December Lake Tarpon Fishing Trips Near Tampa, Florida

December Lake Tarpon Fishing

Are you visiting Tampa, FL in the near future? Tampa is one amazing destination to visit on the west coast of Florida. Surrounded by saltwater, many travelers are not aware of all the things to do in the outdoors. After spending some time on the beach, take a break from the salt air, and explore a freshwater environment. Our December Lake Tarpon fishing trips will open your mind to a whole new world.

In just a short drive, you can explore the beautiful waters of Lake Tarpon. Perfectly located just north of Tampa, this destination is home to some big bass. The clean and clear water allows for a thriving and healthy bass population. Even though the fishing looks easy, understanding where bass are and what they are feeding on is a skill acquired through time.

Our local experts have years of knowledge that will allow you to get on the best fish possible. For most travelers, catching big bass is not a priority. Luckily for you, our local experts can tailor the experience to your family’s needs. Bring your loved ones out on our Lake Tarpon fishing trips to create memories you will never forget.

Check out this Lake Tarpon Bass Fishing Update with Captain Bill Goudy Jr:

December Lake Tarpon Fishing 2“I had the pleasure of fishing with Charlie and his son. They were traveling to Tampa, Florida during their holiday break from Indiana. While doing so and enjoying the beautiful weather, they wanted to explore the local bass fishing opportunities.

Lake Tarpon was the perfect fit for them. Windy conditions pushed the bait into key points and pockets on the lake. Charlie and his son had a blast catching bass all trip long.

They could not believe how the action turned out. Wild-caught live shiners were the magic ticket to help land some big bass. When you are looking to explore bass fishing anywhere in Florida and only have a short period of time, use live bait.

Charlie and his son caught over 20 largemouth bass on this fishing trip. They caught a nice 5-fish limit of over 23 pounds with the biggest fish weighing in at 7 pounds. You truly could not beat the action on this afternoon fishing trip.

Honestly, it was a true pleasure to be able to provide this amazing bonding moment for this Father-Son duo. I am looking forward to seeing them back out on the water again in the near future!” – Captain Bill Goudy Jr

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Bill was back out on Lake Tarpon with another father-son duo.

“Things are changing rather quickly on Lake Tarpon. As the water temperatures begin to cool, the spawning process will begin. Largemouth bass are moving into the shallow water.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Randy and his son on Lake Tarpon. They were traveling from Virginia looking to cash in on some Florida bass fishing. A productive and effective bite all trip long kept these two excited for more action.

Most of the bass caught on this fishing trip were males. You can see them getting ready to prepare beds for incoming females. Randy and his son caught over 10 largemouth bass on this fishing trip. It was a quick 4-hour morning trip with wild-caught live shiners. The biggest bass caught weighed just over 3.5 pounds.

They did not catch any giant bass but they also were not looking for one. Just getting out on the water and spending time together was enough for them. Windy and cloudy conditions slowed down the bite but that did not stop them from having a great time on the water.

I am surely looking forward to getting them back on Lake Tarpon on their next visit to Tampa, FL!” – Capt Bill  December Lake Tarpon Fishing 1

Come Visit Tampa and explore what freshwater fishing can do for you!

Big or small, you can really enjoy catching largemouth bass here on Lake Tarpon. The beautiful scenery makes for a great day on the water. The bass fishing is about to get really good as the spawning season begins. If you are looking to catch a big bass when visiting Tampa, plan your trips today.

Our local experts work hard to make your fishing dreams a reality here in Southwest Florida. Every time you get the chance to explore what Florida has to offer, you will get the chance to learn something new.

Each adventure is unique and can be tailored to your family’s needs. We hope to get the chance to show you around this amazing fishery on your next visit to Southwest Florida!

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