdoor activities in Central Florida. The Winter Haven Chain of Lakes happens to be a very productive area for catching big Florida largemouth bass.

Our local experts have years of experience that has allowed them to dial in on the fish. Whether you like to throw artificial baits or live bait, they can most certainly make it happen for you. Captain’s Bill Goudy Jr and Captain Joe Gruny are exceptional fishing experts to help get you on the fish of a lifetime.

Fishing Winter Haven Chain of Lakes:

My favorite part about fishing Winter Haven Chain of Lakes is that on every cast, you can catch a big fish! You never know what you will set the hook into. I’ve caught bass and helped put anglers on fish of all sizes. Artificial baits and live bait works exceptionally well in this fishery.

Fishing the Winter Haven Chain is unique. You have so many lakes to choose from. You also have the ability to fish different structures and the clarity of the water. Deep to shallow, stained to clear, grass or brush piles can show you different parts of the lakes and land you a fish of a lifetime.

Artificial vs Live Bait

After spending time fishing this chain, I determined the best artificial baits to catch bass. Hollow-body frogs, soft-plastic worms, jerk baits, swim baits, topwater, and more can help produce a strong bite.

Wild-caught live shiners happen to be one of the most productive ways to fish this beautiful fishery. If you love to catch large numbers of quality bass, live bait is the way to go. When a fish strikes a live bait, you really can never know what the size of that fish will be. It’s an exhilarating experience.

Also, one of the best parts about it is that it’s a family-oriented fishery with so much to offer. From the sightseeing to the fishing, you will never get bored exploring this chain. Beautiful homes add to the adventure and trip on the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes.Winter Haven Bass Fishing Adventure

This destination makes it convenient for locals and travelers to enjoy a day on the water. Drive-up convenience docks to get ice, beverages, snacks, and more are available throughout the day. You can fish, paddleboard, kayak, swim, and experience so much more at this “water lover’s paradise.”

If you love to observe and see wildlife, this chain is the place to visit. Birds of prey, including Eagles, Falcons, and more make this chain of lakes home. Alligators are rare as the communities enjoy a safe zone for their families to play.

LegoLand is right near this chain of lakes as well. You can catch fish while insight of all the fun things you can do there as well. Explore bass fishing and then a day on the water slides of this action-packed park.

I hope you get the chance to explore the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes, it’s one of my all-time favorite fisheries! See you on the water next time!!” – Captain Bill Goudy Jr

Come Visit Central Florida and Catch Yours Today…

We love families and we love family time. There is nothing like getting away from your day-to-day life and traveling to Florida. Whether it is a theme park, beaches, or fishing that gets you here, be sure to explore all your options. Many travelers and even residents are not aware of all the resources in their own backyard.

Our guides want to show you why they call this place home and why they love it. There is something truly magical about Central Florida. Endless waterways and an abundance of wildlife make it truly appealing for all travelers. You can’t go wrong with any activity from sightseeing, fishing, kayaking, or paddleboarding.

Each adventure will give you a unique experience and memory of the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes. Freshwater bass fishing has to be one of the best parts of exploring this beautiful place. We hope to share a Winter Haven bass fishing adventure on your next trip to Central Florida!

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