Super Hot Peacock Bass Fishing Charters in South Florida

Super Hot Peacock Bass Fishing

The weather is hot here in Florida but that should not stop you from getting in the outdoors. When the temperatures rise, so do the exotic peacock bass. Peacock bass fishing reaches a peak when the weather gets warm. These exotic fish love the warm temperatures and thrive during this time of year. If you can handle the sun, this is the time to catch peacock bass. Hop on board for some super hot peacock bass fishing on your next visit to South Florida!

Super Hot Peacock Bass 3One of the most integral parts of fishing in South Florida is a local expert. They have years of experience that have allowed them to determine the best pattern for the time you are coming. Right now, the peacock bass is active allowing you to put more and bigger fish in the boat. Patience is the key with this exotic bass!

Here is your Florida peacock bass fishing update:

Captain Robert Miley is one of the sought-after specialists when it comes to catching peacock bass. He had the pleasure of fishing with Jason on this fishing charter. Jason was traveling from Colorado to Miami looking to catch the exotic peacock bass. The weather was hot on this fishing trip making for an interesting time on the water.

Captain Miley adventured out with Jason on Miami’s Airport Lakes. This is a great fishery all year long. During the summer months, it can get more challenging as the South Florida Water Management is changing the water levels to accommodate the influx of rain. When this occurs, it makes the bass unpredictable. A local expert will be able to help you navigate through these conditions.

Super Hot Peacock Bass 2The day started off with the fish stealing the bait but once we locked in on the patter, Jason started bringing them to the boat. It was a productive quick 4-hour fishing charter catching 10 peacock bass. The Mayan cichlids were biting as well. Most of the peacock bass were in the 2-3 pound range.

Jason had a great time fishing out of Miami’s Airport Lakes. Captain Miley is looking forward to getting him back on the water again soon!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Miley was back on the water. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Jake, Kyle, and Uncle Jake Sr. They were visiting from Ohio looking to spend some time in South Florida. While doing so, peacock bass fishing was always something they wanted to do.

Originally, they wanted to catch peacock bass on artificial baits. After throwing them for a while and only having luck on one fish, they changed it up. Live bait is the way to go when catching peacock bass. Once noon came around, the fish really started getting active.

Everyone on board caught a number of peacock bass and had a great time doing it. The Miami Aerojet Canal System is a productive place to catch not only peacock bass but a wide variety of South Florida species. Yet again, most of the peacocks were in the weight range of 2-3 pounds.

Jake, Kyle, and Uncle Jake Sr. had a wonderful time catching bass on their fishing trip. Captain Miley is looking forward to their next fishing adventure in the near future!

If there is one place in the United States to have fun catching these colorful peacock bass, it is Miami, FL. Every adventure is unique and independent from the last. Get out on the water in these urban or remote environments producing exceptional fishing all year round. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime on your next visit to South Florida. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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