Repeat Client Bass Fishing in Central Florida with Local Experts

Repeat Client Bass Fishing

One of the best feelings for a private charter captain is to have a client return and come back fishing with you. It is rewarding to know that the service you provided made a difference in lives. The bass fishing has been fantastic in Central Florida and only gets better during the warmer months. Hop on board for a repeat client bass fishing adventure right here in sunny Florida.

Weekends are a great time to explore the waters of Florida. If you enjoy the outdoors, you will enjoy soaking in the sun on a fishing vessel while reeling in bass. Our local experts are integral to having a successful day of fishing. Get out with one of our professionals for a fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Here is your Weekend Central Florida Fishing Update:

Captain Darrel Thomas had the pleasure of fishing with a repeat client, Rodney Poland. Rodney was looking to visit Central Florida for bass fishing. Captain Brent explored the Butler Chain of Lakes with this lucky guest. The action was strong even with the wind blowing super hard.

Repeat Client Bass Fishing 3

Rodney caught over 50 Florida largemouth bass on wild-caught live shiners. The biggest bass weighed in at 5 pounds. Windy conditions made it difficult to stay in one spot but the spot lock on Captain Brent’s trolling motor made it much easier. Most of the bass were taken in 18 feet of water on submerged vegetation. The bite was fast and furious just how we like it.

Rodney had a great time on the water. Captain Brent is looking forward to fishing with him again in the near future!

It’s not always Expected, But still delivers!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Brent had the pleasure of fishing with Robert. Robert was from Captain Brent’s hometown in Canton, Georgia. It was a blast for them fishing together on the Butler Chain of Lakes. Fog rolled in making for an interesting morning of fishing and the action started immediately to top it.

Robert caught over 20 largemouth bass in his quick fishing adventure. The biggest bass weighed in at 4.5 pounds. All the bass were taken on live shiners over submerged vegetation. The action is strong and Robert had a great time catching some quality largemouth bass.

Captain Brent is looking forward to fishing with Robert again in the near future!

It was not long after this awesome fishing trip that Captain John Leech was on the Butler Chain. He had the pleasure of fishing on a morning trip with Javier. Javier was traveling from Ohio enjoying the beautiful weather we have here in South Florida. He explored the chain of lakes for a quick 4-hour fishing charter.

Repeat Client Bass Fishing 4

The lake is doing absolutely amazing. Javier went through 4 dozen shiners catching over 25 largemouth bass. No giants came to the boats but Javier had a great time reeling in every fish. Captain John is looking forward to getting him on some even bigger fish in the near future!

Captain John was right back on the water for an afternoon fishing charter after the last trip. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with John. The Butler Chain of Lakes has been holding some excellent fishing along ledges. If you throw wild-caught shiners out, the bass will feed strong on your trip. John went throw another 4 dozen shiners and caught over 40 bass. The action is red hot in Central Florida.

About Capt John

Captain John is looking forward to fishing with John again soon!

Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure in Central Florida. Orlando, FL is a great destination to catch big numbers of quality bass. The Butler Chain is a beautiful place with a lot to see. It is a truly unique adventure every time you explore it. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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