St Johns River Photos

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St Johns River Photos

Lower St Johns

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Lower St. Johns River and Lakes: Until summer rains bring water levels up; anglers should be careful. Low water conditions in the river may present obstacles to navigation and launching. Largemouth bass should continue to be caught following the schools of baitfish in the river. Anglers should plan on being out early as recreational boating reaches its peak. This time of year makes many areas of the river difficult to fish, even in the late evening. The redear sunfish (shellcracker) and bluegill spawn come to an end.

But fishing should remain good early this period. Lake Jesup (currently highly shallow) and Lake George are among the most popular bream fisheries on the river. Striped bass seeks cool water in the summer and should congregate near Blue Springs’ mouth. Also, the Wekiva River, the Croaker Hole in Little Lake George, and other rivers’ thermal refuges. Grass shrimp, small shad, and eels (when available) are the preferred bait for these fish.

Upper St Johns

Upper St. Johns River and Lakes: Water levels in the upper St. Johns River were lower than average. Throughout Spring due to low rainfall but should rise during this quarter as the summer rainy season begins. The river sections between lakes Winder and Poinsett and from SR 520 to SR 46 have been restricted. Only more little shallow-draft boats and airboats should become accessible to all fishing boats if seasonal weather conditions prevail.

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