First January Clewiston Fishing Report for Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing

January Clewiston Fishing Report

When it comes to Florida bass fishing, one destination is always at the top of the mind: Lake Okeechobee. Largemouth bass roams free and dominates the outdoor activities that captivate this fishery. Early mornings are always precious, as you get to watch the sunrise and also cash in on some great bass fishing. Now is the time to explore this amazing place and we hope you enjoy our first January Clewiston Fishing report for 2020!

Lake Okeechobee is doing fantastic this time of year. The largemouth bass is beginning to spawn and the big bass is moving into the shallow waters. Clean and cool waters are promoting a great spawn, especially around the full moon phase.

January Clewiston Fishing Report 1All across the lake, from the North to the South, you can experience some excellent bass fishing. Okeechobee City, Clewiston, and Belle Glade are prime destinations this time of year. Our local experts are the BEST captains and guides to show you around this breathtaking fishery.

Check out this Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report from our local experts:

“I had the pleasure of fishing with my long-time repeat clients, Steven and Taylor. Taylor was a young man when he first came out fishing with me on Lake Okeechobee and now is fishing on FSU’s College bass fishing team. We have shared a lot of fantastic memories together as well as caught some big fish together.

Steven and Taylor both are artificial fishermen that love to throw light tackle. This time of year can be fruitful to anglers that want to catch bass with artificial baits. Even in extreme fishing conditions, years of knowledge allowed me to guide these anglers to success.

Heavy winds and cool air made for an interesting day on the water. It was a great adventure exploring all that Clewiston had to offer. The male and female largemouth bass moved in off the main lake giving us the opportunity to cash in on some numbers.

Steven and Taylor caught a lot of fish on their fishing trip. The biggest fish caught on this trip weighed up to 7 pounds. Most of the fish caught were on my Wow Factor Fishing Mark Shepard 2.0 Crankbait in the Mullet Pattern. Also, they caught a number of fish on soft plastics.

As always, I really enjoyed fishing with Steven and Taylor. I am looking forward to our next adventure soon.

January Clewiston Fishing Report 2The action is red hot and the lake is really starting to fire up. We are super glad to see this happen. Come on down and get your adventure planned, I’d love to show you around!” – Captain Mark Shepard

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Mark Rose explored Clewiston as well!

“Ted came out on a fishing trip out of Clewiston, FL looking to catch some largemouth. He was traveling from Bradenton and loved to explore Lake Okeechobee. I took him out to experience what Clewiston had to offer and he caught some big bass on artificial baits.

When the bass is in transition, you can have a lot of fun catching them on artificial baits. The most productive bait on this trip was a soft-plastic fluke. Ted landed a beautiful 6-pound largemouth slowly working the fluke through the grass. When throwing soft plastics this time of year, watermelon magic put some fish in the boat.

Sunny and calm conditions helped Ted land over 15 largemouth bass on his quick 4-hour trip. You never know what you will catch when adventuring out on Lake Okeechobee.

Ted had a great time and I am looking forward to fishing with him again in the near future!” – Captain Mark Rose

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today..

We are seeing some amazing fishing here in Florida this time of year. The new year is bringing in some beautiful and big bass. Clean water conditions and cool weather is promoting some great fishing. Now is most certainly the time to experience Lake Okeechobee.

We hope you enjoyed this fishing trip. Whether you want to throw artificial bait or live bait, you can have a great time on the water. Our local experts are very knowledgeable of the proper techniques to help you land the fish you are after.

See you on the water next time!

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