January Naples Bass Fishing Charters in Southwest Florida

January Naples Bass Fishing

Are you traveling to Southwest Florida in the near future? The beautiful sunshine, beaches, resorts, and outdoor activities make it one amazing place to explore and visit. Every year, travelers visit this paradise unaware of what they can explore. Freshwater bass fishing for peacock bass is a great way to introduce something new to the whole family. January Naples Bass Fishing can help expose all the great fun to be had near Naples, FL.

Peacock bass is an exotic species that was introduced to South Florida to control other exotic populations of fish. As a result, they have massive spread across the region of south Florida and gave anglers a whole new species to target. These hard-fighting bass with vibrant colors are one of the best species to catch.

In order to have success on the water, a local expert is essential. Our local experts have years of experience that have allowed them to dial in on the action. When you step aboard, you can rest assured that you will have a great time.

Check out how the action has been lately and see what you can get yourself into:

Fishing with Captain Rick Mitchell:

January Naples Bass Fishing 2
“The Golden Gate Canal System is a beautiful urban fishery that provides some great fishing. I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and Dave on a peacock bass fishing trip. They were traveling from Ohio and Tampa looking to cash in on some peacock bass.

It was their first time catching peacock bass and they had a blast. Peacock bass loves warm water and during this time of year, you can find them in the deeper water. When searching for peacock bass, it is always best to use live bait for the most effective trip.

Mike and Dave caught over 15 peacock bass in their quick fishing trip. They also caught largemouth bass as well. It was Dave’s birthday and he could not have been more satisfied with this trip. He will be back for more action again.

I had a great time showing Mike and Dave around the Golden Gate Canal System. I am looking forward to fishing with them again in the near future near Naples, FL!” – Capt Rick Mitchell

Fishing with Captain Mark Rogers:

January Naples Bass Fishing 1

“Freshwater or saltwater, I truly enjoy showing clients around the amazing places here in Southwest Florida. I had the pleasure of fishing with Robert and his brother. They were traveling from Mississippi looking to catch peacock bass.

For most anglers, catching a peacock bass is a bucket list species. The true dream is to travel down to South America and catch giant peacock bass. Unfortunately, most travelers can’t make that trip, and catching peacock bass in Florida is a great introduction.

Robert and his brother enjoyed setting the hook into peacock bass and knocking it off their bucket list. Also, they caught several largemouth bass as well. It is always good to catch both species at the same time. Keeps the trip exciting.

Live bait was the preferred method to land more fish in the boat. A light breeze and cloudy conditions slowed the bite down but that did not stop Robert and his brother from catching bass.
They had a great time and so did I. I am looking forward to seeing them back on the water soon!” – Capt Mark Rogers

Come Explore Naples Florida and Catch Yours TODAY!

When it comes to getting in the outdoors, bass fishing is a great way to do so. Hopping onboard a safe fishing vessel with a local expert can provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. Set the hook into a hard-fighting peacock bass and enjoy every moment.

Peacock bass fishing, especially along the Golden Gate Canal System is a great way to get the family involved in the outdoors. You never know what you will catch and where your adventure will lead you.

We hope to have the chance to get you out on the water and create everlasting memories!

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