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Lake Okeechobee is the most “famous big bass lake” in Florida, well-known for the quantity and quality of bass the lake produces. This reputation on Lake Okeechobee has continued for many years as producing the biggest and best large-mouth bass fishing in Central Florida. On Okeechobee the two primary ways to fish are with artificial lures or wild shiners. Bass fishing on the “Big O” with wild shiners is the preferred bait for many anglers for trophy bass. It just happens that it’s the natural food that they feed on daily. Wild Shiner fishing became
Lake Okeechobee

very popular many years ago when anglers fishing Okeechobee for largemouth bass would see there feeding habits. It has become the increasingly popular choice because once you’ve experienced this style of fishing you’ll quickly recognized that its much more than just sitting and watching bobbers. We have a special kind of tackle and a secret way of hooking and rigging shiners. We’re not telling you how at this time, but we’ll be happy to teach you while you are out with us. Like some of you, we also prefer to fish with artificial lures as much as possible. When fishing Lake Okeechobee with artificial, you will have the choice of spinning, bait casting or fly fishing. flipping and pitching on Okeechobee is always real popular, it’s always a great lake for topwater plugs do to its shallow depths. We are open to any techniques you’re interested in learning about, just let us know. At your request, our guides will suggest what the best form of fishing would be at the time of your booking, but which ever option you choose is entirely up to you. At times we suggest that you do a little of both.

Ultimately, we want you happy with the overall experience and that’s why we are the only Lake Okeechobee bass fishing guide service to fish the entire 730 square miles. This experience is very important, because as we all know the weather and the fish don’t always coöperate with your schedule, so we as anglers need to be flexible. Whether you’re coming from within the state of Florida or from out-of-state, South Florida, particularly Fort Lauderdale, Ft Myers and Palm Beach, provides you a central meeting point to conveniently get you to any one of our suggested fishing locations.

Lake Okeechobee FishingOur Okeechobee bass fishing guides have been the highest rated and most prestigious Lake Okeechobee bass fishing guides since inception, written up in Forbes as “Florida’s #1 Rated Urban Anglers” and now accredited as the official guide service of NASCAR. Featured in many TV show should as North American Fisherman, ESPN and others. Please check out our video page of the website to see our shows. This is all due to our quality of the service and vast repeat customer base we attract. We have built our business on years of customer satisfaction, and we continue to meet the highest standard in the Florida freshwater fishing industry.

Florida bass fishing on Lake OkeechobeeOur team has over 400 years of combined experience in catching trophy bass on Okeechobee and we take great pride in ourselves on making sure that you get the charter YOU want and deserve. When you hire our fishing guides you don’t just get a guide, you get whole hand-picked team. Our group of top pro anglers work together as a team to make sure you have the best opportunity for success on the water. Coordination and sharing of information and resources are why our guides are so effective. It’s a tremendous advantage that most services do not give their customers.

Information about Lake Okeechobee

Below are some of the reasons Lake Okeechobee is so well-regarded by bass fishermanLake Okechobee water levels everywhere, but you need to experience the “Big O” first hand – click here for more information on our Lake Okeechobee bass fishing guides.

Experience South Florida Bass fishing at its best, whether you’re traveling from Sebring, Okeechobee City, Tampa, Sarasota, Moore Haven, Ft Myers, Naples, Clewiston, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, W Palm Beach, Ft Pierce and Vero Beach. Fish with our touring Bass Masters Pros and learn pro-techniques to help improve the success of your own bass fishing tours. Great for beginners, experienced anglers or just recreation!
Women, children, wheel chairs and large/small company groups welcome.

The Seminole Indian name Okeechobee means “Big Water“. An proper name for the largest fresh water lake in the United States, occurring entirely in one state. The Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission states, “there is no place that can compare with Lake Okeechobee, not only for lunker bass, history and wildlife, but its size.”

