Ninja Warrior Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami, FL

Ninja Warrior Peacock Bass Fishing

Did you know you can fish for peacock bass in Miami, FL? One of the best parts about South Florida is the abundance of excellent fishing. Whether you want to go freshwater or saltwater fishing, Florida has you covered. The weather may be a constant factor to your fishing conditions but our local experts work hard to get you around the bass. Come enjoy a Ninja Warrior peacock bass fishing charter in Miami, FL while you are visiting Florida!

Our local experts spent years and hours of their time searching for bass in Miami. Our mission is to make sure that you have an exceptional experience while bass fishing here in Florida. If you are looking to explore and get out bass fishing, we have you covered at any location you wish. Bring your friends and family along for a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Here is your Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Update:

Captain Robert Miley had the pleasure of fishing with longtime repeat clients Sandy and his good friend Vito. They generally play golf near Delray Beach, FL but also love to get out on the water in search for Florida bass. Ninja Warrior Peacock Bass Fishing 2Sandy and Vito are originally from Chicago but stay here in South Florida during the winter months.  Ninja Warrior Peacock Bass Fishing 1

Unfortunately, these gentlemen came during one of our wonderful South Florida cold fronts. Fortunately, Captain Miley is a local expert and can put you around quality bass no matter what the conditions are. The wind was blowing on this fishing trip but the main lake produced several bass early. After picking away at the peacock bass, Captain Miley relocated to Blue Lagoon.

Once the sun was shining strong around 1:30 PM, the bass started to move around. They pulled up on a bridge known to hold fish and the bass were all schooled up. Sandy and Vito boated 15 peacock bass weighing up to 5-pounds. It was a blast for them to catch the bass back to back.

Sandy and Vito will be back for more awesome action in the near future and Captain Miley is looking forward to getting them on more peacock bass!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Joe Gruny adventured out on Miami International Airport Lakes. He had the pleasure of fishing with Marty and his Dad. The bass were biting strong and early in the morning. Most of Ninja Warrior Peacock Bass Fishing 5the bass were caught with a slow presentation and on live domestic shiners.

Marty and his Dad caught 26 peacock bass and 4 largemouth bass. It was a fantastic day considering the constant changes in water temperature and air temperatures. Marty is looking forward to getting back on the water with Captain Joe again soon. The action will continue to pick up as the weather stabilizes. Captain Joe is looking forward to their next adventure!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Miley was back out on Airport Lakes for an exceptional bass fishing trip in Miami, FL. He had the pleasure of fishing with Kelly and Matt. They were traveling from Michigan looking to escape the colder weather. While waiting for their cruise to depart to the Caribbean, Miami peacock bass fishing was a must.

Kelly and Matt own a Ninja Warrior studio. They are competitors that love the challenge and sport. The bass fishing was absolutely amazing on this beautiful day. Kelly and Matt did not know how the fishing was going to turn out but they had a fantastic time. As the day warmed up, the action picked up.    Ninja Warrior Peacock Bass Fishing 4

Kelly and Matt spent 6-hours on Airport Lakes catching over 15 peacock bass. They had an epic day with two trophy peacock bass weighing 6.50 and 7.50 pounds. One of the main reasons this fishing trip was productive was because the air temperatures rose to 76 degrees. The fish were deep but if you stay patient for them, you can catch them up.

Kelly and Matt will be back in the near future for more action for peacock bass. Captain Miley is looking forward to their next adventure on the water!

Finally, Captain Joe Gruny adventured out on Airport Lakes shortly after the last trip. He had the pleasure of fishing with Jake and John. They were traveling from Queensland, Australia looking to experience what Miami, FL had to offer. Peacock bass fishing was a bucket list item for these friends and Captain Joe made it happen Ninja Warrior Peacock Bass Fishing 7for them.

The bite was slower than normal due to changes in weather conditions. Jake and John caught several peacock bass weighing up to 2 pounds. They also caught a solid largemouth bass weighing close to 3 pounds. As well, John caught a jaguar guapote, which made for a fun day on the water. You never know what will bite when you adventure here in Miami, FL!

Captain Joe is looking forward to their next adventure in the near future!    Ninja Warrior Peacock Bass Fishing 6

Don’t miss out on your fishing charter and experience in Miami, FL. The action is going to continue to pick up and the bass will be biting. Miami and South Florida is filled with exotic species and you truly can never know what will bite when you adventure out. Our local experts welcome all anglers, families, and friends and loved ones. We want to show you a great time on the water and hope to see you there in the near future!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

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