Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Experiences with Captain Mark Rose

Everglades Bass Fishing Experiences

Wondering what the Florida Everglades Bass Fishing can truly offer? Do you need a getaway to sunny South Florida? Well, this client is going to give you 302 reasons to run away. The Florida Everglades is one of the most amazing fisheries you can experience. Endless water and long stretches of canals to fish can leave you with the fishing adventure of a lifetime. Come enjoy a Florida Everglades bass fishing experience like no other!

Our Local Expert and Professional Fishing Captain Mark Rose have guided some incredible fishing charters out of the Everglades. Captain Mark is dialed in on the largemouth bass. If you are looking for the ultimate fishing charter, now is the time to come catch more bass than your arms can handle. Check out what his clients had to say about their fishing experience in the Florida Everglades:

Newt and his good friend explored Sawgrass Recreation Park while traveling from Texas with Captain Mark with all artificial lures!

Save Yourself. 302 Reasons to Run Away.

“We’ve just recovered from our outing last weekend with Captain Mark Rose. If you think you can survive it then book a trip with this outstanding friend. I would have reviewed earlier but my thumbs were raw and I couldn’t lift my arms. My face cheeks were too sore from smiling. My other cheeks and back were cramped up from setting the hook and reeling like it was a tournament.

Everglades Bass Fishing Experience 1 Then took a total of 82 seconds for lunch and water breaks. Who needs this kind of pain and agony!? Created a last-minute opportunity to try some Florida fishing so we called BassOnline and asked what was available. “Give me anything for the next morning”.

They found a 6-hour afternoon outing in the Everglades. We’d have gotten all day but lucky for us, Capt Rose was booked that morning already or we’d have been in the orthopedic recovery center somewhere.

We showed up at noon and had a leisurely cruise up the canals enjoying the extensive birdlife and couldn’t wait for a calm afternoon float on a sunny day with light wind. Also got to a spot away from the airboat audio-carnage and threw out our lines to ponder life and enjoy the peaceful day.

I should mention at this point that I’ve fished a million hours over a variety of gamefish in several countries all my life including sometimes early on in the central and southern Florida waters. My compadre grew up fly fishing but has NEVER been on a guided trip so I figured how better to introduce him to a better way to fish in unfamiliar waters.

Continued Success all Day

So, back to the “peaceful” day. The Rose monster had told us we’d almost for sure catch 20-30 decent bass in our time on the water. What a liar. We were blindsided without any Blue-EMU or ACE bandages.

About 5 seconds after the fluke sunk below the surface, I detected a tickle and hammered it home to reel in the first catch. Wow, that was cool. Hope this means we’ve hit a hot moment. About that time my friend did the same thing. No delay. Throw it again. It’s the same thing except maybe it took 15 seconds. Then 30. Then 8. We both had bass on multiple times. Thirty minutes later we’d caught our “20-30” fish. Man, this is cool.
Maybe we can catch 50. Never 100 surely. But let’s go. Let’s give it our best to try. No breaks. No water. No lunch. We’re only here for a few hours.

When we hit 200 after 3.5 hours, the fangs had come out and it had turned into a marathon. We needed chair massages and no one was trying to enjoy a calm day anymore.Everglades Bass Fishing Experience 2

This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Is it really possible we may catch 250 in a half-day? 360 minutes and 7 bags of flukes after throwing the first fluke I reeled in number 302 and we quit to head back.

I’m still trying to process what happened. Unbelievable. I’d write more but I’m late for my physical therapy session. You’ve been warned.” –Newt

This is why the Everglades

As you can see, you may or may not want to adventure out with us here at Bass Online. What we can say is that it will be a trip of a lifetime, every time. We work hard at making sure that you have a memorable experience. This was an incredible day of fishing and Captain Mark Rose is looking forward to fishing with these guys again. We look forward to fishing with you and seeing you on the water next time!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

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