The lake is about 37 miles long by 30 miles wide, totaling over 730 square miles with an average depth of only 10 feet. To fishermen nationwide, it’s renowned for the number of bass it has per acre. Lake Okeechobee also produces more bass over 7 pounds than any lake in Florida and the United States.

Lake Okeechobee located in central southern Florida, north of the Everglades and south of Orlando. It links the Atlantic and Gulf sides of Florida via the Port Mayaca Lock on the east side of the lake and the Moore Haven Lock on the lake’s western side. Drainage canals lower the lake and drain adjacent lands for farming. Agricultural activities around the Lake Okeechobee area include cattle ranching, dairy-farming, and crop production of sugarcane, winter vegetables, citrus, sod, sweet corn and rice.

In 1926 and 1928, hurricane waters destroyed the dikes on the lake’s southern edge, which resulted in thousands of deaths. Canals and levees were built and the Lake Okeechobee waterway developed for use as a reservoir. Today, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District direct the waters via dikes, canals and floodgates to protect against flooding, to prevent navigation of saltwater intrusion, and to give water for agricultural irrigation and drinking water supplies to large urban areas in South Florida. These water management activities have greatly encumbered the water flow from the Big O to the Everglades. Instead of alternating wet and dry seasons, which provided steady sheets of water, the Everglades now receive times of drought or powerful discharges of water.

This body of water sports all types of waterway structures to fish – from open water to narrow canals surrounded by hundreds of different vegetation and grasses.

We have put together directions, including distance in miles, where you can find your easiest route to Lake Okeechobee, Florida, Everglades and Miami Lakes. Click here for directions and ramp locations.

We also have a full photo album and testimonials of the fish caught by our customers. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime,
click here to book your Lake Okeechobee Fl bass fishing guide, or get detailed fishing trip information.

Current Conditions & Water Levels SFWMD Current Level – The current average stage level for Lake Okeechobee
Historic Lake Levels – Graph of levels for Lake Okeechobee from 1932-2005
Stage Hydrograph – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – A graphic view of the Lake Okeechobee stage over time.
Lake & Vicinity – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – A Complete Water Report for Lake Okeechobee and surrounding areas.

Local Contacts

Environmental Management & Restoration

NEW: The South Florida Environmental Report – Formerly known as the Everglades Consolidated Report, this newly expanded, two-volume report now includes information on Lake Okeechobee, the Kissimmee River and Coastal Ecosystems along with aquatic weeds. It also includes six annual reports required under various regulatory mandates: the Fiscal Year 2005 Annual Work Plan Report; 2006 Minimum Flows and Levels Priority List and Schedule; Five-Year Capital Improvements Plan; Water Supply; Florida Forever Work Plan, 2006 Annual Update; and Mitigation Donation Annual Report.

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 9 reviews
by Joana Kind on Bass Online
One of a Kind Experience!

Wanted to say thanks to Capt Larry for taking my family and I fishing on Okeechobee. He is a top notch professional and made us feel like we had been with him many times. He shared many stories with us about his experience on the lake we are blessed to have met him. Next time we come back to this area, we will be sure to stop by and go fishing again...the family wouldn't allow anything else.

If you are looking into a fishing trip on Lake Okeechobee this is the guide service, professional from the time you first make contact!
Highly Recommended by totally novice anglers!!!

Thanks Joana

Joana, thanks for trusting us with your fishing trip and allowing us to part of your family experience.

by Kevin Gulczewsk on Bass Online
Okeechobee Success!

I want to thank Bassonline and Captain Jason Young for the memory of a lifetime last month. I called to inquire about a charter on Lake Okeechobee on Aug. 10th and the next day I was on the lake; as easy as that. Captain Jason Young was the best! Not only did he take my 8 y/o daughter and I to the "sweet spot" but was a great guy as well. And even more importantly, he paid extra attention to my daughter to help her haul in a "boat load" of largemouth bass!
We had an awesome time and I recommend Captain Jason Young to anyone with or without children.

