Double Header Fishing Charters for Florida Everglades Bass

Double Header Fishing Charters

Are you looking for the ultimate bass fishing experience? The Florida Everglades is one of the best places to catch largemouth bass here in Florida. This is your destination if you are looking for big numbers, quality fish, strong fights, and no live bait. Hop on board for a doubleheader fishing charter in the Florida Everglades and have the trip of a lifetime.

Our local experts are a crucial part of having a great time in the Everglades with the Best Double Header Fishing Charters. They know exactly where and when to throw to help you land the most fish possible. Also, they know what to throw. Artificial baits are the key to Florida Everglades Bass Fishing. Captain Nick Pasquarello is dialed in on how to catch bass in the glades. Now is a great time to come fishing, so cash in on the action while it is hot.

Here is your Everglades Bass Fishing Update:

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Captain Nick had the pleasure of fishing with Dave and Stephanie. They were looking to get away and travel down to warmer weather. While doing so, getting in the outdoors was a must. Captain Nick helped them accomplish their goals while fishing out of Alligator Alley at Mile Marker 35. Dave and Stephanie had a blast catching bass all trip long. Most of the fish were cookie cutters and the biggest fish weighed 2 pounds. There might have been no big ones on this fishing trip but they had a lot of fun. They are looking forward to getting back on the water soon with Captain Nick.

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Nick was back out on the Alley. This time he was at Mile Marker 41 with different fishing action. He had the pleasure of fishing Mark and his friend. They were looking to travel down the long canals and catch bass the whole way. The Everglades blessed them with a great fishing trip and action. Mark and his friend caught over 40 largemouth bass in their quick fishing trip. The biggest bass weighed close to 3 pounds. Productive baits included top waters, frogs, senkos, and much more. Mark is looking forward to fishing with Captain Nick again in the near future!

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The next day, Captain Nick explored Mile Marker 41 yet again. This time he had the pleasure of fishing with Jim, a repeat client. The action got even better with multiple species in the boat. Everglades fishing was getting better and better as the days went on. Jim caught peacock bass, largemouth bass, Oscars, and cichlids on this fishing charter. He even caught a doubleheader. The largest fish weighed in at 5 pounds and was a largemouth bass. You can’t beat the action and Jim will be back for more. Captain Nick is looking forward to fishing with him again soon!

The Trip Continues

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Nick was back out on the water at Mile Marker 35. He had the pleasure of fishing with Nick and his buddies for his 18th birthday. They wanted to get out in the Everglades a catch big numbers of largemouth bass. The mission was accomplished with over 40 bass in the boat on their quick 4-hour fishing charter. Nick was in the Miami shirt and have a blast catching bass. One of his buddies caught a bass weighing over 3 pounds on artificial baits. Captain Nick is looking forward to their next adventure!
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Captain Nick had the pleasure of fishing with New York natives, Adam and his daughter Vienna. One of the best parts about being a guide is being able to fish with great families like this. Father and Daughter time is valuable and there is no better way to spend time than on the water. Adam and Vienna both caught numbers of bass all on artificial baits. It was awesome seeing this little girl reel in fish and smiling the whole way. Captain Nick is most certainly looking to the next time they travel to Florida!

Lastly, Captain Nick had the pleasure of fishing with Matt traveling from Rhode Island looking to cash in on the Florida Bass Fishing. The conditions were just right for a productive day in the Everglades. Matt caught a lot of bass and had a great day of fishing with Captain Nick. He landed several-quality bass with the biggest weighing up to 4 pounds. Captain Nick is looking forward to fishing with Matt again in the near future!
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The Florida Everglades is a highly productive fishery for largemouth bass. If you are looking to get a family member or you addicted to bass fishing, hop on board with one of our local experts. They will get you on a bass fishing experience of a lifetime with all artificial lures. Now is the time to come catch quality bass in the Glades. We look forward to seeing you on the water soon!

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