July Lake Okeechobee Fishing Update with Local Experts

July Lake Okeechobee Fishing

Are you wondering how Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing has been lately? The fishing has been great especially during the early morning hours. One of the most unique fisheries to explore here in Florida is Lake Okeechobee. It is constantly changing keeping every angler and local expert on their toes. Explore what this beautiful place has to offer on a July Lake Okeechobee fishing adventure!

Lake Okeechobee is one of the largest lakes in the nation and most certainly in Florida. This means it holds a lot of the state’s water. As of current, the water levels have been stabilized roughly at 11 ft above sea level. Summer months will roar and the lake will continue to rise and fall. This opens up areas or restricts areas for fishing.

July Lake Okeechobee Fishing 2According to Captain Mark Shepard, the outside grass edges have been very productive. The water is clear and the bass are able to enjoy this clean water. Clean water also draws in bait which makes it the perfect spot for hungry bass.

If you are searching shallow but clean water for bass, use a stick bait. The Bass Pro Shops stick bait is a super effective bait for putting bass in the boat. The best colors to use is June bug or black and blue. These colors will help you capitalize on the bite when you get on the water. Early morning risers can produce more catches during these warm summer months.

Clean, shallow water has also exposed Shell Cracker beds. Panfish are a great way to keep young anglers busy or put some fish in the box. Shell crackers and bluegills are delicious and tasty fish to eat. Make sure to get your fishing licenses and abide by the FWC legal limits.

If you focus on these areas, you can find some big bass waiting for the right opportunity. Present the right bait and cover a lot of water and you can find the fish you are after. Shallow water cover and submerged hydrilla are key to catching bass during these warm months. Some fish are residential and will always be in the same areas all year. Keep casting and searching and you will come across the right fish, especially in Clewiston, FL.

If you are having some trouble finding bass, you can also fish the rim canal. Whether you throw a Mark Shepard 2.0 Crankbait or soft-plastics, you can pick off multiple bass in short order. The mouth of the cuts tends to have the best fishing.

July Lake Okeechobee Fishing 4Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing is going to bounce back. Inadvertently, water levels on Lake Okeechobee have been low allowing for grass to grow back. When the grass grows back, it will help keep the water clean and the bass biting. This season, you are going to see some of the best bass fishing the lake has seen in many years.

Be safe when you are traveling the waters this month. You never know where it can be lower than expected. Otherwise, keep fishing and enjoy Lake Okeechobee at its finest.

Captain Mark Rogers had the pleasure of getting out with clients during this update. Don and his daughter Kristen were traveling to Florida and wanted to get out on Lake Okeechobee. They explored the waters out of Clewiston, FL with wild-caught live shiners.

A nice breeze all day kept the air temperatures down and the fish biting. Captain Mark got this father-daughter duo on schools of largemouth bass. They caught over 40 largemouth bass on their full-day trip. It was a rarity to catch that many fish during the warmer months of the year.

Don and Kristen had a fantastic time on the water. Captain Mark is looking forward to fishing with them again in the near future!

As you can see, Lake Okeechobee is one fantastic place to come visit. It has something to offer for every angler. All you need is a local expert and they can get you on the fish all trip long. Years of experience has allowed them to dial in on the action every month of the year. The sun may be hot but the bite is even hotter. Bring your family and friends on a bass fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today..

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