Summer Drop Shot Fishing for Big Erie Smallmouth Bass in Erie, PA

Summer Drop Shot Fishing

Lake Erie is a beautiful place to come explore and visit. Every spring, summer, and fall, Lake Erie Bass Fishing turns on. If you love to catch smallmouth bass and want to catch big ones, you have to visit Erie Pennsylvania. There is nothing like the constant action here on Lake Erie for smallies. It is truly unbeatable. Hop on board for some summer drop shot fishing on your next visit to Erie, PA.

Lake Erie is not only gorgeous but it is vast. Its vast nature allows for a true adventure to unfold. Get lost in the outdoors mentally but never truly when you climb aboard our local experts’ vessels. Our local experts have years of experience that has allowed them to key in on the best fishing and bite. Whether looking to catch your first or biggest smallmouth bass, we can most certainly get that done for you. Fishing out of Presque Isle Bay can be a very rewarding outdoor experience for your family and loved ones.
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Check out this Bass Fishing Lake Erie Update:

Richard and his son Cole were looking to cash in on some Lake Erie Bass Fishing out of Erie, PA. Captain Mark Rose had the pleasure of fishing with them. They were traveling from Virginia on vacation and wanted to land some quality smallmouth bass. Luckily, this is Capt Mark’s specialty during the summer and fall months.

Family vacations are always a great way to experience something new. During August, the smallmouth bass moves into deeper waters. Most anglers have never caught bass so deep before. As result, summertime smallmouth bass fishing is a unique outdoor adventure for most. Richard and Cole never caught bass like this before.

Captain Mark got them some big smallmouth bass on their fishing trip. It was a quick 4-hour charter making for a great day on the water. The main choice of bait was a drop shot rig in about 30-40 ft of water. One awesome part about summertime fishing as well is that you can catch walleye in the mix.

Richard and Cole had so much fun fishing on Lake Erie. Captain Mark is looking forward to their next adventure in Pennsylvania again soon!
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It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Mark Rose along with Captain Tom Goodrich were out on Lake Erie. This time, they were adventuring out on a two-boat fishing charter for both smallmouth bass and walleye. Captain Mark and Tom had the pleasure of fishing with Paul and his son Paul along with their friends Chris and Mike. This was their first time being on Lake Erie and they wanted to catch some smallmouth bass and they surely did.

When you have the opportunity to show someone or a group of people somewhere new to them, it is always an adventure. They wanted to catch both smallmouth bass and walleye and the summer bite was strong for them. It was a fantastic trip on the water with 17 walleye and 13 smallmouth bass. Their biggest 2 smallmouth bass weighed in at 5.4 and 5.3 pounds, which were also personal bests for them.

The most productive bait was a drop shot rig in 32-42 feet of water. Deepwater allows the smallmouth and walleye to stay cooler when the water is warm. If you are looking to have a great trip like this, our experts are the way to go.

Captain Mark and Tom are looking forward to their next adventure on the water with this awesome group of anglers!

Don’t miss out on your adventure in Erie, PA. The fishing is getting hot and as the weather cools it will only get better. Our local experts are on the fish and will continue to stay on top of them. Lake Erie is a magnificent place to explore and catch your first or biggest smallmouth bass. Get out on the water on your next visit and let the great outdoors take you away. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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