Thanks again,
Kevin and Mia

Kevin & Mia thanks for sharing your comments and we greatly appreciate your business!

by Darrin and Tracey Provost on Bass Online
Capt Dave Lauer

We knew our fishing experience on Okeechobee would be a memorable one, what we didn't know is just how an important role our guide would play. We had Dave Lauer and words can't describe just much Dave added to our experience. He knew where the fish were, how to catch them and how to get the most out of our trip. We're sure all the guides are good and know their stuff but can't imagine doing this again and not having Dave by our sides coaching us along. Thanks for the great memories Dave.
Tracey and Darrin

Tracey and Darrin thanks a million for the review and your business! Capt Dave is special, were so glad we could be part of the great memories you experienced!

by Paul Krieger on Bass Online

Another great year on lake Okeechobee with Captain Mark Shepard. The day was a little windy, but we caught plenty of big fish and had a great day on the water. If you like to catch BIG BASS, Mark really know were to find them. Thanks Mark. Had a great time, see you next year. Paul Krieger Boston Ma.

Paul, thanks for the recommendation and your continued business!

by Brandon Thomas on Bass Online
Lake Okeechobee

My brother and I spent two full days on Okeechobee with Captain Dave Lauer. We had an absolute blast! Dave was very knowledgable, fun to fish with, and a great guy. We caught a ton of bass up to 8 pounds using live and artificial baits. I highly recommend booking a trip on Dave's boat. Already looking forward to another trip next year!
Thanks for the good time Dave!

-Brandon & Ron Thomas
Seattle, WA

by Marvin Costanza on Bass Online
Trip of a Lifetime

My family surprised me Christmas morning 2014 with a guided Bass Fishing trip on Lake Okeechobee with Captain Jason Young of the team they found on the internet site. I made my way to the Lake and met Jason after we had picked up some shiners at the local bait shop. Our first hour was slow and we made a move from the first spot, but the second spot was hot. Within 5 minutes I caught a 7 lb Bass followed by a couple 5 and a couple 3 pounders. By 10 o'clock I had boated 23 pounds. When that bite died off, Jason navigated us to another spot and we flipped plastic jigs catching several 2 and 3 lb bass on the jigs. About 1:45 PM a severe storm system moved in and washed out our last two hours but I'd had so much fun and success that we agreed to call it a day. Jason was an excellent guide and a pleasure to fish with. I referred friends to him and plan on returning again to go after some more Big Bass. Thanks Captain Jason for a great trip and helping me catch the fish of a lifetime!

Marvin Costanza
Va. Beach, VA

WOW...Marvin, thanks a million for the great comments. We look forward to seeing you again!

by John Sivec Jr on Bass Online
Lake Okeechobee Fishing Guide

Our guide on Lake Okeechobee was Capt.Terry,what an incredible fishing trip it was for my Wife Jan and I,she caught the first fish if the day which was a 5 pounder and to finish the trip,Terry suggested we make a move,we did and the result was an 11pound Hawg!! We're from Ohio and hope to make Florida our home soon and because of the people in Clewiston,our decision is made to move in the area! Thank you Capt Terry for a trip and fish of a lifetime!

by Brad & Jordan on Bass Online
Lake Okeechobee July-Capt Dave

Wanted to say thanks to Dave Lauer for taking my son and I fishing on Okeechobee. He is a top notch professional and made us feel right at home in his boat. He shared many stories with us about his career and family and we are blessed to have met him. When we come back to this area of the country I will be back to fish with him! He also knows he's welcome out towards north Texas and our home anytime! If you are looking into a fishing trip on Okeechobee lake this is the man to go to. Highly Recommended by an avid bass fisherman!!!

Thanks Dave,
Brad & Jordan

Hi Brad & Jordan, thanks for writing in, we look forward to you fishing with us again.

by John Plante on Bass Online
Worlds Best

Lake Okeechobee is amazing, if you have not experienced the should be on you bucket list!

Thanks John, we could not agree more...