January Lake Toho Fishing Report from Kissimmee Florida

January Lake Toho Fishing Report

January has arrived and the bass fishing in Central Florida is starting to pick up. Travelers visit Kissimmee, Florida from across the globe to come experience what it has to offer. When visiting, most travelers and families explore the endless parks and outdoor activities. One of the best outdoor activities you can explore in Central Florida is bass fishing. This January Lake Toho Fishing Report can make open up a whole new world for your family.

Florida bass fishing, especially in Kissimmee is getting red hot. This time of year promotes some of the best fishing to be had. One of the main reasons is the largemouth bass spawn. During the cooler months and most certainly around full moon phases, largemouth bass begins their spawning process.

Now until May, you can explore any largemouth bass fishery and have the chance to catch a spawning fish. The most important factor to keep in mind when it comes to catching spawning fish is to never put too much stress on them. A big female, when caught properly, will return right back to her bed.

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Our local experts understand the value of maintaining our fisheries. When you embark on an adventure with them, they will show how to properly catch large female bass and safely release them.

In this January Lake Toho Fishing Report, you will get a sneak peek of what is to come for bass fishing here in Central Florida with our local experts.

Fishing with Captain Brent Nelson

“I had the pleasure of fishing with Ntxoovxeem and Mietrue, who were looking to cash in on some bass fishing here on Lake Toho. They were traveling from Clearwater, Florida wanting to get out and do some freshwater fishing. It was a fantastic day to do so.

This trip was a quick 6-hour fishing charter. It was split between wild-caught live shiners and artificial baits. When fishing both baits, it is crucial to find grass structures that hold fish. Sparse hydrilla in the shallow and open water made for a productive day on the water. Windy conditions helped stack fish up in pockets and corners of the grass.

Ntxoovxeem and Mietrue caught over 35 largemouth bass on their fishing trip. The biggest fish was caught on live bait weighing up to 5.95 pounds. Also, they landed 15 of these bass on artificial baits. The most productive baits on this trip were speed worms, flukes, and texas rigs worms. Shallow grass was the main area of focus.

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This couple had a fantastic time catching some quality bass on Lake Toho. I am looking forward to seeing them back out on the water next time!” – Capt Brent Nelson

Fishing with Captain John Leech

“On this fishing trip, I had the pleasure of fishing with Tony on Lake Toho. He was escaping the cold from the northern part of the states with his family. While they were exploring Disney and the theme parks, he scheduled a day to go fishing.

Lake Toho Bass Fishing was the perfect option for him to explore. John and his family make an annual trip to Central Florida and bass fishing is a must. We had a great day on the water fishing with live shiners. Live bait is the way to go when looking to put numbers in the boat.

Tony ran out of bait in just a quick 2-hours of his fishing trip. The action, especially for male bass, is on fire. After going through the live bait, he switched to artificial baits. Soft plastics including flukes, speed worms, and Senkos were very productive for a short period.

Bright sunny skies with no wind did not stop the action on this fishing trip. Tony had a great time and I am looking forward to fishing with him again!” – Capt John Leech

Fishing with Captain Steve Niemoeller

“I had the pleasure of fishing with Linda and Bill. They were traveling from South Florida on a little Florida getaway. While doing so, Lake Toho fishing was on the menu. The action was slower than normal but everyone on board had a great time reeling in fish.

Unfortunately, this time of year can produce cooler weather in the morning. As a result, Linda and Bill were catching them steadily throughout their quick 4-hour fishing trip. Sunny and breezy conditions promoted a decent bite for them.

Wild-caught live shiners were the most productive method to catch bass on this trip. Most of the fish were males in the 2-3 pound range.

January Lake Toho Fishing Report 2

Every trip yields different results especially when cold fronts roll through. Linda and Bill enjoyed their time on the water and are looking forward to seeing what their next adventure can bring.” – Capt Steve Niemoeller

Come Experience Kissimmee and Catch Yours TODAY!

Kissimmee, Florida is a paradise for largemouth bass fishing. Right now is a great time to come explore all that it has to offer. Lake Toho, located right in Kissimmee, is closely located to all the major theme parks. When traveling to Central Florida with your family, you can experience something like no other.

Whether you want to go solo or take the whole family out, we have trips that can accommodate it all. The largemouth bass spawn is bringing in numbers of big fish and quality hard-fighting males. Be sure to plan your trips in advance as anglers love to explore the water this time of year.
We hope to see you on the water next time!

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