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Florida Fishing Guides One thing you will find in common with most Florida bass fishing guides is that they work part time as a fishing guide at best. This does not make them a bad fishing guide, just simply limits what they can provide to you on your big day. Our TEAM of guides not only specialize on a given body of water, but we also have guides that specialize in flipping, top-water, cranking and other techniques as well as all live-bait!

A nice website and maybe even a nice bass boat does not qualify as a fishing guide. Be sure to ask, when was the last time they were out fishing?
Florida Bass Fishing GuidesIt is hard to stay on fish and carry a full or part-time job, it’s almost impossible to stay on trophy size bass when you are getting used information from your friends. Our guides are on the water almost daily and guaranteed more hours then any other guide service in Florida. Which means the money you are spending is being spent to the best of your ability. We say to you, please do your home work, Florida is a wonderful place to fish and unlike most guided trips that end at the dock,“we work hard at providing a fishing experiences that last a lifetime.”

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When considering the cost of a bass boat payment, insurance, boat maintenance, boat storage, tow vehicle, fishing license, bait, fishing tackle, and the time required to obtain the local knowledge one needs to catch fish; the cost of a professional guide service is way under valued. We get all types of customers, most of which have little to no experience that fish with us that just show up at the dock to fish. Why you ask, why not, they don’t have to make a boat payment, carry boat insurance or even supply a lure and get a No Fish No Pay guarantee!

The best way to insure a quality fishing experience is to spend some time researching a guide services qualifications, background, experience, and knowledge, by checking them out. Listen, the internet is one of the most powerful tools we have ever seen, but can also be very deceiving just people. Most fishing guides will have a website covering all aspects of the services they provide as well as current fishing reports. This is where the truth in most cases stops, remember the fishing reports are written by people and people will almost say anything to get your business. I’ve always heard, the best way to tell if an angler is a good fisherman, is to see how well they can stretch the truth, so if the report sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Remember, fishing is fishing, and catching is catching, both are fun, but catching is a lot
better then lip service.

Read testimonials and contact the person to see if the report is true. Also, call other anglers for recommendations. “Most guide services rely on repeat business, so they will go out of their way to provide a level of service worth recommending.”

Currently, there are over 500 freshwater fishing guides working the State of Florida. All guides are required to have a current US Coast Guard captain’s license but do not, a occupational license, liability insurance covering passengers and crew.

Fresh water guides cannot purchase a boat license for our customers, as with saltwater they are allowed, so anglers are required to purchase their own.

A quality guide will provide top quality tackle and equipment, like GLoomis Rods, Revo Reels and Berkley Fishing Line are something similar and they should be in good working order. With the exception of you own personal items, such as polarized sun glassed, hat, camera, and sunscreen. All fishing tackle, lures, and ice should be included.

When researching rates, most services will offer a selection of time frames to facilitate the desires of the client, and most charters are conducted in: 1/2 day (four hours), 3/4 day (six hours), and full day (eight hours). In most areas, prices are standard from one service to the next, and some inexperienced or (part-time) guides will offer cut-rate prices, but remember you get what you pay for. Think about it for a minute, if you were a first class guide and confident in what you do, why would you reduce your value to say you are not as good as the others! Good full-time, professional guides just don’t do it…which just leaves the rest. In most of Florida, freshwater bass rates for two anglers range from $250.00 for 1/2 day to $350.00 for a full day, and a third person is an additional $50.00 to $75.00. In-shore saltwater and offshore rates are generally higher based on the number of anglers and the distance traveled.

Check to see if the guide is a Member of a professional guides association. Check to see if they are involved in the future of there fishing area, are they concerned with conservation, etc. These organizations hold their members to higher standards, and members are required to prove legitimacy annually, so check the web sites of organization like SAFER, Florida Freshwater Fishing Coalition and other associations.

Book your charter early: Most top ranked guides book charters months or even a year in advance, and they require deposits to secure dates. As any hotel reservation, you should never have to pay anything in advance. By applying a credit card to your reservation, it should be sufficient to hold your dates. Always ask about a cancellation policy, because things happen. You should have a way to cancel with out costing you money, as long as it is with in the terms of the guide service. Never send money in advance, you will never see it again!

Call for information as much as you need: Most guide services provide toll free numbers so clients can call for information at no cost to them.

Unlike most guide service where you have to call in the early evening, because most guides are on the water, we provide a guide to be on the phones at all times so it is convenient for you and you are talking with a professional that fishes, not a booking agent with no concept of the fishing conditions.

Discuss your desires and needs with your guide: Some charter services specialize in a specific skill levels, so make sure you mention your skill level and experience, and if inexperienced anglers will be fishing. Also be sure to mention if small children or persons with special needs will be fishing.

Ask your guide if lunch is provided: Many services provide water and soft drinks, but they do not provide lunch. Many will provide lunch if requested, and in many locations marinas or restaurants are available on the water. We are one of the only service that offer trips like this, so make sure you book a trip that is what fits your needs.

Let your guide know if you want to bring your own equipment: Many guides will let you bring your own equipment, but discuss your desires with them before hand so that they can probably help you prepare your equipment for the location you are going too.

Do listen to your guide: Most guides want you to catch fish as much as they do, so if you are serious about catching, except your guides instructions and directions. Your guide knows how to read the water, and he knows what to look for, so pay close attention to his instruction. We understand some of you know how to fish, pretty well matter a fact. But just as if we were to visit your home waters we would also need your help, the bass fishing in Florida is quite different then most places in the world.

Remember to bring your camera: Many guide trips are a once in a lifetime experience worth recording. In most case our guides do have cameras on board, but it’s always nice to have your own.

Bring adult beverages: If you are planning to bring alcohol with you, be sure to discuss it with your guide service. Many guide services will not let you drink alcohol on the boat. Our guide service does allow alcohol, we feel for a lot of people the two go hand in hand and this trip should be as enjoyed as we can make it for you. With that said, our policy says at any time if we feel you or anyone in your party becomes under the influence, we will take you directly back to the dock and you will be responsible for the full cost of the trip.

Wear black sole shoes: Many guide service, mostly saltwater request you do not wear black sole shoes. Our bass boats are lined with carpet so get comfortable and feel free to wear your most comfortable shoes, even if they are black sole.

Smokers beware….because of the carpet on the boats, we do ask that you do be careful of your ash…it burns holes in our carpet. But we do still allow you to smoke.

Tip your guide: It is traditional to tip your guide. An eight-hour charter is equivalent to a ten-hour workday, when you consider preparing the boat, tackle, and equipment for the day, handling the charter, travel time, cleaning the boat, and preparing for the next day. A 15% gratuity is standard, and if your guide goes above and beyond the call of duty, you should tip accordingly.

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