May Sawgrass Bass Fishing Charters for Florida Largemouth Bass

May Sawgrass Bass Fishing

Florida is one of the most magical places to visit in the world. The main reason is that you will never get bored and if you do, you are doing Florida all wrong. When you come to visit this beautiful destination, you have to explore the outdoors. The Florida Everglades is a playground for exceptional bass fishing along with exploration. If you are looking for the perfect outdoor experience, explore a May Sawgrass bass fishing charter in South Florida!

The Florida Everglades is a vast place with a lot to offer. One of the keys to fishing this beautiful place is getting on the water with a local expert. They have years of knowledge and experience that has allowed them to dial in on the fishing. Our local experts can get you on fish all trip long. If you are looking to catch more bass than you can handle, the Everglades is the place to explore.

Here is your Everglades Bass Fishing Update:

May Sawgrass Bass Fishing 1

Captain Joe Gruny had the pleasure of fishing with Jennifer traveling from Colorado. Jennifer is a 23-year-old that loves to be in the outdoors. She also is an accomplished fly fisherman and elk hunter. Now you can add bass fishing onto her resume. After visiting the Florida Everglades especially Sawgrass Recreation Park, our local experts can get you dialed in on the bass.

Jennifer caught over 100 largemouth bass on this fishing trip. The action was incredible but the conditions are rapidly changing. Make sure to capitalize on your opportunities when you can. The most productive lures were soft-plastic flukes, worms, and frogs. Also, she caught several bass on topwater baits.

Incredible Action

Jennifer had a great time bass fishing and is looking forward to getting back on the water soon. Next time, she is looking to explore what Florida peacock bass fishing is all about in Miami, FL! Captain Joe is looking forward to getting them on more fish in the near future!

May Sawgrass Bass Fishing 2

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Joe was back on the water. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Ed and his son. It was another fantastic time fishing in the Everglades. The action has been hot and steady with big numbers of bass but sometimes not the best in quality. Ed and his son caught over 80 largemouth bass. The non-stop action made up for the size, especially on artificial baits.

Ed and his son will be back for more action on their next vacation to Florida!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Joe was exploring Sawgrass with Tom. Tom wanted to come bass fishing in Florida in hopes to catch some fish on artificial baits. Captain Joe made this happen for him. Conditions and water levels changed and the bass bite slowed down but that did not stop Tom from landing some good numbers.

Tom caught over 40 largemouth bass alone on this fishing trip. The most productive bait on this trip was a soft-plastic worm. It was a great day and Tom had a blast reeling in all his bass. If you are looking for constant action, the Everglades is the place to visit. Tom will be back for more fishing and Captain Joe is looking forward to it!

Final Location but Not the last

The final trip of this update was another great one at Sawgrass Recreation Park. Captain Joe had the pleasure of fishing with Octavo and Jessie. They were traveling from New Jersey looking to catch some Florida bass. The Everglades was the perfect destination for them.

May Sawgrass Bass Fishing 3

They caught over 88 largemouth bass on their fishing trip all on artificial baits. When you explore the waters of Florida, you truly can’t beat the Everglades.

Captain Joe is looking forward to fishing with these guys again in the near future!

Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure in South Florida. The bass are biting and will continue to bite all year long. Everglades fishing is going to change with the rapid increase and decrease of water levels. If you are looking to catch big numbers of bass, now is the time to go fishing. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

May Sawgrass Bass Fishing 4

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