Naples Bass Fishing November Report with Captain Mark Rogers

Naples Bass Fishing November

As the holidays are fast approaching, travelers from across the globe are coming to Florida. One of the hot spots to visit is along the southwest coast of Florida. Traveling along the Paradise Coast, you will reach a destination called Naples, FL. This location is prime for some November Naples Bass Fishing, especially during this holiday season.

Currently, the cooler temperatures are getting the fish active. Overall, the water temperatures are warm, but the surface is cooling down. Peacock bass and largemouth bass both enjoy these conditions.

Naples Bass Fishing November 1One of the best places to explore for both bass species is the Golden Gate Canal System. Just a short ride from the heart of Naples, you can land yourself in a beautiful outdoor environment. Enjoy catching fish all trip long in this urban fishery with our local experts.

Canal after canal can get you turned around quickly when adventuring here in Naples. As a result, a local expert is essential when looking to explore. Not only will they get you back safely, but they will help you locate fish all trip long.

Check out this November Naples Bass Fishing update to see what you can get yourself into:

Meet Jeff and his son; they were traveling from Ohio to catch bass here in Florida. While visiting Naples, the Golden Gate Canal was the perfect fit for them. Captain Mark Rogers had the pleasure of fishing with them on this trip.

Partly cloudy and windy conditions made it an exciting day on the water. A nice ripple in the water had the bass fired up and ready to eat. The best action came on live bait, and they caught fish all trip long.

Unfortunately, the more prominent bass did not want to come out to play on this fishing trip. Jeff and his son caught bass up to 2.5 pounds. Everyone on board had a great time fishing in the canals of Naples.

Captain Mark is looking forward to getting them back on the water soon!

Shortly after this fishing trip, Michael and his good friend came out to experience Naples Bass Fishing. They were Florida locals looking to cash in on some peacock bass fishing. Captain Mark had the pleasure of fishing with them on this fishing trip.

Luckily, the weather was perfect for these guys. The peacock bass loved the conditions, resulting in a great fishing day.
Michael and his good friend caught fish on both live baits and with a fly rod. South Florida, as a whole, is a great place to catch bass with both live baits and on the fly.

Captain Mark was pleased to be able to put Michael and his friend on some beautiful peacock bass. They caught two peacock bass in the 4.5-pound range. If we don’t experience super strong cold fronts, the peacock bass fishing should be great for several months.

Naples Bass Fishing November 2One of the greatest parts about being a captain is getting someone on their first-ever fish species. This was Michael and his good friends’ first ever catching peacock bass. Every catch was exciting, and they had a fantastic time on the water!

Captain Mark is looking forward to getting them out on the water soon!

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The peacock bass is getting fired up in southwest Florida. Weather changes have them feeding strong. You can find the bass in all depths, from shallow to deep. Bigger bass will run deep as the surface temperature of the water cools. Fish slow if you want to catch some bigger fish.

Our local experts work hard to fulfill your fishing needs. We hope to get the chance to see you on the water on your next trip to southwest Florida!

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