Blue Lagoon Fishing Trip While Miami Peacock Bass Fishing

Blue Lagoon Fishing Trip

If you are traveling to Miami, FL in September, you are in luck. The weather is starting to get really nice even with hot spells throughout the day. Exotic species like the peacock bass love this time of year. As the weather begins to cool, it kicks starts their spawning process. Sight-fishing for peacock bass in the next couple of months will provide some exceptional memories and adventures for those embarking on them. A Blue Lagoon Fishing Trip with your family can be the ultimate highlight of your stay or vacation.

There is something magical about South Florida and specifically Miami, FL. It is naturally an exotic destination to travel to and explore. Tropical weather conditions and a wide variety of things to do, make this location a top travel spot. Many overlook the power of what an outdoor adventure can have on your experience here in Florida.

Florida bass fishing is the ultimate way to explore this wonderful place. Peacock bass truly highlights what Miami is all about. Our local experts and professional guides are the only way to go when it comes to catching exotic species. Captain Robert Miley is one of the BEST that can get you on the fishing adventure of a lifetime for Miami peacock bass.

Blue Lagoon Fishing Trip 2Captain Miley had the pleasure of fishing with Daniel and his daughter Casey. She was 10-years-old and looking to get on the water on Miami’s Blue Lagoon or Airport Lakes. They were traveling to Florida to get away and while doing so, fishing was in the plan. One amazing part about fishing in Miami is that once that sun gets warm, the fish start eating.

Daniel and Casey had a slower start to the morning. They caught several smaller peacock bass to get warmed up. As the morning went on, the sun got hotter. When this happened, they started to get some bigger bass. Daniel caught a beautiful 4-pound peacock bass on this fishing trip. The action did not stop there with several Mayan cichlids and freshwater Snook in the boat.

Fortunately, the rain stayed away allowing us to continue to catch fish. Water levels were dropping on this fishing trip. Captain Miley had to find some clean water. Most of that clean water was around bridges that the peacock bass love to hang around. Live bait was the preferred method to land Daniel and Casey’s bass.

Overall, it was a great day of fishing and Captain Miley is looking forward to getting back out on the water with them soon!

Miami Peacock Bass Fishing is a very productive way to get outside here in South Florida. The spawn is about to happen and you will get the chance to catch aggressive male peacock bass. If you are looking for a hard-fight or a large exotic species, now is the time to go fishing. Our local experts will work hard to make this trip all that you can imagine. We hope to see you on the water next time!

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