South Florida Bass Report for Peacock and Largemouth Bass

South Florida Bass Report

South Florida is a Mecca for exceptional bass fishing. One of the outstanding benefits of traveling to an amazing destination is the ability to target multiple species of bass. Peacock Bass and Largemouth Bass are the dominant freshwater sport fish to catch here in South Florida. You really can’t go wrong with bass fishing here. Enjoy this South Florida Bass Report.

While traveling to the sunshine state, make sure you adventure out and experience what freshwater fishing has to offer. Many locations across the region can provide exceptional bass fishing. Lake Ida in Delray Beach is a fantastic fishery for both largemouth and peacock bass along with an abundance of other exotic species. Everglades Holiday Park was one of the best largemouth bass fishing destinations this season. If you are looking for trophy peacock bass, Airport Lakes in Miami is most certainly one of the best!
South Florida Bass Report
Captain’s Robert Miley, Brett Isackson and Wayne Fellows adventured out on a three-boat adventure at Lake Ida and Holiday Park over the course of two days. Each of these South Florida Fishing destinations provided an aspect of bass fishing that they wanted to experience. John Vesko and his friends and family came along on this adventure.

The Lake Ida Chain of Lakes was their first day out. They had awesome weather conditions that promoted a great bite. This awesome group was split between the three boats but we all fished in the same locations. One of the best parts about fishing Lake Ida is that you get to catch an abundance of species. John and his group caught lots of peacock and largemouth bass along with Mayan cichlids. Everyone had an awesome time catching big numbers of fish.

Florida’s Everglades Holiday Park was their next destinations. The long stretches of canals allowed for a completely different experience. Artificial baits ruled this fishing adventure. Baits including Senkos and topwater chug bugs produced over 100 fish being caught. When you go Florida Fishing, these are the days you hope for.
South Florida Bass Report
Everyone caught a large number of bass. You can truly experience a wide variety of fish when fishing the Everglades. You can catch Oscars as well even though they are considered nuisance fish. They still fight hard and bite aggressively for their size. When you come fishing in the Everglades expect to catch over 100 fish when the conditions are great.

Weather conditions were perfect with warm weather, a nice breeze, and no rain. You can’t beat the action here in South Florida. Captain Robert, Brett, and Wayne are looking forward to adventuring out on an amazing fishing trip again with the Vesko group in the future.

Captain Robert Miley is one of the best Miami peacock bass experts you can experience. There is nothing like going out and catching quality after quality bass in urban Miami. Captain Miley adventured out with Carl Shipley and Ken on Miami’s Airport Lakes. They were traveling from Arkansas to explore what South Florida Fishing had to offer.

There is no better way to take a break from work at Big Mack’s Truck Dealership than coming down to beautiful Miami. It is an awesome experience to be fishing in the urban waterways of Miami. The Airport Lakes is just a stone’s throw away from the International Airport.

Whether you are looking for live bait fishing or artificial baits, Captain Miley can make it happen. Carl and Ken caught some nice peacock bass on this fishing trip. Most of the fish cam on domestic shiners but several bass came also on artificial baits. When throwing artificial, you can cover a lot of water.

Carl and Ken caught 20 quality peacock bass weighing up to 3 pounds. You truly can’t match the urban beauty, hard fight, and awesome colors of peacock bass fishing in Miami. They had a fantastic time on the water and will be back in the future with a larger group of people to have them experience what Miami truly has to offer.

Captain Miley is looking forward to his next adventure out with all his amazing clients mentioned above. Don’t miss out on what South Florida Bass Fishing can offer. Stay tuned to another amazing South Florida Bass Report that will provide you with further details of what locations are most successful this time of year.

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