Warming Trend Peacock Fishing in Miami Florida with Local Experts

Warming Trend Peacock Fishing

Did you know about all the exotics species you can catch in South Florida? More specifically, did you know about the beautiful butterfly peacock bass? You don’t have to travel to South America Warming Trend Peacock Fishing 1for a fishing adventure of a lifetime. Miami, FL is home to some of the best bass fishing in Florida. While vacationing here, enjoy some warming-trend peacock fishing for the fish of your dreams.

Peacock bass can be quite elusive. Once you find them, you can have a blast catching bass all trip long. These aggressive fish are really exciting and fun to catch. Light tackle makes for the best fishing as they will pull drag and give you a great fight. Our local experts are an essential component to having a successful day on the water. Captain Robert Miley is one of the BEST fishing guides you can explore Miami, Florida with!

Here is your Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Update for Miami’s Airport Lakes:

Warming Trend Peacock Fishing 2Captain Bob had the pleasure of fishing with John and John Jr. They were traveling from Colorado and wanted to explore the waters of Miami. Peacock bass fishing was always on the list of species to catch. While here on business, they were going to stay an extra couple of days to enjoy all that Florida has to offer. John really wanted to take his son peacock bass fishing and Captain Miley made it happen!

The bite may have been slower than normal but the quality fish were out to play. John and Jr caught around 20 fish on this trip. Most were peacock bass but they also caught a Jack Crevalle out of Miami’s Airport Lakes. The biggest peacock bass weighed 4 pounds. Warming trends are getting the peacock bass really active.

John and John had a great time fishing in Miami. Captain Miley is looking forward to their next adventure soon!

Just shortly after this trip, Captain Miley was back on the water. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with a family of three. Dawn, her young son, and her daughter explored what Miami had to offer. They were visiting South Florida on vacation and wanted to experience the outdoors. Luckily, Miami bass fishing has been productive and everyone had fun putting peacock bass in the boat.

Warming Trend Peacock Fishing 3Dawn and her family were anglers that loved to fish. Half of the trip was spent throwing artificial baits. They did not have the best of luck with artificial and once they switched to live bait, the action got really good. Everyone caught peacock bass but Dawn or mom caught the biggest one. It weighed in at 3.5 pounds.

It was a blast to see the young kids catching bass. Nothing beats a smile when the fish fight back. Captain Miley is looking forward to fishing with Dawn and her kids again in the near future!

It was not long after these fishing trips that Captain Miley was on a two boat trip. He had the pleasure of fishing with employees from the Yo-Zuri lure company. Captain Tim Nichols also had out several employees looking to catch some peacock bass. Both boats had a blast and caught some solid numbers of peacock bass.

Dennis joined Captain Miley on their Airport Lakes fishing adventure. He caught the biggest bass of the day weighing close to 5.5 pounds. The action was steady for most of the trip. Water conditions and temperatures are rising to make for some exciting peacock bass fishing ahead. It may have been windy but that did not stop the fish from biting!

Captain Robert Miley is looking forward to spending another day with these awesome anglers again in the future! We will get them on some bigger peacock bass next time!

Warm weather brings out the big bass. If you are looking to catch some quality peacock bass here in Florida, Now is the time to do so. The fishing has been incredible and is only going to get better. Our local experts can get you on the bass all trip long. Whether you want to catch quality or numbers, we have you covered! We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!!

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